We spend a huge amount of time reading, writing, sharing and teaching about PR and marketing. We also spend a large amount of time reading and learning about a ton of other equally interesting things 🙂

With so much content out there, recommended readings from people and brands we trust are by far our favourite way to discover new things. So here are some of ours.

Below are five of our current favourite sources for smart reads and good times. Enjoy. 


1. Pep Talk Her





If you haven’t already discovered the Pep Talk Her app – run don’t walk! 

Founder Meggie Plamer and her team of superstars are focused on one very important thing: closing the gender pay gap. 

They call themselves CONFIDENCE CREATORS – and they are absolutely right. 

The app helps you track your wins, record your success, and then gets in touch twice-weekly to make sure you’re taking just a little second to reflect on everything you’ve been achieving. It helps you keep track of your progress… and we’re finding it SUPER empowering. Enough with the negative self-talk. Bring on the power talk!

Their content is full of useful and non-cringy motivational tools and strategies to help boost your career – and find your inner champion. Not to mention the excellent memes…


2. Cleo Wade


Cleo Wade


Cleo Wade is an American artist, poet, activist, and author. 

She has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, People Magazine, New York Magazine, The New York Times, Purple.fr, Teen Vogue, Untitled-magazine, V magazine, Vogue, Vogue Italia, W Magazine….yes, more.

She’s written two books and her poetry centres around themes of inspiration, affirmations, activism, and female empowerment.

Reading Cleo Wade’s poetry (or scrolling her Instagram feed) floods you with fierce and overwhelmingly powerful emotions of hope and positivity – even when the topics are hard and rough around the edges. You get the feeling of having found ‘home’ in her words. It’s powerful and heart-melting all at once. Even if you didn’t think poetry was your jam – you’d sink right in.

We all need more Cleo in our lives right now.


3. Lady-Brains



lady brains
Lady Brains co-founders Caitlin and Anna.

Ever wanted to be part of a club – but couldn’t find the right one?  Lady-Brains is a digital and IRL club for female founders and founders-to-be.

They connect founders, entrepreneurs and investors through events, and also provide coaching and mentorship through The Brains Trust. 

And are you even an excellent club without an equally excellent podcast? The Lady-Brains podcast is a must-listen if you’re into top-notch chat with inspiring female founders. It’s full of real-life stories – the hard-won battles and seeming insurmountable struggles – not just the glossy cover notes. 

The name says it all really. We love that these Brains make everything they publish feel like a conversation between friends. It’s smart, intimate, bold and vulnerable all at the same time.   

And guess what – two of our favourites have now combined their superpowers. Click here to listen to Lady-Brains interview the brilliant Cleo Wade. YES, IT’S TRUE!


4. Later





Diverging from the theme of our first three favourite accounts – we’re adding Later.com to the mix.

Originally founded as a simple Instagram scheduler, Later has grown into a full visual marketing platform for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest helping millions of users plan and schedule their photo and video content.

Ok – that’s cool. It’s a GREAT tool. But what we’ve become REALLY taken with is their uber helpful, very clever and highly charismatic blog and social content. It looks amazing AND is actually incredibly useful and practical.

It’s the kind of Instagram feed that makes you want to create better content – and then tells you exactly how to make all those social content dreams come true. You can’t beat that. 


5. Suitcase Magazine


Suitcase Magazine
Every autumn a sea of poppy-red seepweed blankets the wetlands along the Liaohe River delta, located in China’s Dawa Country.

Oh. My. Goodness. There are very few words required to explain the power of @suitcase. Transcend your pant-less living room office and enter a beautiful new world…