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Finding great looking content on the web that is specific to your needs is much like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s no secret that gaining traction on social media means you’ll need to post some pretty stand out #content, but this alone will not guarantee exposure. Competing for attention can be tough and you may need a little assistance in standing out from the pack. Lucky for you, we created our best hashtag tips that you can apply to any fashion, interiors and beauty content.


#1 Increase your viewing time

Instagram and other platforms are a moving domain, meaning activity is a constant no matter the time or place. Hashtagging pictures places them onto a moving feed where you can gain exposure from practically anywhere in the world.

So what does this mean for me? First off, specifying every single detail in what you’ve posted isn’t always a great move. Let’s breakdown the different scenarios of how you may appear in a search:

Choosing popular hashtags: Tagging generic words (e.g. #fashion) will place you amongst the millions of users applying the same tag. If you think about this in real time, your post will barely last a few seconds! In this total mayhem, your end result is less exposure.

Choosing barely existent hashtags: The polar opposite of the above. Don't be a time waster! Tagging words that are irrelevant or with lackluster viewing potential will result in… you guessed it- limited exposure.

The happy medium: Mid-range hashtags are almost online ‘groups’. They are often used and viewed by bloggers, brands or media and tonnes of general users. Their fluid structure also means there’s a balance in the flow of content, so you’re more likely to hold longer view times. These tags are best used alongside others of the same nature in the form of ‘combinations’.


#2 The best tagging combinations

There are many mid-range combinations you can mix up and apply to any type of content. Tags will depend mainly on what you’re posting.

Fashion: Some popular combinations best utilised for ’outfits’ ~ #outfitinspiraton, #outfitoftheday, #outfitpost, #lookbook, #lookoftheday etc.

Interiors: Popular reach points on social platforms for interiors are ~#interiorswarrior, #housedecor, #interiorsinspiration, #homeideas #bedroomgoals

Beauty: Cut through the crowd with these combinations ~ #runwaybeauty #newinbeauty #crueltyfree #beautyblog #beautyblogger #beautypr #beautyinspo


#3 How to tag efficiently

Due to the popularity of tagging, many businesses have been edging away from use to maintain an authentic image. Unfortunately, doing so can really limit your potential reach, especially if your sales are primarily web based.

The best way is to perform ‘discrete tagging’. This can be done on Instagram by posting a few combinations under the comments section and deleting them within 24-48 hours. The result is that by the time you’ve deleted the tags, you will have gained some views (and hopefully some followers or likes) and disappeared within the hashtag feed.

Remember: Some of the activity you may receive will be in the form of ‘bots’ which are automated or fake accounts serving to increase following. This isn’t a big deal at the beginning and may actually increase potential discovery. Overall, you can have more control over your content whilst maintaining an elegant ‘social media image’.


You can find more super handy tips on improving your social media here and here.


Image: Tyler Hendy via Unsplash

Im a stylist

I'm a stylist and this is how I Flaunter

As a stylist, I work both individually and collaboratively which requires the most up to date knowledge of fashion, beauty and more. I need to be across ongoing trend forecasts at all times in order to fulfil creative briefs. However, keeping ahead of the game and sourcing material for commercial or personal endeavours has become increasingly difficult in this competitive and evolving industry. On any given day, my job can include event management, writing articles and providing advice and services for individuals, brands and the media. Scanning the many different media formats just wasn't a viable option anymore - I desperately needed to save time.

Luckily, I found Flaunter.


Problem - Identifying and finding the location of materials in a short time frame

Solution -  Complex jobs made simple

Using Flaunter’s content feed allows me access to the most current content available on the market. As the content is usually by the brands themselves, the product descriptions are clear and detailed. This includes information such as the relevant RRP, sales locations, in-store dates and the brand contact details - traditionally, all activities that take up valuable time.

With the addition of the ‘sample request’ tool - I can make direct contact with brands, allowing me to easily gather sample pieces. The overall time that either myself or my colleagues spend identifying, researching and acquiring products has been drastically reduced. Personally, the platform really is the ‘ground zero’ for sourcing an extensive range of big brand names and emerging designers. Flaunter has changed the way I search for my material as a stylist.


Problem - Sourcing unreleased items/collections for future brief

Solution - Exclusive and unseen content? Totally accessible through Flaunter’s multi-level platform

I originally joined Flaunter to use it as a tool to fulfil my current briefs. Now that I am familiar with the continuously updated content, and the detailed product information, I can forward plan with future in-store dates of particular pieces and collections. This also allows me to gauge upcoming trends of physical products, which is essential in my role.


Problem - Finding specific content and inspiration amongst the mountain of options

Solution - Curated products on a centralised platform with a purpose built search function

When in need of options for that one pair of pink pumps, conducting a search amongst all the various media available can be overwhelming. I found that a general search engine just isn’t enough to find exactly what I was looking for. Flaunter’s refined search tool means I can pinpoint products, right down to the exact material and make. As the platform contains only industry-relevant content, the results are closer to what I am looking for in comparison to public search tools.

In times of creative dry spells, Flaunter has made looking for new content simple as I am able to randomly search or simply scroll through the content feed. I can also 'heart' certain brands that I want to keep my eye on; Flaunter conveniently emails me when these brands update their albums. Finally, the platform also offers weekly ‘moodboards’ in fashion, interiors and beauty, showing off the top trending themes. Moodboards are my favourite place to find unique pieces and draw inspiration from.


Flaunter has changed the way I style and how I use my precious time. I can now focus more of my energy towards personal growth and creativity, helping me to leave my own mark on this competitive industry.

Image: Unsplash



New hues: Flaunter's 2017 trend forecast

With the weird and whimsical end of 2016 now behind us, we're undoubtedly all looking for some piece of mind come 2017. The new year brings forth an opportunity for change with a nostalgic nod to our roots.

It's all one big earthy undertone this year - from fashion to interiors, we're seeking something more authentic that expresses our need for undefined beauty. With so many possibilities, here's our guide to the top trends for 2017, and how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle:
Trend: Mist - grey, violet and hazy. Featuring Karmme clutch.


Trend: Moss - texture, green, moss, khaki. Featuring Mikoh Swimwear


Trend: Colour Pop - pastel, waxy brights. Featuring Adairs Quit


Trend: Oceanic - green, seafoam, natural dye. Featuring Pottery Barn tableware


Trend: Pigment - brown, tribal, stone, metal and marble. Featuring Freedom stone and wood vases


Trend: Petal - feminine, blossom, pink. Featuring Missguided Floral Dress


Trend: Transcend - fluid, shiny, metal, disco. Featuring By Johnny Skirt


Trend: Wild - earth, natural, vegan, feathers. Featuring Next Ballerina Slippers


For more inspiring images from Flaunter's colour trend forecast, check out the full mood board.

Banner Image: The Pattern People

extend the lifecycle of your content

How to extend the lifecycle of your content

This ones for all the smaller brands or those who are looking for innovative ways of adding longevity to their online profile without any hefty costs. The secret? It’s all in the presentation.

Expand your marketing strategy by optimising your searchability and create content to last longer than a season. Here are some top tips for extending the life cycle of your online content:



Successful social channels appear both relevant and interesting in the eyes of potential users as well as your current social network. This takes us all the way back to marketing 101. It’s true, not much has changed when it comes to finding your target audience, so tailor your strategy accordingly.

Instagram - You don’t need a work of art, although maintaining an attractive profile by planning your content in advance can be of benefit - align your colour schemes, layout and image sizes. Applications such as Planoly can help you achieve that streamline presence.

Schedule multiple shares of content during optimal periods - Both cost effective and time saving, although be sure to note what you posted and when to uphold a fresh image. Not sure when’s best to show off your stuff? When to gram deciphers when your users are at their most active and calculates your own optimal post time.

Know your brand’s identity and communicate the aspects that create a point of difference. For example, create social media campaigns with the potential to generate ‘buzz’. Being of relevance increases the odds of any flow on effect. Encourage user involvement! For instance, if ethical considerations are of value to your model, jump on board the sustainable fashion train.

Think - a thousand customers ‘gramming’ your recycled designer packaging?


Consider ALL of your distribution channels and only those beneficial to you. There’s no point running a brand twitter account if it doesn’t assist in your point of exposure. Focus on areas of value and tailor your networks and platforms to media and consumer accessibility.

Check your image quality - You’ve probably come across the term “high res 300dpi minimum”. Most media only download images of a certain quality, so it’s essential to follow these requirements.

Device compatibility - An online shop must be user-friendly and compatible across a range of devices.

Be aware of the potential limits of boosting and other methods of audience scraping. Although boosting posts on various channels such as Facebook can help bump up initial views, it may not be the most effective way of growing an organic and authentic audience - (the key to longevity and growth).

Solution? Flaunter as a platform gives your direct exposure to hundreds of media without PR fee that you may not be able to afford. Best of all, you can be guaranteed that any media downloading your content is authentic and will be dispersed across legitimate publications.


In a world focused on the next best thing - it’s easy to forget our roots. You may not realise, but older content could be a source of value in attracting new leads. Essentially by selecting the best performing content and doing some basic restructuring, you can increase your SEO and lifecycle of content.

Backlinks - contextual examples can generate new traffic through what you're posting. Do a little reformatting and add any links to outside sources you think will provide value.

Restructure - break down long paragraphs and add in some bullet point formations in any blog content you create for easier readability.

Repost visual content differently - Be creative with captions and take advantage of any public holidays or any major events that you can reference in times of high activity.

Photo: Annie Spratt via Unsplash 


Spotlight on: Camille Alvarez from Jewellery by Others

Flaunter interviews designer and jewellery maker, Camille Alverez from Jewellery by Others, to bring you a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at the minimalist Melbourne brand.


What has been your favourite moment since founding your label?

A really special moment was when everything went live, as the brand officially launched. After the months and months of preparation, seeing all facets of the brand come together and the response from consumers, media and stockists was very rewarding.

What’s on your desk right now?

Right now I have a pile of orders on my desk, packaged and ready for dispatch, a sketch book in case random design ideas pop into my head (this tends to happen), my laptop which I will be on for most of the day as I plan for the season ahead and - most importantly - a nice strong coffee!

What did your last 24 hours look like?

Our Spring/Summer collection has just launched online and in stores, so the last 24 hours have seen our website imagery and Flaunter image banks updated, new products becoming available via ecommerce, and marketing EDMs scheduled to go out to our mailing list.

Do you have a go-to ‘work wardrobe’?

I definitely have staples, like crisp shirts and a sharp blazer. If I’m on the tools during production periods, I’m careful to wear something comfortable that I won’t be heartbroken over if damaged!

If someone could only buy one new accessory next season, what should it be and why?

I would say that coming into the warmer months when necklines are lower, and especially with the current trend for off the shoulder lines, versatile necklaces that can be layered and also transcend day and night are a must. Personally, I’m loving combining a choker with longer necklaces at the moment.

Can you tell us about the first piece of fashion you ever loved?

Yes, easily - when my sisters and I were teenagers, if any of us had a special occasion to attend, our mother would pull out her vintage, glomesh Oroton clutch for us to carry. The three of us were just in awe of it and felt pretty glamorous carrying it.



Calling all media: All hi-res campaign and product images from Jewellery by Others are ready to view and download on Flaunter.