Those long, carefree Summer days are well and truly behind us!
As Autumn brings about cooler temperatures, our skin is exposed to a whole new variety of harsh conditions that can play havoc with our beauty routines, so it’s best to be prepared and use the transition as a head start into the chilly season.
With last year’s emphasis on natural methods, 2017 is all about going back to the basics. Say bye bye ‘micro derma/skin tightening whatever’ and embrace the simple rule of three – “Exfoliate, Hydrate & Nourish”.  On Flaunter, we have been noticing this trend take off and today we share our top picks for Winter skin.
Step 1. Exfoliate
Abolish the scales!
FACT: Dry climates draw moisture from the skin often leaving you with those annoying and hard to get rid of dry patches.
THE RESULT: Your body overcompensates for the lack of hydration resulting in excess oil, clogged pores and pimples.
WHY? During cooler periods, the body is often slower in regenerating new cells. Although some form of exfoliation routine is recommended all year round, Winter calls for an emphasis on buffing away those stubborn cells around once a week according to beauty bible Gritty Pretty.

SOLUTION: Scrubs have never been a more popular preventative measure in Winter skin health. Following an inundation of brand uploads in beauty this month and backed by years of research and use within the industry – it’s pretty clear that manual exfoliation techniques (in particular natural, chemical free/cruelty-free products) are being favoured by consumers for their tactile experience. Flaunter’s beauty brand profile is currently sitting at 65% naturally based or ethical brands including top consumer buys as Dr Roebuck’s & The Skincare Company. The most popular ingredients? Coffee, coconut oil, jojoba oil and walnut rinds!Flaunter - TheSeeke Skin

THESEEKE Coffee Scrub // $39.95 AUD 

Step 2. Hydrate
It’s no doubt that Winter affects our skin health but what about our hair?
FACT: Frequent washing, styling and cooler air temperatures can take lustre out of our gorgeous locks.
THE RESULT:  As temperature drops, moisture decreases and dry hair can quickly become prone to breakage.
WHY? Dale Chong at Bustle blames cool dry air and poor preventive measures for all our split end dilemmas.
SOLUTION: To avoid seasonal hair loss and maintain supple and strong strands there are two things that are a must… Pairing a healthy diet rich in protein and good fats (yes #avosmash has therapeutic qualities) with the use of conditioning products can assist hair integrity and structure. When conditioners aren’t enough alone, a weekly mask can work wonders. 2017 undoubtedly brings about a common realisation – beauty and health really do go hand in hand and it’s being reflected in the types of products we’re choosing to buy. The most popular choices this season all contain fewer nasties and more naturally derived oils such as Evo’s Great Hydrator mask infused with a base of argania spinosa kernel to both hydrate and seal for increased manageability.
Flaunter - Evo Hair

EVO The Great Hydrator Mask // $39.95 AUD 

Step 3. Nourish
There’s nothing more luxurious than plunging into a hot, steamy bath on a cold winter’s night. Little did we know ‘me’ time could actually be doing us more harm than good!
FACT: Hot showers and baths are harsh and can actually further dry out your skin during cool periods.
THE RESULT = The relationship between higher water temperatures and evaporation off the skin once you’ve left your shower or bath create the perfect environment for moisture loss.
WHY? Top professor of dermatology Rajani Katter explains that too much steam time can result in skin inflammation, resulting in a bunch of unwanted redness, itching, scaling or cracking. The good news is you don’t have to give up your bath for good with these two simple preventative measures.
SOLUTION: First, when taking a bath, turn down the heat and reduce your soaking time. Look for that sweet spot temperature, closer to warm but nowhere near scalding! Secondly, employ oil and lots of it… essential bath oils/clays have been a popular consumer item in the last year and have been developed across many beauty brands for this coming season – so much so that Flaunter saw an upload of 40 bath salt images by combined brands over a one week period.
As Katter suggests, patting moisturiser into partially dry skin post bath and adding infused salts to your soak can assist moisture retention both pre and post bath.
Flaunter - Soak Society Skin

Soak Society Rose Wellness Soak // $11.95 AUD

Banner image – Tim Da Rin / Bec & Bridge @ MBFWA 16 via Flaunter media.