Flaunter's Christmas Gift Guide: Something for the Guys

Tis' the season of gifting and we all know what that means...presents! We've all been there - amongst the masses, frantically gathering those last minute gifts for our loved ones.

No one wants to be stuck for ideas, so what do you gift to the Men who don't shop around often? Here are our top gift ideas for life and play that we know they'll love:



Bendon Man- Stripe Sleep Long PJ Set:

It's classic and cool comfort all the way with this luxe PJ set.


Outliving (Gift Republic)- Nail Care Kit:

Behold the ultimate man-essential we know they wouldn't ever think to buy!


EVO- Truman Tail Comb:

The ultimate bad boy hair comb - perfect for sectioning and all man-do needs.


EVO- Cassius Styling Clay:

For those with that daily hair routine. Best of all? All EVO products are paraben & cruelty free, so rest assured you're gift is doing good.


AYU- Carnal Scented Oil:

Scents of vanilla and sandalwood... AYU's unisex oil scents are infused with Jojoba and Ashwaganda to help restore a calm mind and nourish the skin. We bet you'll be trying to sneak some too!



The Daily Edited - Personalised Midnight Navy Card Holder:

A gift he'll never forget! Perfect for business types and social butterflies - this genuine leather customised card holder is sure to please.


Outliving (Sagaform) - Whiskey Stones:

For all those who love their spirits - A cold one is guaranteed with these freezable marble stones from Sagaform.



Sunnylife - Professional Beach Bats:

A great addition to any summer BBQ or successful beach day.


Outliving (Jonathan Adler) - Dartboard set:

Portable fun! Now he can play anywhere at anytime with this designer dart set from Jonathan Adler.


Trenery- Stone Travel Bag:

This ones for all the busy types. It's large spacious design makes it the perfect travel, gym or work bag.



Marshall - Major White Headphones:

The tech heads and muso's are bound to love these high-quality beats.

Flaunter's Christmas Gift Guide: Mums, Aunts - the Impossible!

Tis' the season of gifting and we all know what that means...presents! We've all been there - amongst the masses, frantically gathering those last minute gifts for our loved ones.

No one wants to be stuck for ideas, so what do you gift to those special women in your life? Here are our top picks that we bet they won't have...


Flaunter - Bird & Knoll

Bird and Knoll - Printed silks / Santorini

These guys really know how to produce some beautiful prints - gift them an island getaway without the hefty price tag! A beautiful edit to any outfit.

Flaunter - Sunset Stripe Espadrilles

Holiday- Sunset Stripe Espadrilles Indigo

Fashion meets practicality with this summer's hottest shoe trend.

Flaunter - Karmme

Karmme- Glacial Mini Clutch

This handmade 100% cotton clutch is the perfect companion for a phone, lipstick and cash. Best of all? No two glacier minis will ever be alike, so they'll be happy to know its one of a kind!


Lounge the Label - Denim Wide Leg

Style and comfort? Finally loungewear you can wear outside the house! The perfect lazy Sunday attire.

.Flaunter - Third Drawer Down

Third Drawer Down - Louise Bourgeois Garden Apron and Tools Set

Perfect for all those outdoorsy. They'll never leave the veggie patch again with this apron, gloves and aluminium tool set thanks to Third Drawer Down and their celebration of the art Louise Bourgeois.


Flaunter - Freedom

Freedom - Navy / Pink / Black Summer Dinner Bowl Set

These bowls give dining a designer edge - a great gift for a splash of Scandinavia at home.

Flaunter - Outliving Salt  Pepper Bottles

Sagaform - Salt/Pepper/Condiment Glass Bottles (via Outliving)

Organisation in best form. These awesomely giftable bottles are ideal for any cooking nut.


Le Creuset - Blue Round Casserole Pot

We all know we want one - so why not gift them the Rolls Royce of all cooking essentials. Behold the classic Le Creuset!


Flaunter - Next

NEXT- Summer 16 Floral Intimates

Flowers and ultimate femininity - a perfect summer piece.

Flaunter - Adairs

Adairs - Home Republic Glacier Candle/Diffuser Range

The gift for the minimalist. These marbled ceramic candles and diffusers will fill their home with Tahitian lime and vanilla to last a lifetime.

Flaunter - Sukin Rosehip

Sukin - Organic Rose Hip Oil

The stocking filler of thought - Certified organic heaven guaranteed.

Flaunter- An Organised Life

An Organised Life - Notebook Sets

The workaholics best friend - Gift them something they'll bound to use all year round.

Flaunter - Holiday

Holiday - Ichha Cushion

Bohemian vibes - Holiday's range of cushions will spice up any home.


Flaunter - Sarah Conners

Sarah Conners - AISE Bangle & Neckring

Classic meets contemporary with this beautiful set from Sarah Conners. The ultimate gift.


Flaunter - MAC Cosmetics

MAC- Liptensity Lipstick Dionysus

What better way to fill out the stocking but with a makeup essential - a bold red lip.


Flaunter - Hills  West

Hills & West - Morgan Organiser

We think this little number is pretty special and perfect for any woman in your life. Not only is this compact clutch crafted from actual Prada leather, but you can guarantee as big enough place for all the daily essentials.


Flaunter's Christmas Gift Guide: Summer essentials for the girl who has it all

Tis' the season of gifting and we all know what that means...presents! We've all been there - amongst the masses, frantically gathering those last minute gifts for our loved ones.

No one wants to be stuck for ideas, so what do you gift to the girl who has it all? Here are our summer essentials we bet she won't have:


The Daily Edited- Personalised pale pink smooth pouch:

I have too many purses, said no one ever! This personalised 100% calf leather with fabric lining is the perfect accompaniment for any occasion.


Pared Eyewear- Clear/Gold Sunglasses:

Jump on board the latest optical trend with these clear framed shades. The perfect unique gift for days spent outdoors.


The Soak life- Original Salty Bath Soak:

The ultimate soak and scrub all in one containing Australian sea salt, epsom salt, himalayan pink salt & coconut oil. What's even better? It's completely natural, vegan and cruelty free, making it the perfect gift for our conscious friends.


Freedom- 'All you need is love' water bottle:

Suited to all the gym nuts and workaholics. This stylish bottle isn't just practical but you can count your good doings with donations going straight to CCI Build for cure!

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MAC Liptensity Lipstick- Driftwood:

Matte is the new black! Get them the look in this seasons newest pastel pink shade.



Kate Spade- Initial Diary (via Outliving)

Cute, personal and essential for the new year. Beat them to it and get her the best new years diary she's ever had.


The Body Shop- Coconut oil hair shine:

The perfect summer hair care for the natural girl. No nasty chemicals here!


Cloud Nine - Waving wand:

Save them a trip to the salon or swim at the beach with the ultimate waving wand. Perfect curls can now be easily achieved.


Ziporah - Acer towel pack:

Whether brightening up the home or lounging round the beach in style, this luxury towel set will surely be appreciated.


Holiday- 'Free as the sea' bag:

Australian based design brand Holiday knows just what it takes to create a chic tote that will last for the summers ahead.


Jonathan Adler- Tick Tack Toe (via Outliving)

The boxing day BBQ fun and games are sorted with this designer tick tack toe set from Jonathan Adler.


Happy Gifting!

5 Emerging Faces to Watch as Selected by Leah White, Editor of Fashion Journal

You know what never fails to put the Flaunter team in a good mood? Stopping by a local cafe or boutique, and finding a fresh issue of Fashion Journal ready to devour back at the office.

As dedicated champions of emerging and independent fashion, it seems only fitting to have Editor Leah White share her 5 Emerging Faces to Watch with us, but she's gone one step further and had a chat to the graduates themselves.

You can read more about Leah's choices over at Fashion Journal




"The detail and intricacy in Stephanie’s needlework is flawless. I can only imagine how many hours of work went into each piece. It’s so impressive for a grad collection to look this polished and refined."



"This collection speaks for itself. The honeycomb pattern exhibits such a high level of skill in the pattern making and construction. I can see Zhuxuan’s pieces killing it on a catwalk with the unique combination of form, colour and movement."



"Talia’s designs look like they are ready to hit the racks of a high-end streetwear store. The prints are fun and playful, yet the collection demonstrates maturity. She’s to be commended for nailing wearable, yet innovative menswear."



"I love the way Natalie uses contrasting textures, fabrics and shapes but still executes a cohesive collection."



"The standout of Victoria’s collection is her outerwear. The construction is flawless, and it’s giving off some serious Scottish vibes (sans kilts)."

5 Emerging Faces to Watch as Selected by the Flaunter Team

We've been looking forward to the 2016 Flaunter Emerging Designer Showcase since the the day our inaugural campaign wrapped up this time in 2015...not because it's a cruisy way for us to spend the end of the year (our campaign coordinator's Emerging Campaign email folder is probably going to hit the 400 mark by the end of the afternoon...) but because today's graduates are tomorrow's Australian Fashion industry, and we love that our platform can provide an opportunity to connect these graduates to fashion journalists both here and abroad.

The collections produced by the class of 2016 were incredibly varied. The level of polish and maturity of design across the board was far beyond what we'd have expected from graduates...not to mention that almost every single panellist this year told us they found it very difficult to keep their selections to just 5 designers.  We've said it before and we'll say it again: the future of Australian Fashion is bright.

Needless to say, when scheduling conflicts meant our team had an opportunity to jump in as last-minute guest panellists in the 2016 campaign, we were pretty excited.

Here are Team Flaunter's 5 Emerging Faces to Watch:


DANNIELLE POSADOWSKI, Whitehouse Institute of Design, Melbourne

Emerging Blog icons

Taking a leaf out of Amanda Stavropoulos' book, we simply had to include Dannielle's collection because we want to wear it all (Yes, even this completely see-though chain top) We love the elongated layers, the clean lines and the palette she's combined here.  To top it off, Dannielle has collaborated with Melbourne leathergoods designer Martine Van Reesema to create some super desirable bags to accompany her graduate collection.  We're counting down the days until they're available for us to add to cart (Pre-fall '17 here we come!)



We love the considered deconstruction, the layering, the strength and femininity displayed in Chew's graduate collection.  Don't even get us started on her collection shoot- Cheryl has created the world's coolest colour-blocked girl-gang, and we want in.



Experimenting with a number of colours and textiles, as well as the most flattering of silhouettes, Chatfield is has creating a collection we could see walking right off the runway and into a high-end boutique.  We can't wait to see her next offering, especially if this all-denim look is anything to go by (and as an aside, what an Instagram feed!)



Agnes first caught our eye at the UTS graduate parade, and has been on our minds ever since.  Her colour palette, the layers, the combination textures & fine detailing.  Every aspect of her collection has been meticulously considered, and yet, completely effortless.




What we find most enticing about Ellen's collection is that the more you look, the more you see. Chandler has taken conventionally masculine textiles and tailored details and combined them in the most delightfully unexpected ways.  This collection is full of discovery, and we can't take our eyes off it.

Stay tuned tomorrow to see who Leah White, Editor of Fashion Journal has selected as her 5 Emerging Faces to Watch...

5 Emerging Faces to Watch as selected by Amanda Stavropoulos, Fashion Editor at Who What Wear

As the Fashion Editor of online fashion hub Who What Wear, Amanda Stavropoulos is constantly scanning the freshest, newest collections on a daily basis, so we knew it would take something special to catch her eye.  Says Amanda of the 2016 campaign:
"It’s always great to see a new wave of Australian fashion graduates. As an online editor, I’m scanning collections every day, so a label has to be really different to stand out. This year, I was looking for individuality—collections that I feel offer something unique, feel cohesive, and tell a story. The designers I’ll be watching closely are…"


JOHANNA SMITH, TAFE NSW Fashion Design Studio


"At first glance, this collection immediately feels special. As soon as I saw these images, I could imagine Johanna Smith sitting amongst labels like Zimmermann and Roksanda. The candy-stripes and ruffles are what immediately drew me in, but it’s the tulle gowns that kept me hooked."




"Zhuxuan He’s collection isn’t something you’d see walk past you on the street, but fashion isn’t just about wearability. The imaginative 3D shapes show to me that He has big ideas, and technical skills—there’s true talent here."


ELIE CHAHENE, Whitehouse Institute of Design (Sydney)


"I love the subtle integration of embellishments on this evening wear collection. Why don’t we see more beautiful pieces like this on red carpets in Australia?  Elie Chahine’s voluminous shaped dresses are my pick of the bunch—they feel like a cross between Dior and Giambattista Valli."




"I’m immediately drawn to the colours in Tony Lee’s collection, and the way different fabrics are worked together."




"I’m selfishly including Madeline Sinco because I’d wear all this myself, and wouldn’t be surprised to see these pieces in an established boutique. I love the threaded pleats that feature throughout the collection."

5 Emerging Faces to Watch as selected by Riena Voss, Golightly PR

Golightly PR is widely regarded as one of the nation's top PR firms, with Dion Lee, Agent Provocateur, Bec & Bridge, Karen Walker, Levi's & more relying on this team of PR experts for the strategy and expertise required to effectively communicate their brand's message to media & consumers all over the world.

With all this in mind, it goes without saying we were excited to see who Riena Voss, Golightly PR's Director of Strategy and Brand, would select as her 5 Emerging Faces to Watch from the graduating class of 2016.

Riena is letting her selected graduate's images do the talking- here's who she thinks we should be keeping our eyes on:



ROCHELLE BRAMICH, Whitehouse Institute of Design (Melbourne)






GRACE KOO, Whitehouse Institute of Design (Sydney)


5 Emerging Faces to Watch as selected by Rebecca Khoury, Associate Editor of 10 Magazine

Famous for their impossibly cool shoots, bridging luxury houses through to modern iconic brands, it's little wonder 10 Magazine is a favourite read for many of Australia's emerging design community.

Associate Editor, Rebecca Khoury, shared with us the 5 emerging designers she's going to be watching. Rebecca says:

"Full disclosure, we’d actually met some of the UTS students and interviewed some for the next issue of Ten. I was impartial when judging, but the UTS students really stood out this year. They had a really unique voice and their collections felt well rounded. Was very impressed by them the most. It was fun to be part of this, love emerging talent and new voices."


"Her approach to knitwear is unique, very clever and cool."


Love her silhouettes and sense of modernity."


"Nice art and commerce balance. Love the historical references tied back with a youthfulness."


"Fresh approach to prints and like ambiguity of gender - this collection could be worn by men or women easily."

5. JOHANNA SMITH, TAFE NSW Fashion Design Studio


"Something quite nostalgic and innocent in her work. A free-spirited nature and an awkward colour palette that sits very nicely together."

5 Emerging Faces to Watch as selected by Alison Izzo, Digital Editor at Harper's BAZAAR

Commencing her career in the Fashion department at Cleo, Alison Izzo has spent time at POPSUGAR, Dolly and Ten Play before being approached for her current role as the Digital Editor of Harper's BAZAAR Australia.  When it comes to all things fashion and media- Alison really knows her stuff!

Of the graduates of 2016, Alison says:

"Truth be told, I found judging this year’s Emerging Designer Showcase much harder than I expected it to be! The calibre of the students selected was truly impressive, and the diversity of their work made the task to choose just five near impossible. I’d like to congratulate all of the entrants on producing such cohesive and well-conceived collections and thank Flaunter for providing this platform to showcase these talented designers. If these students are anything to go by, the future of Australian fashion is bright."

Who will Alison be keeping her eyes on? 

Elie Chahene, Whitehouse Institute of Design


"It’s refreshing to see contemporary eveningwear and Elie’s whimisical but considered aesthetic would be a welcome addition to a sometimes limited market and uninspiring offering. The detailing captured my attention – as it’s both modern but still undoubtedly feminine, as well as his unique silhouettes – especially the necklines. These are the sorts of dresses that demand an occasion to be worn – the Met Gala? The Cannes film festival? A red carpet premiere? I hope we see Elie Chahene’s designs at all of the above, and soon."


Tony Lee, UTS


"What a joyous thing to examine Tony Lee’s collection! Knitwear sadly so often falls into the functional but boring ‘stay-warm’ category of our wardrobes, but Lee’s inspired take on wovens makes me want to replace every ‘safe’ (read: boring) knitted item in my wardrobe with something that sings – ie: anything from his graduate collection. Lee showcases the fun that can be had with this inherently textural medium whilst deftly avoiding any ‘crafty’ connotations. Combine that with his modern colour palette and playful use of proportions and you get wearable works of art that are any but 'boring’."


Handsy Swimwear (Emma Standen), TAFE NSW Fashion Design Studio


"Australians are known for creating fantastic swimwear and I think that Handsy Swimwear has the hallmarks of what could be a very commercially successful label – sexy, inventive, but with a distinctly sophisticated take on the swim category. I love the oversized eyelet fasteners and the organic lattice-like strap detailing on their separates; which make for some striking silhouettes (and some interesting tan lines!). I could see these designs on the toned bodies of Tamarama, where glamour rules and  swimsuits are expected to make a statement. My only question is where can I buy one?"


Nessie Croft, RMIT


"There’s an alluring dichotomy in Nessie’ Croft’s designs, but the overarching feeling is one of modern ease. Overtly feminine, boudoir-esque pieces work effortlessly with oversized separates that are clearly inspired by masculine tailoring. The girl Croft seems to be designing for is comfortable in her own skin, and confident enough to ignore the clichés of gendered dressing. These are modern clothes, made for consumers who know who they are, but don’t need to shout about it."


Celia Cox, QUT


"I love the organic, graphic and somewhat playful designs of Celia Cox; she looks to have a have had fun creating this surrealistic-inspired collection. Her use of languid, artful lines and saturated, block colours will ensure her clothes demand the limelight, and given Cox’s considered construction (I particularly enjoyed the crisp white, contrasting lining of these emerald, side-split trousers) I think she should stand centre stage. I can’t wait to see her next act."

5 Emerging Faces to Watch as selected by Courtney Miller, General Manager of the Australian Fashion Chamber

The Australian Fashion Chamber is Australia’s peak industry body for fashion, and Courtney Miller sits in the role of General Manager.

Prior to this, Courtney travelled and worked all over the globe (London, Kenya and Paris to name a few) for organisations like the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Australian Federal Department of Finance, which means she brings a huge amount of knowledge of both Fashion and International Business/Communications to our panel.

Courtney says:

"Fashion is still a tactile industry, we all still need to see/feel/touch. Digital has not replaced these elements in being able to determine quality. From this perspective, I didn't get to every Grad show this year, and it's hard to get that from photos as you can hide or accentuate in different ways. Having said that, it's also the way most of us experience fashion today and how you present is essential to all fashion businesses. "

In terms of the graduating class of 2016:

"I love seeing graduates collections - they're invariably filled with passion, excitement and are generally less perturbed by the cynicism we can sometimes have in the industry (the reality of seeing things again and again - although both elements have their merit). It's so essential for fashion to continue to bring in new ideas, different perspectives and to continually reflect the contemporary issues and trends of our society. It's what makes in continually fascinating and relevant. And this I believe is a big part of what our graduates do - so thank you!"

Courtney's selected Emerging Faces to Watch for 2016 are:



"Victoria's designs are a little unexpected in an Australian context - and the images have more of a modern Scottish moor-like feel. Perhaps I'm over-reading (as we can do in fashion) but this says something of our heritage and landscape to me. And the pieces are layered well so you can deconstruct them."



"Sometimes it's easy to go with the big flamboyant awe-inspiring fashion piece rather than the one we all know we might actually wear - but Zhuxuan's beautiful pieces are so romantic and I think we still need that in fashion- there's movement and colour."



"Fun with a 60's goodtime girl mixed with 50's housewife (pearls are back people!) Claire's pieces talk to each other. So often graduates get carried away and inspired by so many things and try and put it all into this one opportunity. Claire's obviously brought a bunch of ideas but kept focused which is key in this contemporary fashion world!"



"Olivia is lucky I saw these in the flesh because she has beautiful tailoring that you can't really see in images. There's a bit of dark fantasy here and I like the contrast of the clown-like accordion collar in black - something you expect to be lighthearted but is a bit chic in this context."


HEIDI FRAHAMER, Whitehouse Institute of Design (Melbourne)


"There's movement in Heidi's collection despite it being the coolest looking snow gear! I'm not sure I would attempt heading down the mountain in those flare pants but I wouldn't go past the drop pant (my partner's never been keen on those, and consequentially I love them - he just has to deal). I also think Heidi's experimented with different materials and delivered some great textured pieces."