Can you hear it? The distant jingle of holiday tunes and the calendar pages flipping faster towards the end of the year. It might seem tempting to kick back and coast into the new year – but hold that thought.

It’s not time to slow down, but to strategically ramp up your PR efforts. This is the perfect moment to make a lasting impression that carries your brand into the New Year.

As the year winds down, brand managers and PRs are looking for that final push to make their mark on the market. With consumers gearing up for the holiday rush and the media landscape more vibrant than ever, giving your public relations strategy a little end-of-year polish not only positions your brand favourably for the seasonal spike but also lays a strong foundation for the year ahead.

How? Well, to elevate your brand’s PR before the year bows out, it’s all about smart, strategic manoeuvres that grab attention and sustain interest. Whether you’re looking to refresh your image or maximise your current campaigns, these nine actionable steps are designed to inject new life into your PR efforts, ensuring your brand shines brighter than the festive lights.

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1. Capitalise on the holiday momentum

The holiday season is bursting with potential for brands that know how to leverage it. Identify the trends that align with your brand and use them as a springboard for content that’s both timely and distinctive. Start by analysing trending topics within your industry and brainstorm creative ways to interweave your brand narrative. Then, reach out to media with tailored pitches that align your brand with these seasonal trends.

2. Create and share impactful stories

Stories captivate and connect. Look back on the year and pick out the most impactful moments for your brand. Perhaps it’s a milestone achieved, a challenge overcome or an impact made on the community. Transform these stories into engaging content across various formats and channels – blog posts, podcasts, videos or infographics. When these stories highlight your brand’s human side and values, they resonate more deeply with your audience, fostering a stronger emotional connection.

3. Collaborate with influencers

Visibility breeds familiarity. Forge connections with influencers who resonate with your target demographic. Explore collaborative ventures like live shopping events, long-lasting partnerships rather than one-off projects, cross-platform campaigns, affiliate programs. These partnerships broaden your reach and organically draw new followers to your brand’s story.

4. Optimise your digital press centre

Your digital press centre is a goldmine for journalists and editors looking for their next story. Ensure it’s fully updated with your latest high-resolution images, media releases and collection showcases. Flaunter’s digital press centre, for example, can help streamline this process for brands, offering a centralised location for media to find everything they need, simplifying their search and increasing your chances of coverage.

5. Analyse and adjust with metrics

It’s crucial to consistently measure the impact of your PR efforts, especially at the end of the year. Use reporting metrics to understand what worked, what didn’t and why. This data can help you make informed decisions for the coming year. Adjust your strategies based on these insights, refining your approach to PR to ensure that it’s as targeted and effective as possible. Flaunter’s reporting metrics can be particularly useful here, providing a clear picture of your PR campaign’s performance.

6. Craft a forward-looking media pitch

Journalists and editors are always hunting for the next big thing. Craft a pitch that not only highlights your brand’s achievements but also paints a picture of where you’re headed in the new year. Flaunt your vision by providing exclusive insights into upcoming trends or product launches that your brand will be leading. Make your pitch as irresistible as a new year’s toast – brimming with the promise of novelty and excitement.

7. Host a media-focused event

Nothing says “we value you” like an exclusive event for media. Host a year-end gathering, virtual or in-person, that gives the press a firsthand experience of your brand’s story. Make it memorable with interactive elements, product demos or a sneak peek at future releases. It’s all about creating those personal connections and providing the media with a story they can’t wait to share. You’re using Flaunter to manage your PR, so you know relationships are key – and this event could be the perfect setting to strengthen those ties and create buzz that lasts.

8. Diversify your media outreach

Don’t put all your media eggs in one basket. Diversify your outreach by targeting not just the large players in the press but also niche publications, up-and-coming influencers, bloggers and podcasters. Log in or start your free trial to see our media database featuring more than 2,500 verified profiles. Tailor your approach to each type of media for a more personalised touch. Sometimes the most impactful coverage can come from the most unexpected places.

9. Implement a strategic SEO PR approach

Make your PR content easily discoverable online. An SEO-infused approach ensures that your brand’s news is more likely to be found by journalists and consumers searching for related topics. Embed strategic keywords, craft engaging headlines and include links to your website and press centre.

There’s still plenty of time to give your brand’s PR efforts a boost before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. Implementing these strategies can elevate your brand profile, deepen audience engagement and set you up for a successful new year. Remember, the most powerful PR amplifies what’s already great about your brand; it’s about sharing your story in a way that’s genuine, engaging, and utterly compelling.


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So, to all the brands out there looking to make a mark: Get out there, share your story and watch as the world sits up and takes notice. And remember, at Flaunter, we’re always here to help you shine the brightest!