Ready to level up your PR game and forge valuable connections with media insiders? Or perhaps you’re a journalist, stylist or influencer searching for fresh sources, exclusive content and access to exciting events?

Well, let us tell you about the game-changing media callout. In this article, we reveal ten genius strategies that will empower brands, agencies, media professionals, journalists, stylists and influencers to harness the full potential of media callouts and conquer their goals in the industry.

Media callouts – also known as source requests or editorial requests – are requests made by journalists, editors, stylists, designers and influencers (etc… you get the picture) for specific types of content, products or expertise. These requests, often found on social media, online forums, or specialised platforms like Flaunter, cover a broad spectrum ranging from product reviews and expert opinions to event invitations and brand collaborations.

Why are media callouts so essential, you ask? Well, they open up direct lines of communication between brands and media contacts, fostering collaboration on projects that benefit everyone involved. By actively responding to media callouts, responding to media callouts, brands and agencies can pitch their products, offer expert insights and cultivate strong relationships with influential media figures. Simultaneously, journalists, stylists and influencers can unearth fresh sources, gain access to exclusive content and uncover exciting trends and products to feature in their compelling stories.

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For brands and agencies

1. Captivate with Product Prowess: Utilise media callouts to pitch your latest products to journalists and content creators on the lookout for fresh and extraordinary items to showcase in their narratives.

2. Expand Your Network: Make media callouts your secret weapon to discover new media contacts who share a keen interest in your brand or industry. It’s time to broaden your horizons and build strong relationships with new journalists and influencers.

3. Embrace Constructive Feedback: Seek feedback on your products from journalists and influencers via callouts. Their valuable input can help you refine your offerings and make them even more appealing to your target audience.

4. Unite for Collaborative Brilliance: Find like-minded brands interested in teaming up for joint PR campaigns or dazzling product launches. Collaboration sparks creativity and amplifies your brand’s reach.

5. Exclusive Allure: Stand out from the crowd by offering exclusive content or products to journalists and influencers keen on featuring your brand. Unleash the allure of exclusivity and watch your brand garner more press coverage.

6. Tap into Thought Leaders: Engage with media callouts to seek expert opinions on industry trends or your products from journalists and influencers. Establish your brand as a trusted thought leader, leaving a lasting impact in your field.

7. Freshen Up Your Content: Discover exciting new content ideas for your next campaign shoot, blog or social media channels. With captivating content, you’ll effortlessly captivate your target audience.

8. Let Your Events Shine: Leverage media callouts to promote your upcoming events to journalists and influencers eagerly seeking event coverage or attendance.

9. Gift Guide Glory: Secure your spot in holiday gift guides or other seasonal roundups by actively responding to media callouts. It’s your chance to elevate your brand and showcase your products to a wider audience.

10. Flaunter’s Finest: Unleash the power of Flaunter’s media callout functionality – your trusted companion to connect with journalists and influencers actively seeking specific content or products. Flaunter helps you score targeted press coverage and nurture relationships with key media contacts in your industry.

For journalists, publishers, stylists, designers and content creators

1. Source Sensation: Unearth new sources for your stories through media callouts. Expand your network and tap into experts who can provide valuable insights on your areas of interest.

2. Exclusivity Unveiled: Access exclusive content or products that add an irresistible touch to your stories. Elevate your storytelling game with unique and captivating elements that resonate with your audience.

3. Spotlight on Fresh Brands: Post callouts to discover up-and-coming brands that align with your editorial focus and are eager to collaborate with media outlets. Unleash the power of discovery and keep your content fresh.

4. Trendsetter’s Paradise: Explore emerging trends and remarkable products that are making waves in your industry. Stay one step ahead and provide your audience with cutting-edge, relevant content.

5. Connect with the Experts: Media callouts are your gateway to connecting with industry experts who offer invaluable insights and captivating commentary on your areas of interest. Their expertise enhances the quality and depth of your content.

6. Quotable Brilliance: Seek quotes from brands and experts through callouts to enrich your stories. Infuse your content with credibility and captivating perspectives.

7. Flaunter’s Premium Network: Take advantage of Flaunter’s powerful platform to post media callouts and reach hundreds of premium brands. Expand your reach and connect with a wide range of high-quality content and collaboration opportunities.

8. Simplified Collaboration: Media callouts are not just about sourcing content; they also provide a platform to build collaborative relationships. Engage with brands and agencies through callouts to establish long-lasting connections that can lead to mutually beneficial partnerships and future opportunities.

9. Access Visual Assets: Expand your visual repertoire by utilising media callouts to source high-quality images, videos and other visual assets for your content. Whether it’s for articles, social posts or visual storytelling, leveraging callouts can help you curate stunning visuals that enhance your audience’s experience.

Okay, so you want proof

A few years ago, a (then) small jewellerry brand called Mejuri responded to a media callout from the New York Times looking for unique jewellery pieces for a holiday gift guide. The result? Mejuri’s products were prominently featured in the esteemed publication, leading to a surge in website traffic and sales.

Whether you’re a brand, agency, journalist, stylist or influencer looking to connect, it’s time to explore the power of media callout platforms like HARO, SourceBottle, or (of course, your all-in-one digital PR tool) Flaunter.