Flaunter presents MVR x DPOSADOWSKI

With the launch of their exciting handbag collaboration, we interview designers Dannielle Posadowski and Martine van Reesema to bring you an exclusive glimpse into their creative world.


What makes you passionate about your label?

Martine: I really enjoy the challenge of working for myself and the ability to constantly be creative. Working with leather is incredibly rewarding because every hide has its particularities and I enjoy being able to glorify such a fantastic natural product. I also try to be as environmentally responsible wherever I can, and through my suppliers, I have access to a great range of vegetable tanned leather.

Dannielle: The creative freedom of being able to design and make whatever your heart desires. Although, my favourite moment as a designer is seeing the idea you once dreamed about come to life.


What’s on your desk right now?

Dannielle: A mess! But a creative mess…well, a work in progress. One corner of my desk is filled with fabrics, inspiration images/artworks, embroidery and a small vase containing a branch of dead flowers from my garden (I have a slight obsession with the beauty of decay). In another corner, I have a glass box containing a pyrite and amethyst crystal situated next to my camera & computer - with far too many shopping tabs open on my browser and whatever spare space is left is filled with all of my chain work and current products/ideas.

Martine: A fashion marketing textbook, given to me by my brother for Christmas - clearly he thinks I have a few things to learn. 3 pairs of glasses, 2 pairs of sunglasses. Copic markers, fine liners, moleskin sketchbook, one of the left over magnolia-scented candles that I made for Christmas pressies and of course a never ending pile of leather swatches!


What has changed for you this year and what are you looking forward to?

Dannielle: Originally I wasn’t planning to start my own label however, everything fell into place over the past few months. I’ve had a fair bit of interest circulating from my final graduate collection. I’m looking forward to the unknown of the future! It’s exciting and nerve-racking. I am hoping to see my label pick up a bit more from the collaboration with Martine but for the moment I’m kind of going with the flow.

Martine: The big change for me this year was deciding to stay in Adelaide and focus on growing my brand, previously I had thought I might make a move to Sydney or back to Melbourne. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the collaboration with Danni fares, it's been so much fun working with someone rather than on my own and after that, I have 3 more collections in the works for this year!


How did the collaboration come about and what was the creative process like for you?

Martine: I’ll leave Danni to answer that one, the collaboration was her brain child! But as I said before, it's been fantastic to work with someone else for a change.

Dannielle: For my Final collection I always wanted to collaborate with someone in creating either jewellery or bags. I knew Martine from Whitehouse, but it wasn’t until after seeing an article featuring her in Broadsheet that I made contact. It was mid-semester when we had our meetings, I was all over the place, but thankfully Martine was there to ground me! I loved the simplicity of Martine’s bags, and I knew with the chain work, they’d complement my concept and still embody the design aesthetic I’ve created during my time at uni.


If someone could only buy one new accessory next season, what should it be and why?

Dannielle: One of our bags! Take the simplicity and durability of a leather bag, combined with the chain work, it’s a unique design that can be taken from day to night and elevate any outfit with a bit edge.

Martine: The Bucket Disco Cased from our collab. I haven’t seen anything else like it and I think its such a fun and versatile piece. Handbags are a great investment if you are only able to buy one accessory because they can make an instant impact… and take less time to break in than a new pair of shoes.


Are you more of a piece hunter or a gatherer?

Dannielle: A bit of both! Although at the moment I’m trying to de-clutter my life, as I’ve only come to the realisation that I own too many things. Yet I still continue to make irrational purchases.

Martine: Definitely a Hunter. My need list is ridiculously long and the words 'want' or 'would like to have' don’t exist in my vocabulary.


My perfect pair of ___ is?

Dannielle: Jewellery - a vintage serpent ring, or stack of various mixed metal rings with a modern statement earring.

Martine: Sunglasses - my amazing new Gucci vintage inspired gold and white sunnies. Obsessed!


Images from MVR x DPOSADOWSKI collection are available to download on Flaunter now.

Spotlight on: Sonya Michele from Dog&Boy

We catch up with Sonya from dog&boy to chat about all things scarves, connecting with passionate customers and her big plans for the future.
What makes you passionate about the label?
Long before dog&boy was even a concept, I remember having business cards printed with quotes from Seth Godin (I have a bit of a Seth crush :) ).  One of the quotes was, ‘Catering to the passionate is exactly what you should do’.  This always stuck with me regardless of my vocation.
So when I started dog&boy, this was exactly what I wanted to do.  I wanted to cater, or rather to connect, with people who saw and appreciated the simple beauty in everyday moments - the dawn each day, the smell of rain, the changing of the seasons, or the sentiments of a loved one. It is passion that inspires dog&boy.  It’s at the core of our values.  We want to make any woman, all women, in our lives - mother, wife, sister, girlfriend, even yourself - feel special every day with something simple yet luxurious and unique.
What’s on your desk right now?
Organised chaos with a side of peppermint tea! It’s been a big couple of weeks since the start of the new year with the first drop of my new collection arriving, preparing for exhibiting at Life Instyle, and new packaging design samples!  So it’s a colourful mess of lookbooks, samples and card stocks.
What has changed for you this year and what are you looking forward to?
There are some great plans for us this year.  We finished on such a high last year after some wonderful awards – firstly as a finalist in the inaugural Simone Perele Fashion Start-up Scholarship, then nominated as finalist in 2 categories (crossing fingers for the award ceremony on 18 February!) for the GALA as part of Life Instyle – there was a bit of couch jumping and squealing with this news! We have also just celebrated our 1st birthday.  So I suppose in dog years we are now in our tween years, and isn’t that all about adventure, imagination and possibilities??!! I love the hindsight I take into 2017 after our first year.  So with possibilities and hindsight, 2017 is going to be a year of exploration for us.  We will be meeting with our manufacturer to develop and plan ideas for future collections, extending distribution further into Asia and other international markets, and excitingly, some amazing collaborations with other brands. So watch this space!
Tell us about Dog and Boy's new 2017 collection exhibiting at Life InStyle this February?
I am really excited about this new collection and can’t wait to show it.  Life InStyle Sydney will be the first to see our new collection featuring designs in stunning muted and classic tones with splashes of colour – it wouldn’t be dog&boy without a splash of colour!
I am also introducing a new size scarf for those who want a slightly smaller size scarf to our original size.
If someone could only buy one new accessory next season, what should it be and why?
Oh that’s easy, a scarf of course!  Scarves are synonymous with cooler seasons, but for me, they are so much more than just a seasonal or practical accessory.  They are a year-round accessory, you just need to have a little imagination. A scarf is timeless, ageless and always elegant and sophisticated.  It makes an outfit with a splash of colour or adds the finishing touch whatever the occasion.
Are you more of a piece hunter or a gatherer?
When I was younger it was about hunting for the perfect piece, usually an update for my wardrobe.  Now though, with my own home and family, I would definitely say I am a gatherer.  I love being surrounded by beautiful things so if I see something I love, I will just get it.  I will always find a place for things I love.
My perfect pair of ____ is? 
I would have to say after scarves, the most numerous of things in my wardrobe are shoes (like most girls I’m sure!).  I have a stunning pair of grey suede Roger Vivier Belle pumps I call my princess shoes, because that’s how they make me feel, that my husband bought my on our last trip to New York from Bergdorf Goodman (the ultimate ‘princess store’!).  They are such a simple design, yet so striking and elegant.  I covet owning another pair.  A bright orange patent would be gorgeous.  And I would then love to wear my perfect pair of shoes to dinner with my perfect pair of dinner dates, my darling husband and son!
Many thanks to Sonya for taking the time out of her busy week to answer our questions! See the full dog&boy image library here.
Flaunter will be at Life Instyle on the 16th February - if you are exhibiting and would like to have a chat, please send us an email.

Flaunter Trend Watch

Trend watch: 'not your average workplace'

It's here, it's arrived and it's not going anywhere - a  movement in which every working day woman can rejoice at the prospect of a day's work in flats alongside some bellowing bare shoulder action. As you'd expect, the 'new age'  woman deserves a killer corporate wardrobe to match her independent and strong attitude. It's time to forget everything you know about work suitable colour palettes and cuts and add a little more self-expression into the working week. The future is here ladies, and it's bringing you pain-free feet!



Heels? Please! The 'flats' dilemma has formed part of one of the endless fights for women in the workplace. More and more employers are now embracing less stringent enforcements regarding our daily outfit concerns and it's saving the arches of millions. As a new norm, we've seen a revolution in shoe fashion, particularly evident with 2016's craze around Gucci's Fur Rimmed Princeton Loafers. In 2017, expect even more metallics, furs and tactile materials - there are no limits here.

Flaunter - Tony Bianco

Tony Bianco, Black Fur Loafers - in stores mid-February



It's true what they say... all that glitters really is gold and this trend is certainly just that. Metallics, sparkles and glitter won't be going anywhere but straight into your work wardrobe, popping up in the form of laptop cases, clutches and tote bags. Stars are going to be big, so also expect to see celestial prints across womenswear.


Flaunter - Karmme

Karmme x Not Heidi, Stella Clutch - $130 AUD



Banish boring - jewellery has had a makeover! The new age minimalist can rejoice in paring arty pieces with 'basic' wardrobes - it is the simplest accessory tricks to work into your corporate game.  So what can we expect? Anything big, bent or fine geometrics will appear everywhere this year so be bold and experiment with a range of pieces.

Flaunter - Sportsgirl

Sportsgirl, About a Girl Collection, Gold Bended Earrings - $14.95 AUD



Cut outs have made a comeback and this time the focus isn't all about exposure, rather a more purposeful emphasis on shape and structure. After years of practice, designers have realised that showing some skin in the right places can work to both flatter and empower women of all sizes. Off-shoulder shirts and dresses will seem more approachable in corporate settings and be sure to keep an eye out singular shoulder cuts - they're set to be huge.

Flaunter - Third Form

Third Form, Pull Through Dress in Natural - $299 AUD



Throw out those old specs and go for something more individual. Just like Audrey Hepburn's famous Dior cat eyes, glasses have become the ultimate expression of individuality - and what better place to test it out than the office? Bespectacled beauties everywhere can celebrate as optical luxe is poised to become a new movement in 2017. Embrace the fact that you are blessed with an additional accessory and find yourself the perfect pair.  Clear and gold rims are predicted to be best sellers - so we advise you to get in early!



Flaunter - Pared Eyewear


Pared Eyewear, Cat & Mouse Clear - $260 AUD


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Image: Tamara Bellis via Unsplash.