If you’re like us, you love a good podcast. There’s nothing better than popping in the AirPods and listening to industry experts share their knowledge. We’re always on the hunt for new channels, so we’ve rounded up the 10 best podcasts when it comes to PR: 

PR Snacks By Flaunter

Wait, what? You heard it here first. We’ve launched our very own podcast. PR Snacks is for PRs who feel like they’re plugging away in isolation and wish they could sit down for a coffee with those who are killing it. Not to steal their style, but to learn what’s really working in the industry today, with the goal of helping the whole industry to  position ourselves as deserving a seat at the boardroom table.

We’re welcoming guests like lady-brains co-founders, Anna and Caitlin, Pasta Mama and Alyce Tran and Rey Vakili, kicking things off with a limited season of six episodes, with plans for many more. 

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Influencer Marketing Lab

Host Scott Guthrie covers the influencer marketing industry in this weekly podcast. Join him as he talks with topic experts, explores business, tech, key themes, and media coverage, and offers thoughtful analysis.

Mindful Biz Podcast

Created by Alison Morgan, Director of Relauncher, this podcast provides a community and teaches audiences about the best tips in the PR world.

The Start-Up Playbook

Rohit Bhargava interviews successful entrepreneurs, investors, and experts within the startup and online business space. Gain insights and practical tips in the PR industry.

The PR Pod

Host Brooke Burns chats with leading PR specialists and industry insiders to provide practical advice on mastering key PR tasks and guidance on how to stand out as a PR practitioner. The PR Pod is for students studying PR at university/college, recent graduates as well as those who have already dipped their toe into the PR pond.

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Provoke Media Podcasts

Provoke Media produces exclusive podcasts with top PR industry leaders, lifting the lid on major stories and influencing change within the industry. The podcast covers a wide range of topics from education, public health, as well as the ever-changing markets affected by the Covid pandemic.

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PRMoment Podcast

PRMoment is a UK based publication with a podcast that offers PRs the opportunity to hear from some of PR’s most thought-provoking people and learn about informative PR relevant research. Not specific to fashion and lifestyle PR, the podcast tackles topics including how to build a diverse PR agency and the global impact of COVID on the PR industry.

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Influencer Marketing Lab Podcast

The Influencer Marketing Lab is a weekly podcast covering the growth spurts and growing pains of influencer marketing. Each week, host Scott Guthrie talks to topic experts about the influencer marketing industry – the business, the tech, the key themes and the media coverage.

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Business Of Fashion Podcast

The industry gold standard, the Business of Fashion podcast covers fashion, beauty, tech, and more. Not specifically focussed on PR, this podcast covers the industry more widely and is a must listen for those working with fashion and lifestyle clients.

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Vogue Business Future of Fashion Podcast

The team at Vogue Business interview fashion’s movers and shakers, with a specific focus on fashion and technology. 

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