HALP! Part 1: How do I compete with the big brands? Adriana Glass, Director @ Talk Division

A question we get asked regularly by emerging brands, or mid-sized brands with small teams and budgets is “how on earth can I possibly compete with the big brands for the attention of media and influencers…?!” HALP!

If you are one of the voices echoing the HALP! from above, rest assured that there are many [very practical] ways that you can take advantage of the inherent advantage that any startup has over an established enterprise: agility.

But don’t just take it from us. In this three-part series we’ve asked Adriana Glass from Talk Division to give us a run-down of her key insights after a decade of sharpening her skills in the PR world.


Ok yes let’s face it, big brands generally have big budgets, huge established social media platforms and international celebrity faces. But emerging labels can very easily follow any one of the six expert moves below to give the bigger brands a run for their money.

1. Influencers

We've all witnessed the power of social media in propelling a brand forward. Hi-Smile, Frank Body, NLP are great examples of companies that worked with Influencers with low or no budgets and built momentum that created global interest in their brands  - and very successful companies. Evidence shows that by engaging highly localised, niche influencers with smaller followings can actually return higher engagement (and arguably, sales) than influencers with larger but less focussed followings. The new approach to influencer marketing is leaning towards quality (appropriateness) over quantity (huge followings).


Frank Body know how to Influence

Keep in mind for influencer marketing:

  • Don’t just target bloggers or social media stars, think about influencers as “people of influence.” This can include on-brand cultural figures, artists and creators, musicians, entrepreneurs and political figures can also be powerful brand advocates with more targeted followings and IRL followings… and potentially PR outcomes too
  • Get into free tools like The Right.Fit and Ampii.co to research social media Influencers in your area, and look out for accounts that regularly post content that resonates with your brand. Some will require payment or contra with part payment, but others will be comfortable with contra only
  • Consider trialling partnerships over a period of time rather than judging after one post, ongoing relationships that are genuine are far superior to one off, obviously “paid” posts
  • Approach Influencers in the spirit of collaboration. Calvin Klein's campaign #mycalvins was successful because it gave people the opportunity to create their own version of the iconic campaigns, to great effect. Give a clear brief but try not to dictate too much – if you like their style let them come up with something that will resonate with their audience and fit into their feed seamlessly. This integrity will translate into engagement. 

2. Strategy

What all those communications personnel and PR marketing executives are paid to do is essentially plan ahead, to find ways to support the business in good times and bad. Look at the next twelve months and think about what messages you need to get out, to whom and by when. If an opportunity comes up that doesn’t fit in your strategy, it could be a good sign that it’s not quite right for you (right now) and your precious time and energy can be spent better elsewhere.

What would beyonce do

‘What would Beyonce do’?

Strategy checklist:

  • Answer your what, to whom and by when – then tailor your media releases to specific sets of media so you are not bombarding them with constant irrelevant pitches about absolutely everything.
  • Target different media throughout the year for different parts of your collection, e.g. Styles for Spring Racing. Resort wear. Mother’s Day gifts. Really different styles and sets of media.
  • Is this something you can PR? Not everything is suited to PR - consider channels like advertising, social media, and eDMs and how they can support your communications strategy.



Adriana Glass is the Founder of Talk Division, a consultancy specialising in strategic PR, media and communications for lifestyle, fashion and wellbeing brands. Adriana has represented international and Australian fashion and lifestyle brands for over a decade, and worked in some of Australia’s biggest PR agencies managing their communications, strategy and influencer and media relations.


Stay tuned for Part 2 where Adriana shares her tips on how emerging brands and small teams can compete with the bigs guns covering the topics of assets and story. 


Image by Sonia Rentsch.

An Organised Life... Gaby Howard from Flaunter

Beck Wadworth from An Organised Life interviewed Flaunter CEO and Founder, Gaby Howard, to find out how it all began, what her biggest piece of advice would be and, of course, how she stays so organised.

The images are so beautiful we couldn't resist sharing them too!


Gaby Howard - Flaunter

Name: Gaby Howard

Occupation: Founder & CEO, Flaunter


I'm super excited to introduce Gaby Howard is the latest inspiring individual to be featured on An Organised Life with...
I chatted to Gaby, founder of tech brand Flaunter, to find out how it all began, what her biggest piece of advice would be and, of course, how she stays so organised...

Flaunter Workspace


The Flaunter story began in October 2015.  After working in PR for over 15 years, I was frustrated by the difficulty of sharing brand imagery with media, retailer and influencer networks. Traditionally these assets live in the emails and hard drives of publicists and marketers and were hard for the media to access efficiently enough to satisfy their shrinking lead times. On the flip side, brands and PR’s had no visibility and analytics on who downloaded their content and where/how it was used.

Flaunter Workspace

Flaunter gives media instant access to brands & their content for easy distribution and publishing.

Our mission is to make it easier for brands to reach new audiences by connecting their content with the best storytellers around the world. By bringing media & brands closer than ever before, a brand’s visual content can be tomorrow’s media story.

It’s also very important for us that Flaunter is accessible to brands of any size. Our users range from some of the smallest emerging brands to large international companies and top PR agencies. Similar to platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat - it’s the content that counts [not the size of the budgets].

Flaunter Workspace


I find it hard to define just one moment; the whole journey has been a pinch me moment…

I was at a very big fashion launch event early in 2016 - running around like a crazy person producing content. It was by total chance that I overheard two of our clients talking about what an amazing platform Flaunter is, how they loved using it and why we needed to get it to the US asap. All this in front of one of the world’s most respected tech founders. Just a tiny little PINCH ME MOMENT.

Flaunter Workspace


It’s a little cliched maybe - but definitely that with grit, tenacity, determination and focus, anything can be achieved. Nothing, and no-one, is an overnight success.


My mother, my grandmother and people who make it their life’s work to change the world for the good of the wider community - education/politics/health.

Flaunter Workspace


Using tools to help me structure my time and responsibilities so that I don’t ever feel stressed about forgetting something! I always take notes, I write myself emails to remember tasks that pop up during the day, I have a work, team and personal calendar where everything gets entered so that nothing gets missed :)


Google calendars, iphone Notes and, new to the family, Trello boards. My life is a pretty structured! I’ve never been the type of person who ‘floats along’ with their day; I like being organised ahead of time.

Gaby at Flaunter Workspace


Glasses, laptop, phone, notepad - in that order. I used to carry SO MUCH STUFF with me, but I’ve gotten better at simplifying my inner bag chaos. I’ll usually throw in a lip stain that can also work as a blush when I’m feeling tired :)


My nirvana version of this would read: minimal, clean and free from clutter. I love being surrounded by white space - it feels less distracting. I also like everything on my desk to be purely functional, you won’t find me surrounded by much frou frou ;)

Flaunter Workspace


My laptop, 2 notepads - one lined, one unlined, noise cancelling headphones, 3 random pens [who knows where they came from!], handcream, always a coffee, my phone, a 1L water bottle, a stack of documents the need my attention and signature and 2 Flaunter tees that are waiting to be couriered out. I won’t lie - there’s also a huge Net-A-Porter box waiting to be returned….


Before I get to the office I triple check my calendar to make sure I’m across all my meetings for the day. I don’t seem to spend much time at my desk these days between the hours of 9am - 5pm… it’s pretty crazy. I catch up on emails and planning at early morning or at night. Once I’ve actually found my way to my desk [this is highly original]… I grab a coffee, have a chat with the team, choose a playlist and attack my inbox!


Instagram Here / Website Here


Hannah Roche


Many thanks to Beck for the beautiful profile of Gaby & the Flaunter HQ on An Organised Life. To see more from An Organised Life follow:  Instagram Here / Website Here

Spotlight on: Tabatha Brixton from Allora capes

We catch-up with Tabatha Brixton, founder of Allora capes to chat about the new collection, her important relationship with local manufacturers and receiving an Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation.

What makes you passionate about your label?  

I am very passionate about the quality of my capes and that they made in Melbourne. I am proud that the label is contributing to the Australian fashion industry and utilising the skills and talents of garment manufacturers here in Australia.
I love having a direct relationship with my maker where I can go to the factory anytime and check on production, see the fabric being cut and have a face to face discussion about my product or new design ideas. I am very lucky to have a maker who has been making for some of Australia’s best fashion labels for over 35 years. They are a wealth of knowledge on how to produce high-quality garments to ensure they not only look amazing but stand the test of time which is incredibly important to me. Many of my customers are also passionate about buying Australian made and ethically produced fashion and I receive a lot of emails saying not only how thrilled they are with their cape, but how much they love the fact that it’s made in Melbourne.

What’s on your desk right now?  

A baby monitor! I have recently had my second baby and learning to juggle everything on a whole new level! On the work front, I’m looking at gorgeous silk swatches for Summer 2017. I am currently working on extending the range beyond winter capes and creating something new for Summer 17 so stay tuned.

What has changed for you this year and what are you looking forward to? 

This is the first year Allora capes will be stocked in designer boutiques in Australia and New Zealand.  I’m really excited to see how the capes go in boutiques and the response to the label in store. 

Tell us about achieving Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation and what this means to you.  

We received our formal accreditation in February 2017 and are very proud to be a part of this body.  Ethical Clothing Australia work very hard to ensure Australian workers in the textile industry receive fair wages and decent working conditions. There is no way I could sleep at night not knowing if the people making my capes were getting what they are entitled to. There is great skill involved in making garments especially to a high standard and it's only fair everyone is paid appropriately. It’s important the ECA exists to regulate and assist labels and garment makers, to ensure that the whole process is fair and transparent.  I like giving my customers the assurance that we are ethically produced.

If someone could only buy one new accessory next season, what should it be and why? 

Every winter I buy myself a new silk scarf. I just love how a scarf can update and make an outfit. I have recently come across the gorgeous oversized scarves of Dog&Boy so I would recommend having a look. I am having lots of fun layering scarves with my capes at the moment. I have three new colours about to launch this month so I’m having a lot of fun styling and creating new looks.

What was the first piece of fashion you ever loved? 

I can remember being about 6 or 7 and loving all the amazing vintage pieces in my Nanna’s dress up box. I just loved it.   It was a mix of her old clothes, some she had made and also scraps of material left over which we made into headscarves. I used to love dressing up and then posing for photos of course!

My perfect pair of ____ is? 

My perfect pair of earrings are my beautiful silver mesh hoops given to me by my lovely husband. I always get comments on them.


Allora - Red Cape214031a999-Bisque-Cape-214032ad44-Ink-Cape-


To find the full collection of hi-res Allora images on Flaunter, click here

View our edit of current pieces inspired by Nanna's dress up box here

Why Flaunter needed to exist: the future of communications is visual & digital

I’ve spent most of my career writing stories about other people’s brands but crazily enough when it came time to writing about my own business - I never felt ready!

I thought it was finally time to share the story of WHY we exist.

To start - what even is Flaunter?!

Flaunter gives media instant access to brands & their content for easy distribution and publishing.

Our mission is to make it easier for brands to reach new audiences by connecting their content with the best storytellers around the world.



So, why Flaunter? What’s the problem we’re trying to solve?

Visual content is an increasingly powerful way for brands to express value, build trust, establish quality – and most importantly tell their stories.

After working in PR for over 15 years, I’d become increasingly frustrated by the difficulty of sharing brand imagery and content with media, retailer, blogger and influencer networks.

It was a mess - for everyone involved! Most often, all these incredible and useful assets lived in the dark corners of the emails and hard drives of publicists [me], marketers, photographers and brand owners. There was absolutely no way for media to access images [and associated credit details] on-demand in order to satisfy their ever-shrinking lead times. On the flip side, when brands and PR’s distributed their images they had no visibility and analytics on who downloaded their content and how it was used.

To give a real-life example of how the work of what one would assume to be the relatively simple task of filling a media page/photo gallery with images that brands are DESPERATE to have included in that page/gallery [because it increased their reach and therefore sales] was actually getting done, imagine for a second that you’re a junior editor at a lifestyle website….


You’re absolutely SWAMPED with work. You have to produce five image galleries a day with at least 10 new images per gallery - just to keep up with the demands of your publishers [because they have to keep up with the demands of today’s audiences…]. Your first gallery of the day is focused on the new Pantone colour POPPING PINK. You want the latest images from fashion brands, beauty brands and interiors brands that work with this colour.

So….. you go to your email. You try to remember all the appropriate brand and PR contacts where you might be able to fill your brief. You email them, usually individually. You ask them to send any examples of what they have that might suit. You ask them to send these images in low res though, so your inbox doesn’t crash and burn when they get back to you. You get 50 emails back and now you need to find a way to search and sort through what’s come in. 80% won’t work with what you had in mind [70% of that is definitely POPPING PINK but it’s just ‘not quite right’ - but how is the brand to know that?!]. So, you’ve distilled your choices down to 10. You email your contacts now asking for the high-quality versions of the images, plus pricing and credit details. 5 of those contacts get back to you straight away - the other 5 might get back to you tomorrow…. You’re not quite sure…


So, by now you’ve got half your gallery filled. But you need 5 more products. You remember that someone in your office last week did a story last with a pink thing… now, if you could just figure out how to find that image… You’ve also got a few Dropbox links from great brands with great content, but where the hell is that folder with the skirt that would be perfect for the POPPING PINK gallery. Damn - that’s right. It was shared via a WeTransfer link and now that’s expired….

Argghhhhh... you just need to finish the job so you throw something in that you’re less than happy with and hit publish. Now… on to the next story...

I think I need a chamomile tea to de-stress after sharing that experience!

But wait, there’s more. Now imagine you are a small brand. You’re running a million miles an hour, you’re doing EVERYTHING yourself, including PR and you’re trying desperately to build media relationships. You have beautiful imagery that you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating and what?! POPPING PINK!! OMG you just created a WHOLE COLLECTION inspired by that specific Pantone colour. Amazing! It’s perfect! But hang on…. You didn’t get included in the junior editor’s email list because she forgot about you. She was so busy trying to get s**t done that she automatically went out to her usual contacts and didn’t have time to think about how she could discover new brands and images [which she’d LOVE to be doing more of!]. So you’ve missed out :(

And how about that fancy big brand - bigger team, bigger budget and TONNES of imagery ready to go. Well, life ain’t easy in that PR & marketing department either. Did you think managing 200 product images was hard? Try 5000 per collection. So you’re Martha and you’re a PR Manager up to your eyeballs in line sheets, internal meetings and product launches. You get at least 10 emails a day from junior editors needing images. You desperately want to find the time to reply - it’s a super important part of your job. But you can’t find enough hours in the day. And going through your clunky internal server, with limited to ZERO search capabilities and trying to find those 100 POPPING PINK images you know you have, and then somehow sending them via email [does this junior editor prefer Dropbox/WeTransfer/email - arghh! you just can’t remember] just feels way too hard. x10.

I could go on and on with examples like the above - involving bloggers and access, regional and international publishers and access, retailers and access to imagery from the brands they stock….

The old way - sharing brand imagery and content with media, retailer, blogger and influencer networks.

After years of living this problem it seemed liked a good time to start working on a solution.


Flaunter provides a solution for both sides of the market. And by bringing media & brands closer than ever before, any brand’s visual content can be tomorrow’s media story.


For Brands we:

Help PR and sales teams to communicate and sell better;

Help increase their reach by simplifying image distribution;

Help create stronger connections with media;

Give teams access to data so they can learn and grow; and

Help even the smallest business look and act like a big business.


For Media we:

Simplify the way all publishers and storytellers access brand imagery;

Help create stronger connections with brands;

Enable journalists to have full editorial control;

Help surface new brands & their content; and

Makes it easy to access free content on demand so deadlines and budgets don’t restrict how many stories can be told.

Flaunter provides a solution for both sides of the market.

That’s us: Flaunter. Where every picture is a story :)


See more of our POPPING PINK moodboard here.

Trend watch: 'grandma takes a trip'

It's a walk down memory lane this season as 'retro chic' comes back onto the scene bigger and better than ever.

Autumn is all about bejewelled trinkets, sophisticated silhouettes, and luxe items for any occasion. With a mix of the old and the new, the 'Grandma Trend' is fit for any 21st-century woman. The best part? This dynamic trend lends itself to both the casual dresser and more thoughtful types. It's all about pride without wasting any time. Curious as to what's trending? Read on and view our top old school pics:


Magic Carpet Ride


NEXT Autumn 2017 Boots - $89 AUD

Carpet prints are no longer a lounge room exclusive. It’s safe to say accessories have had a shake up this season with colour, print and fabric barriers being broken - eclectic is now replacing plain in the wardrobe so say ‘bye bye’ to basic. Embrace the 60’s feel good nostalgia by accessorising with an abundance of elegantly textured floral prints.


Wham Bam Glam


Pared Eyewear Gatto x POMS Ivory & Grey Frames - $280 AUD

Lights, camera and action - Costume jewellery and accessories are definitely making a comeback, and there’s no exception when it comes to eyewear. Expect bold and quirky frames with signature embellishments.


Left of Centre

Blog - Bag 1

Martine Van Reesema x D POSADOWSKI Bucket Disco Cased Bag - $370 AUD

Party-wear welcomes mod rocker vibes with artful pieces to complete any old school look. Elegance is being favoured over the un-kept, so embrace a polished ensemble and adorn yourself in modern day glitz and glamour.


Silky Silhouettes


Dog&Boy Big Apple Silk Scarf - $179 AUD

The once considered outfit essential is making its way back into our daily wardrobe. With the rise in multi-use items, customers are being offered more value for money by investing in flexible pieces that offer both purpose and self-expression. Not just for the neck, scarves can bring life back to an aging shoulder bag, as a sarong or even headwear, there’s no magic formula. Find your signature piece and make it your identity.


Dot to Dot


By Johnny Circle Stamp Front Dress - $450 AUD

A trend almost too cute for words, we know our inner 5 year old would be beside themselves. It's one hundred and one dalmatians this Autumn with polka dots set to be big. The resurgence of 1950’s prints has generated a shift back towards certain classic styles such as halter necks and other more flattering cuts in womenswear - it’s all about looking and feeling fabulous!


Fun size


The Daily Edited Mini Pale Pink Handbag - $139.95 AUD

Who would have thought... kids size handbags for grown-ups. While some could question functionality we think it is time to ditch the unnecessary bag filler items. As our society takes a trip back to simpler times, our accessories are also transforming to match. Minimalistic, chic and versatile. Mini's are massive at the moment.


Make a Statement


Sportsgirl Wine Knot Tassel Dangle Earrings - $16.95 AUD

Dangling & daring.  Statement earrings are your go-to this season, taking any outfit to the next level. The beauty of it all? There are no limits. Tassels, metallic geometrics and fine elongated simplistic threads are everywhere. Go for bold!


Skip down the entire memory lane via our Flaunter moodboard.





Flaunter presents MVR x DPOSADOWSKI

With the launch of their exciting handbag collaboration, we interview designers Dannielle Posadowski and Martine van Reesema to bring you an exclusive glimpse into their creative world.


What makes you passionate about your label?

Martine: I really enjoy the challenge of working for myself and the ability to constantly be creative. Working with leather is incredibly rewarding because every hide has its particularities and I enjoy being able to glorify such a fantastic natural product. I also try to be as environmentally responsible wherever I can, and through my suppliers, I have access to a great range of vegetable tanned leather.

Dannielle: The creative freedom of being able to design and make whatever your heart desires. Although, my favourite moment as a designer is seeing the idea you once dreamed about come to life.


What’s on your desk right now?

Dannielle: A mess! But a creative mess…well, a work in progress. One corner of my desk is filled with fabrics, inspiration images/artworks, embroidery and a small vase containing a branch of dead flowers from my garden (I have a slight obsession with the beauty of decay). In another corner, I have a glass box containing a pyrite and amethyst crystal situated next to my camera & computer - with far too many shopping tabs open on my browser and whatever spare space is left is filled with all of my chain work and current products/ideas.

Martine: A fashion marketing textbook, given to me by my brother for Christmas - clearly he thinks I have a few things to learn. 3 pairs of glasses, 2 pairs of sunglasses. Copic markers, fine liners, moleskin sketchbook, one of the left over magnolia-scented candles that I made for Christmas pressies and of course a never ending pile of leather swatches!


What has changed for you this year and what are you looking forward to?

Dannielle: Originally I wasn’t planning to start my own label however, everything fell into place over the past few months. I’ve had a fair bit of interest circulating from my final graduate collection. I’m looking forward to the unknown of the future! It’s exciting and nerve-racking. I am hoping to see my label pick up a bit more from the collaboration with Martine but for the moment I’m kind of going with the flow.

Martine: The big change for me this year was deciding to stay in Adelaide and focus on growing my brand, previously I had thought I might make a move to Sydney or back to Melbourne. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the collaboration with Danni fares, it's been so much fun working with someone rather than on my own and after that, I have 3 more collections in the works for this year!


How did the collaboration come about and what was the creative process like for you?

Martine: I’ll leave Danni to answer that one, the collaboration was her brain child! But as I said before, it's been fantastic to work with someone else for a change.

Dannielle: For my Final collection I always wanted to collaborate with someone in creating either jewellery or bags. I knew Martine from Whitehouse, but it wasn’t until after seeing an article featuring her in Broadsheet that I made contact. It was mid-semester when we had our meetings, I was all over the place, but thankfully Martine was there to ground me! I loved the simplicity of Martine’s bags, and I knew with the chain work, they’d complement my concept and still embody the design aesthetic I’ve created during my time at uni.


If someone could only buy one new accessory next season, what should it be and why?

Dannielle: One of our bags! Take the simplicity and durability of a leather bag, combined with the chain work, it’s a unique design that can be taken from day to night and elevate any outfit with a bit edge.

Martine: The Bucket Disco Cased from our collab. I haven’t seen anything else like it and I think its such a fun and versatile piece. Handbags are a great investment if you are only able to buy one accessory because they can make an instant impact… and take less time to break in than a new pair of shoes.


Are you more of a piece hunter or a gatherer?

Dannielle: A bit of both! Although at the moment I’m trying to de-clutter my life, as I’ve only come to the realisation that I own too many things. Yet I still continue to make irrational purchases.

Martine: Definitely a Hunter. My need list is ridiculously long and the words 'want' or 'would like to have' don’t exist in my vocabulary.


My perfect pair of ___ is?

Dannielle: Jewellery - a vintage serpent ring, or stack of various mixed metal rings with a modern statement earring.

Martine: Sunglasses - my amazing new Gucci vintage inspired gold and white sunnies. Obsessed!


Images from MVR x DPOSADOWSKI collection are available to download on Flaunter now.

Spotlight on: Sonya Michele from Dog&Boy

We catch up with Sonya from dog&boy to chat about all things scarves, connecting with passionate customers and her big plans for the future.
What makes you passionate about the label?
Long before dog&boy was even a concept, I remember having business cards printed with quotes from Seth Godin (I have a bit of a Seth crush :) ).  One of the quotes was, ‘Catering to the passionate is exactly what you should do’.  This always stuck with me regardless of my vocation.
So when I started dog&boy, this was exactly what I wanted to do.  I wanted to cater, or rather to connect, with people who saw and appreciated the simple beauty in everyday moments - the dawn each day, the smell of rain, the changing of the seasons, or the sentiments of a loved one. It is passion that inspires dog&boy.  It’s at the core of our values.  We want to make any woman, all women, in our lives - mother, wife, sister, girlfriend, even yourself - feel special every day with something simple yet luxurious and unique.
What’s on your desk right now?
Organised chaos with a side of peppermint tea! It’s been a big couple of weeks since the start of the new year with the first drop of my new collection arriving, preparing for exhibiting at Life Instyle, and new packaging design samples!  So it’s a colourful mess of lookbooks, samples and card stocks.
What has changed for you this year and what are you looking forward to?
There are some great plans for us this year.  We finished on such a high last year after some wonderful awards – firstly as a finalist in the inaugural Simone Perele Fashion Start-up Scholarship, then nominated as finalist in 2 categories (crossing fingers for the award ceremony on 18 February!) for the GALA as part of Life Instyle – there was a bit of couch jumping and squealing with this news! We have also just celebrated our 1st birthday.  So I suppose in dog years we are now in our tween years, and isn’t that all about adventure, imagination and possibilities??!! I love the hindsight I take into 2017 after our first year.  So with possibilities and hindsight, 2017 is going to be a year of exploration for us.  We will be meeting with our manufacturer to develop and plan ideas for future collections, extending distribution further into Asia and other international markets, and excitingly, some amazing collaborations with other brands. So watch this space!
Tell us about Dog and Boy's new 2017 collection exhibiting at Life InStyle this February?
I am really excited about this new collection and can’t wait to show it.  Life InStyle Sydney will be the first to see our new collection featuring designs in stunning muted and classic tones with splashes of colour – it wouldn’t be dog&boy without a splash of colour!
I am also introducing a new size scarf for those who want a slightly smaller size scarf to our original size.
If someone could only buy one new accessory next season, what should it be and why?
Oh that’s easy, a scarf of course!  Scarves are synonymous with cooler seasons, but for me, they are so much more than just a seasonal or practical accessory.  They are a year-round accessory, you just need to have a little imagination. A scarf is timeless, ageless and always elegant and sophisticated.  It makes an outfit with a splash of colour or adds the finishing touch whatever the occasion.
Are you more of a piece hunter or a gatherer?
When I was younger it was about hunting for the perfect piece, usually an update for my wardrobe.  Now though, with my own home and family, I would definitely say I am a gatherer.  I love being surrounded by beautiful things so if I see something I love, I will just get it.  I will always find a place for things I love.
My perfect pair of ____ is? 
I would have to say after scarves, the most numerous of things in my wardrobe are shoes (like most girls I’m sure!).  I have a stunning pair of grey suede Roger Vivier Belle pumps I call my princess shoes, because that’s how they make me feel, that my husband bought my on our last trip to New York from Bergdorf Goodman (the ultimate ‘princess store’!).  They are such a simple design, yet so striking and elegant.  I covet owning another pair.  A bright orange patent would be gorgeous.  And I would then love to wear my perfect pair of shoes to dinner with my perfect pair of dinner dates, my darling husband and son!
Many thanks to Sonya for taking the time out of her busy week to answer our questions! See the full dog&boy image library here.
Flaunter will be at Life Instyle on the 16th February - if you are exhibiting and would like to have a chat, please send us an email.

Trend watch: 'not your average workplace'

It's here, it's arrived and it's not going anywhere - a  movement in which every working day woman can rejoice at the prospect of a day's work in flats alongside some bellowing bare shoulder action. As you'd expect, the 'new age'  woman deserves a killer corporate wardrobe to match her independent and strong attitude. It's time to forget everything you know about work suitable colour palettes and cuts and add a little more self-expression into the working week. The future is here ladies, and it's bringing you pain-free feet!



Heels? Please! The 'flats' dilemma has formed part of one of the endless fights for women in the workplace. More and more employers are now embracing less stringent enforcements regarding our daily outfit concerns and it's saving the arches of millions. As a new norm, we've seen a revolution in shoe fashion, particularly evident with 2016's craze around Gucci's Fur Rimmed Princeton Loafers. In 2017, expect even more metallics, furs and tactile materials - there are no limits here.


Tony Bianco, Black Fur Loafers - in stores mid-February



It's true what they say... all that glitters really is gold and this trend is certainly just that. Metallics, sparkles and glitter won't be going anywhere but straight into your work wardrobe, popping up in the form of laptop cases, clutches and tote bags. Stars are going to be big, so also expect to see celestial prints across womenswear.



Karmme x Not Heidi, Stella Clutch - $130 AUD



Banish boring - jewellery has had a makeover! The new age minimalist can rejoice in paring arty pieces with 'basic' wardrobes - it is the simplest accessory tricks to work into your corporate game.  So what can we expect? Anything big, bent or fine geometrics will appear everywhere this year so be bold and experiment with a range of pieces.



Sportsgirl, About a Girl Collection, Gold Bended Earrings - $14.95 AUD



Cut outs have made a comeback and this time the focus isn't all about exposure, rather a more purposeful emphasis on shape and structure. After years of practice, designers have realised that showing some skin in the right places can work to both flatter and empower women of all sizes. Off-shoulder shirts and dresses will seem more approachable in corporate settings and be sure to keep an eye out singular shoulder cuts - they're set to be huge.


Third Form, Pull Through Dress in Natural - $299 AUD



Throw out those old specs and go for something more individual. Just like Audrey Hepburn's famous Dior cat eyes, glasses have become the ultimate expression of individuality - and what better place to test it out than the office? Bespectacled beauties everywhere can celebrate as optical luxe is poised to become a new movement in 2017. Embrace the fact that you are blessed with an additional accessory and find yourself the perfect pair.  Clear and gold rims are predicted to be best sellers - so we advise you to get in early!





Pared Eyewear, Cat & Mouse Clear - $260 AUD


See our exclusive moodboard featuring our top picks for lifting your corporate-wear game.

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Image: Kate Sylvester campaign via Flaunter


Finding great looking content on the web that is specific to your needs is much like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s no secret that gaining traction on social media means you’ll need to post some pretty stand out #content, but this alone will not guarantee exposure. Competing for attention can be tough and you may need a little assistance in standing out from the pack. Lucky for you, we created our best hashtag tips that you can apply to any fashion, interiors and beauty content.


#1 Increase your viewing time

Instagram and other platforms are a moving domain, meaning activity is a constant no matter the time or place. Hashtagging pictures places them onto a moving feed where you can gain exposure from practically anywhere in the world.

So what does this mean for me? First off, specifying every single detail in what you’ve posted isn’t always a great move. Let’s breakdown the different scenarios of how you may appear in a search:

Choosing popular hashtags: Tagging generic words (e.g. #fashion) will place you amongst the millions of users applying the same tag. If you think about this in real time, your post will barely last a few seconds! In this total mayhem, your end result is less exposure.

Choosing barely existent hashtags: The polar opposite of the above. Don't be a time waster! Tagging words that are irrelevant or with lackluster viewing potential will result in… you guessed it- limited exposure.

The happy medium: Mid-range hashtags are almost online ‘groups’. They are often used and viewed by bloggers, brands or media and tonnes of general users. Their fluid structure also means there’s a balance in the flow of content, so you’re more likely to hold longer view times. These tags are best used alongside others of the same nature in the form of ‘combinations’.


#2 The best tagging combinations

There are many mid-range combinations you can mix up and apply to any type of content. Tags will depend mainly on what you’re posting.

Fashion: Some popular combinations best utilised for ’outfits’ ~ #outfitinspiraton, #outfitoftheday, #outfitpost, #lookbook, #lookoftheday etc.

Interiors: Popular reach points on social platforms for interiors are ~#interiorswarrior, #housedecor, #interiorsinspiration, #homeideas #bedroomgoals

Beauty: Cut through the crowd with these combinations ~ #runwaybeauty #newinbeauty #crueltyfree #beautyblog #beautyblogger #beautypr #beautyinspo


#3 How to tag efficiently

Due to the popularity of tagging, many businesses have been edging away from use to maintain an authentic image. Unfortunately, doing so can really limit your potential reach, especially if your sales are primarily web based.

The best way is to perform ‘discrete tagging’. This can be done on Instagram by posting a few combinations under the comments section and deleting them within 24-48 hours. The result is that by the time you’ve deleted the tags, you will have gained some views (and hopefully some followers or likes) and disappeared within the hashtag feed.

Remember: Some of the activity you may receive will be in the form of ‘bots’ which are automated or fake accounts serving to increase following. This isn’t a big deal at the beginning and may actually increase potential discovery. Overall, you can have more control over your content whilst maintaining an elegant ‘social media image’.


You can find more super handy tips on improving your social media here and here.


Image: Tyler Hendy via Unsplash

I'm a stylist and this is how I Flaunter

As a stylist, I work both individually and collaboratively which requires the most up to date knowledge of fashion, beauty and more. I need to be across ongoing trend forecasts at all times in order to fulfil creative briefs. However, keeping ahead of the game and sourcing material for commercial or personal endeavours has become increasingly difficult in this competitive and evolving industry. On any given day, my job can include event management, writing articles and providing advice and services for individuals, brands and the media. Scanning the many different media formats just wasn't a viable option anymore - I desperately needed to save time.

Luckily, I found Flaunter.


Problem - Identifying and finding the location of materials in a short time frame

Solution -  Complex jobs made simple

Using Flaunter’s content feed allows me access to the most current content available on the market. As the content is usually by the brands themselves, the product descriptions are clear and detailed. This includes information such as the relevant RRP, sales locations, in-store dates and the brand contact details - traditionally, all activities that take up valuable time.

With the addition of the ‘sample request’ tool - I can make direct contact with brands, allowing me to easily gather sample pieces. The overall time that either myself or my colleagues spend identifying, researching and acquiring products has been drastically reduced. Personally, the platform really is the ‘ground zero’ for sourcing an extensive range of big brand names and emerging designers. Flaunter has changed the way I search for my material as a stylist.


Problem - Sourcing unreleased items/collections for future brief

Solution - Exclusive and unseen content? Totally accessible through Flaunter’s multi-level platform

I originally joined Flaunter to use it as a tool to fulfil my current briefs. Now that I am familiar with the continuously updated content, and the detailed product information, I can forward plan with future in-store dates of particular pieces and collections. This also allows me to gauge upcoming trends of physical products, which is essential in my role.


Problem - Finding specific content and inspiration amongst the mountain of options

Solution - Curated products on a centralised platform with a purpose built search function

When in need of options for that one pair of pink pumps, conducting a search amongst all the various media available can be overwhelming. I found that a general search engine just isn’t enough to find exactly what I was looking for. Flaunter’s refined search tool means I can pinpoint products, right down to the exact material and make. As the platform contains only industry-relevant content, the results are closer to what I am looking for in comparison to public search tools.

In times of creative dry spells, Flaunter has made looking for new content simple as I am able to randomly search or simply scroll through the content feed. I can also 'heart' certain brands that I want to keep my eye on; Flaunter conveniently emails me when these brands update their albums. Finally, the platform also offers weekly ‘moodboards’ in fashion, interiors and beauty, showing off the top trending themes. Moodboards are my favourite place to find unique pieces and draw inspiration from.


Flaunter has changed the way I style and how I use my precious time. I can now focus more of my energy towards personal growth and creativity, helping me to leave my own mark on this competitive industry.

Image: Unsplash