Christmas can quickly escalate from merry to scary when it comes to gift-giving. Gifts are a reflection of you, and as such there can be a lot of pressure to get it right. The best way to ensure a successful gift is to consider the purpose, or the lifestyle of the recipient. This is easy in the case of friends and family, but can become a little trickier with lesser-known acquaintances. Here are some examples of gifts to give, when you don’t know where to start!


For your partner’s Mum…

It is human nature to seek the approval of the person who loves your partner as much as you! You want to make sure that you put forward a good impression and choose a thoughtful gift. The default presents: flowers, candles and chocolates can become tiresome so it is important to think outside the box. Ask your partner whether she has any hobbies; does she love to garden? Has she got a specific dish she loves to cook? Finding out her lifestyle choices guarantees that you’re buying a gift for them, not you 😉

Rigon Headwear – Audrey Classic hat, Bendo – mini plant stands, Bondi Wash – handwash and mist, Marimekko – oven mitt and apron.


For the kid that’s cooler than you…

Ok, so you’ve got to buy a present for your stylish niece or nephew. No one is more honest than a kid, so if you get it wrong, you’ll know immediately, but if you get it right – you’re forever that cool aunt or uncle. Here are some ideas for the tiny trendsetter.

Neue Blvd – mini’s collection, Blundstone – kids’ series boots, Tigerlily – kids’ one-pieceVeja – leather sneakers, Jac & Mookie Junior – denim skirt.


For the not-so-close work acquaintance…

It’s Secret Santa time in the office and you drew the name of the new guy in accounts, you think his name is Joe, but you’re not really sure. What do you do? Here are some gift ideas for the not-so-close work acquaintance.

Studio Enti – coffee keep cups, Black Chicken – beard oil, TK Maxx – chocolate bark, The Daily Edited – monogrammed key chain, Made By Pen – Linea by Jim Hannon-Tan



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Images: Only Deco Love [banner], all other images sourced via Flaunter.