Meet The Concierge Agency. A new age, hybrid communications & production agency producing the highest quality in styled communications and content. Today we chat with the inspiring Owner and Director, Danielle  Williams, to find out why she started her own agency and what sets it apart from the rest of the PR pack.


Tell us a little bit about who you are.

You’d think as a publicist this would be an easy task, but where do I start…I’m known to most as Dani and I’ve been working professionally in the communications industry for over 6+ years. In May this year I decided to leave my agency role and start my own business – The Concierge Agency – which I designed as a hybrid PR & Creative Production Agency, a combination of both things I really love.

What inspired you to start the Concierge Agency? What was that journey like?

I don’t think I was very conventional in my approach with this idea and it came about quite quickly. I felt I needed to do something that I could own in its entirety and all I knew was that it needed to allow me to work with people – particularly those that want to lead with creativity and innovation, that big-picture thinking!

One Sunday morning, The Concierge Agency became a reality over a coffee and a stack of print magazines where I was looking for something to inspire me, even though I wasn’t sure what that ‘thing’ was at the time.

What does your day-to-day look like as a publicist? Can you talk us through your last 24 hours?

At this point in my business, I am wearing many hats so I really mean it when I say no day is the same. The last 24 hours, in particular, have been busy ones as I have been working with my client Hair & Harlow hair studio in Surry Hills to produce their education event for 150 guests.

So, I’ve been finalising the guest list, suppliers, run sheets, paying invoices and ensuring everything is going to run as smooth as possible according to our plans.

Concierge Agency client Orles

What would you say is the most challenging part of running your business?

For me, it’s mostly the fear of the unknown. I’m a very calculated person and I like to know what’s around the corner. Not always knowing what the industry needs and wants can be a challenge. I like to stay ahead of the curve for clients in terms of what trending, what the media want to write about and how we can best engage their customers through editorial, activations or partnerships.

The flip slide of this is that it keeps me focused on finding new opportunities and creative projects where I can deliver real value to clients.

What’s been one of the most rewarding client wins?

To date, absolutely all of them. I’m grateful when I get the opportunity to flex my skill set and creative thinking with any client no matter the product or industry – that’s part of the challenge. It’s taking your knowledge and skillset and applying it to different businesses and products in order to secure best-case results.

What sets the Concierge Agency apart?

I see The Concierge as a marketplace of creative agency services across creative communication, events, activations, digital/social marketing and creative production.

We are a Concierge of services that we’re able to design specific to each client. This is because there is never going to be a ‘one size fits all’ approach that works. Not only can we offer the creation of content to tell a story, but we also manage the PR behind it to help amplify and we’re able to pull on the creative talent that forms The Concierge Clique to help create (photographer, videographers, make-up artists).

For people just starting their career in PR – what is the number one piece of advice you would give them?

Patience. You need to be patient when designing well-considered strategies, patient when securing results and especially patient when creating meaningful relationships with those in your industry. If it helps, I’m still working on this myself…

What’s on the horizon for you? Are there any major milestones that you are hoping to achieve in 2020?

Well, considering it’s no secret that I’m not the most patient of people, there are a lot of milestones I’d love to hit before the end of the year but what I’ve learnt is to let some things come as they may.

I am trying to focus more on what I am doing right now with the business, my clients and the talent I represent while enjoying the process. The milestones right now are to enjoy the process and do the best possible job I can for my talent and clients.

How did you discover Flaunter and how does it help your work process?

No matter how busy I am and where my focus is that day, I know Flaunter is in the background allowing clients to be front and centre for media whenever they need in terms of product and image requests.

The concierge agency
Creative production with the #ConciergeClique shot by @annecarolienkohlerphoto H&MU by @vgersh_mua ft. @miquelavos in @nanushka c/o @modesportif

Favourite Instagram accounts that we should be following?

@terry_towelling – I have a quiet obsession with the resurgence of terry towelling fabric
@necessaire – I can’t go past their use of graphics and imagery, so super-luxe
@refinery29 – great content, funny and useful.

Dream item to add to your closet right now?

I still really want a pair of the Balenciaga Ceinture Boots and the ‘Las Palmas Brass Floor Lamp from James Said.

Describe the Concierge Agency in 3 words…

Creative, Innovative, New-age


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