The Flaunter Emerging Designer campaign showcases collections by 70 top graduates from Australia’s leading fashion schools.

Today, we reveal the finalists as selected by Bianca O’Neill, a journalist and editor with over a decade of experience contributing to many publications including the Herald Sun, Fashion Journal, Beat Magazine and Broadsheet just to name a few. Bianca is a straight shooter with a unique eye when it comes to fashion commentary so we were excited to see which emerging designers she tipped as ones to watch.



Juliette Williams (UTS)


Emerging Designer Juliette Williams

Combines the airy and ethereal femininity of sheers with the heavy and cosy textural vibe of knits. Beautiful and yet curious, this collection kept me coming back for another look at the finer details.


Eliska Marczan (UTS)


Emerging Designer Eliska Marczan

There is a high level of craft and detail in these striking pieces. A clever nod to our oceans without being overly obvious. I’m a huge fan of this unique and colourful collection.


Joash Teo (QUT)


Emerging Designer Joash Teo

There’s a really high level of fine detail here; I love the intersection between modernity and femininity in this collection. I would wear any of these pieces straight out of the lookbook – inherently commercial without being predictable.


Hazel Dong (UTS)


Emerging Designer Hazel Dong

A coherent collection of detailed streetwear that sees layering and complexity as a strength rather than a weakness. Modern without trying too hard; edgy without needing to lean on monochrome and tired architectural drapery.


Iris Hall (QUT)


Emerging Designer Iris Hall

A clear vision of Australiana that evokes fond memories whilst still remaining thoroughly modern. Excellent textiles in delicious colours that nod to the warm Australian summer, the ocean, the bush.


Congratulations to the chosen graduates! For more about Flaunter Emerging click here.