As the Fashion Editor of online fashion hub Who What Wear, Amanda Stavropoulos is constantly scanning the freshest, newest collections on a daily basis, so we knew it would take something special to catch her eye.  Says Amanda of the 2016 campaign:
“It’s always great to see a new wave of Australian fashion graduates. As an online editor, I’m scanning collections every day, so a label has to be really different to stand out. This year, I was looking for individuality—collections that I feel offer something unique, feel cohesive, and tell a story. The designers I’ll be watching closely are…”
JOHANNA SMITH, TAFE NSW Fashion Design Studio
“At first glance, this collection immediately feels special. As soon as I saw these images, I could imagine Johanna Smith sitting amongst labels like Zimmermann and Roksanda. The candy-stripes and ruffles are what immediately drew me in, but it’s the tulle gowns that kept me hooked.”
“Zhuxuan He’s collection isn’t something you’d see walk past you on the street, but fashion isn’t just about wearability. The imaginative 3D shapes show to me that He has big ideas, and technical skills—there’s true talent here.”
ELIE CHAHENE, Whitehouse Institute of Design (Sydney)
“I love the subtle integration of embellishments on this evening wear collection. Why don’t we see more beautiful pieces like this on red carpets in Australia?  Elie Chahine’s voluminous shaped dresses are my pick of the bunch—they feel like a cross between Dior and Giambattista Valli.”
“I’m immediately drawn to the colours in Tony Lee’s collection, and the way different fabrics are worked together.”
“I’m selfishly including Madeline Sinco because I’d wear all this myself, and wouldn’t be surprised to see these pieces in an established boutique. I love the threaded pleats that feature throughout the collection.”