If you’re after a little light reading into what industry experts expect for 2022, we’ve outlined the best places to start. 

Pinterest Predicts

Pinterest positions their trend report as a ‘not-yet-trending’ report – they look at trending searches on their platform to predict the design, ecommerce and consumer trends that will shape the coming year. Their success rate is high, with 8 of the 10 trends they predicted in 2021 coming to fruition, and they break down their report to include suggestions for brands across fashion, beauty and lifestyle. 

Shopify Future of Commerce Industry Report

The big eCommerce platforms put together a mean trend report – all that shopping data they have access to provides a very comprehensive overview of what’s what when it comes to what we’re buying. The 2022 Shopify Future of Commerce report asserts that consumers want to buy from brands that resonate, which is great news for PR storytellers.  

Tank Trend Reports

Consulting firm Tank puts together industry reports on topics that aren’t directly related to consumer buyer behaviour, but that heavily influence them. For example, their report on The Emerging Young Woman highlights how young women are rising up, expecting more, and want to be communicated with in a certain way. This can provide valuable insights for brands who have this group as their target audience.

Afterpay’s Next Gen Report

Afterpay regularly release detailed trend reports pulling from their data on how consumers are spending their money. When Melbourne and Sydney were released from strict lockdowns late last year, Afterpay put together the Lockdown Liberation report, which highlighted how people were planning on spending their money after COVID restrictions were removed. 

Australia Post eCommerce Trends Report

Australia Post releases statistics each month on trends in eCommerce, using data they obtain from shipping information. The insights are many – growth in specific categories are outlined, as are consumer expectations, and it’s fascinating to see how Australians have been shopping over the previous month.

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