What types of photos/content do media want?

Looking to produce some eye-candy to score a little media attention? Here's our guide to what the media are looking for...

  1. They need credit information and they need it now.

Shrinking teams and deadlines are one of the reasons why Flaunter has become a journalist's new best friend.  The media can browse our library of available images, download the high-res version (and all that tricky credit information they need) in just a few clicks.  No more panicked phone calls, no more guessing.

Brands: put your best foot forward by being prepared & preloading your information into your Flaunter profile before the have to media ask for it.  You may think withholding key information is a clever way to start a dialogue with a journalist who comes to you needing more product info, but what we're hearing more regularly (and louder) from our media network, is that their deadlines mean that in most cases, they simply move onto the next brand instead of asking questions.  Make the most of every media opportunity by:

  • Uploading your content at 300dpi (high-res) so the media can make use of your image, whether they're working online or printing a gigantic, bedspread sized magazine (Not a real thing, but we think it would be cool)
  • Always adding the key information the media need to publish your product shot (ie: RRP, Stockist, the product's in-store dates)


2. They're looking for quality photography.

This goes without saying, but the media are looking for a professional, high-quality image, because they're producing professional, high-quality content for their readers. Jump online and flick those fingers through some magazines. See for yourself what your target media regularly publish.  Cutting corners when it comes to photographers might save money now, but if your image quality isn't up to scratch, or if the style sits way outside of the style of their regular content, it won't be included by the media in their next spread- no matter how amazing your product is.

3. They're looking for a variety of shots.

Do you have a campaign, lookbook and ghosted product shot of the one dress from your SS17 campaign? Don't leave any shots languishing on your hard drive- upload them all to Flaunter.  This includes multiple angles of the same product.  Whilst deep-etched/ghosted product shots are our most downloaded image type, the wide range of media browsing our site means that each and every kind of photography has an audience.  Images we've previously seen find favour with our media network:

  • Campaign images
  • Lookbook shots
  • Deep-etch/product shots - and multiple angles of the same product
  • Behind-the-scenes images from events, photoshoots, etc.
  • Professional headshots of the team/founders
  • Styled flat-lays or other fun shots produced for social media
  • Collaborations with celebrities/bloggers
  • Abstracted/artistic product shots
  • Images that tell a story/could be used in place of stock photography

That being said, they media tend to be looking for things currently in-store or coming soon, so if it's no longer available for sale, best to take it down.

Image: Katarzyna Kos via Unsplashh

Spotlight on: Alcie Litzow from AlcieMay

What makes you passionate about your label?

I am passionate about the whole process from design to the finished garment. I especially love designing my fabric prints. I use photos that I have taken and transform them into unique prints, each with a story behind it. AlcieMay also has a garment production side to the business so all our swimwear is made in house. I pride myself on the fit and quality of our swimwear and that AlcieMay is supporting Australian made fashion.

What’s on your desk right now?

Now that my new collection has been released, I am working on a range of men’s reversible trunks. I also have plans to extend my active wear range with pieces including training swimsuits and training suits for rowing, all in great prints of course.

If you could bring back one fashion trend from any decade, what would it be?

I do love 60’s fashion and would love to release a collection of 60’s inspired swimwear. Maybe just a little cheekier!

If someone could only buy one new accessory next season, what should it be and why?

Shoes would definitely be my favourite accessory. Shoes can bring new life to an old outfit and I think that shopping for shoes makes most women feel good.

Are you more of a piece hunter or a gatherer?

I would say I am more of a piece gatherer. I love pieces that are made from interesting and quality fabrics but will also stand the test of time.

My Perfect pair of swimmers is..?

My perfect pair of swimmers is a piece from the AlcieMay collection. They are a great blend of comfort and style and a must have for summer.


Image: AlcieMay via Flaunter

Where to find free images for your blog

That old saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ has never been more apparent in this instantaneous world. It's fair to say that social media has made some big changes in the way we promote our content, with many users favouring image over the written word.

But when you're running a blog, it can often be difficult to find free images or photos to use in those instances where you don't have the time or resources to run your own shoot.  Here at Flaunter, we know a thing or two about image sourcing.  So without further ado, we present you:

Our five top places to source free images for your blog. (Be prepared, the future is looking bold and colourful!)



So you’ve been asked to put together a brief for zebra patterned shoes with a silver heel... Before you momentarily ‘facepalm’, you’ll be glad to know that the hours you would have spent searching through endless content can all be done for you.

Flaunter boasts an extensive database of high res images from brands that you can download and publish for free. From high-end fashion, beauty, interiors and emerging labels,  you’re not limited for choice, plus the super refined search tool lets you skim right down to the exact material and make of a particular product. 

But wait, it gets better! Every image comes attached with in-store dates, price, and other credit information - updated by the brands themselves. 

Head to the Flaunter website to learn more.



Untainted, free commercial stock use? Yes please! We’ve all had that glory moment finding a perfect image, only then to realise it’s quality was way below par.

Put your worries aside and say goodbye to the days of low-res images! Every Free Range Stock image has a 4000 dpi quality, meaning you'll never need to search for a 72-dpi image replacement ever again.

Find the Free Range Stock website here.



Just when you thought finding images was hard enough…where do you find stock video content?  The answer is Videvo. Although you’d don’t technically own anything you download, it’s free to use and well within legal rights.

So what’s the catch?! Well, they do have a ‘karma’ policy and encourage you to share your experience via social media, although this is not compulsory so the choice is yours.

Find the Videvo website here.



The site feels more like an awesome Tumblr or Instagram rather than a stock photo site.  The photos are actually pretty extraordinary to look at. This is because content has been generously donated by thousands of actual photographers within their user base.

Photo categories are arranged into artistic ‘collections’, making for a more interesting approach to sourcing than the standard text search- (which they also provide). So how can you use this commercially without the backlash?

Legally everything is free to ‘sell’, however you may get some pretty upset creatives knocking on your door if images are left unreferenced. Be ethical! If you do want to use anything, make sure you value the photographer's hard work and link it back to its original source!

Discover Unsplash here.



When you’re after something more artistic, Stock Snap is another well-rounded site available for use. Everything is free and covered under a ‘Creative Commons Zero’ License - meaning it’s acceptable to use commercially. The site is also divided into some handy categories. Our favourite is the ‘trending’ bar, where you can see the most popular images. This can be quite valuable if you’re trying to source something that's been relatively unused.  Furthermore, attribution isn’t necessary legally, reducing the hassle when you need something for a small scale brief fast.

Find Stock Snap here.


Cover image: Jesse Orrico via Unsplash


How to: PR for emerging brands with zero time

“Is my brand big enough to attract media attention yet?”

Never underestimate the power of being undiscovered. The media always want to be the ones to discover the next big thing, so put aside your nerves and to show them why you're the one they should be talking about.

Most people who have ever worked in PR (including those sitting in Flaunter HQ) will tell you that gaining exposure for your brand takes time and consistency before results are seen. Until you can hire a powerhouse PR team to take care of things off your hands, these are the four key tools you'll need:


What brands (aside from yours) are hanging around in your ideal customer's closet?  In their living room?  Look for publications where these companies are featured, look for names of journalists writing the relevant stories, and grab their email address.  (Don't know how to find the media's email addresses? Click here.)


Once you know your media targets, and it’s time to begin actively pitching to the media. (Want to learn how to write a media release? Click here.) Not sure what you should be pitching and when? How planning a pitching calendar around

  • - When your new collections are rolling out
  • - When your collections go on sale
  • - Your upcoming pop-ups/special events
  • - Collaborations with celebs/bloggers


Dynamically using your social media accounts can help you gain new customers and media relationships for a low cost, but also take some time to consider online advertising, SEO and setting up a newsletter for people to sign up to the latest news from your brand.  We'll cover this in more detail in a future post.


Everything is easier with a little help. Flaunter can help you make the most of PR opportunities with the least amount of effort.  By uploading your high res content directly to the site, not only can you seamlessly share and track engagement with your pitches, but by being part of Flaunter's image library, your content is always working for you by being ready and waiting for our browsing media community.  You know what that means? Plenty of potential features to keep your profile building between pitches.



Banner: David Grr via Instagram