google glass x fashion: can geek ever be truly chic?

The powers that be at Google are going hard in their attempts to position flagship wearable technology product Google Glass as a high fashion, must have accessory for the style set.

First it was a partnership with Diane von Furstenburg, the wrap dress queen sending models down the runway in the high-tech spectacles for her Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week show last year, and taking her bows with Google founder Sergey Brin. Now it's a 12-page spread in US Vogue's covetable September issue, and the commissioning of Project Runway judge/Marie Claire Creative Director Nina Garcia to wear the metal headpiece to the New York Spring 2014 shows.

But despite commercial endorsement from some of the fashion industry's finest, are the A-list ever really likely to embrace the opulent opticals?

The technology and business media say "NO", with writers at Forbes, the New York Times and Fast Company slamming the search giant's attempts to glamourise the glasses. With particular vitriol Mark Wilson wrote in FastCo:

"Sergey Brin is to Anna Wintour what Jay Gatsby is to Daisy Buchanan: a nouveau riche geek making attempts at chic. A spectacle."

But the fashion media have been uncharacteristically silent on the matter, possibly terrified that Google has the power to remove their Instagram privileges should they speak out against it.

We at The Photo Diner feel it's still too early to tell, knowing as we do how fashion and technology can be strange bedfellows. After all the wristwatch (or "wristlet" as it was originally called) was at first considered a passing trend.

But for now we'll stick with our Ray-Bans.

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