Turn no news into good news with our top tips on how to approach the media when you have nothing new to share.

In the digital age, managing your PR has never been so important. We have an addiction to the shiny and new. We want to be continually inspired by content, and if we can’t find it, we’ll go look somewhere else. Keeping yourself relevant, interesting and visible can be exhausting. You can’t rely on journalists to remember you from that press release six months ago and even the best products can get lost in the mountains emails that sit in the average editor’s inbox.

Whether you’re operating a side hustle or your business is your main chick, it’s super important to keep your brand front of mind and create news that will get the media interested and help you snatch those opportunities for features and inclusions.

We know what you’re thinking: finding the time to dedicate to PR is difficult. In between meetings and fittings and shoots and strategizing, the last thing you have time to do is generate weekly content so Karen from your favourite magazine might include you in her new issue. The good news is, finding new content doesn’t have a time-consuming exercise. We’ve put together a killer list of sure-fire ways to generate content and get yourself noticed. Think revamping old content and forecasting new trends, these are our go-to ways to create news when you have none.

Create news by… looking ahead.

An easy way to create news is to think of how your products might be relevant in the coming months. Even though it’s only August, long lead publications are looking to prep their Christmas issues 3-6 months before they publish.  Think about how your products might fit into features that other brands haven’t even started considering yet and pitch for inclusions in gift guides and holiday round ups.

Increase your chances of getting noticed and make your pitch as irresistible as possible. Why not link up with some of your favourite brands and create a ready-to-go shopping guide? Keep the imagery beautiful and to a theme and you’ll have journalists begging for more!


Create news by…looking inwards.

Often stories can be found where you least expect it. Readers love to hear from the people behind the business and create personal connections with their favourite brands. Some of our favourite blogs have been those that profile inspiring women and industry insiders (see here and here!), where expert advice and inspiring stories always have us totally hooked! Next time you find yourself stuck for content, don’t be afraid to share your story and tell us what makes you tick. What drives your business and what inspires you. Not much of a sharer? Why not profile an employee or client, share pictures of that adorable office dog, or an incredible story submitted by one of your readers!

This method is great as it’s a double whammy. Not only are you creating news for your brand, but you’re helping to develop a brand voice and create that authenticity that people love.

Create news by… “seeing” the future.

With the news cycle moving quicker than ever, the press are always on the lookout for what’s next. Embrace your inner seer and create news by sharing your forecasts of what’s on the horizon. What about a sneak peek into an upcoming collection or a forecast into the trends for next season? If you find yourself stuck for inspiration, look to forecasting experts Trendstop or WGSN for a little insider knowledge. Once you give the media something different and shareable, they’ll remember it and keep you in mind the next time.


Create news by… revamping old content. 

Short on time and desperate for new content? We love looking through old files and archived stories and putting a new spin on them. Chances are you’ve got some great content that you spent a lot of time on that’s well worth a re-share. Why not revamp these pieces with new data and some catchy copy? Pull in new imagery or turn text-heavy content into video based features.

Increase your chances of traction and keep SEO in mind. Make sure these older pieces are keyword heavy and have short, sharp and catchy headlines that will get people clicking. If you’re not quite SEO literate just yet, we love this super simple 9 point guide.

Create news by… keeping your finger on the pulse.

If all else fails, create news and shareable stories by looking to trending topics and current affairs. We love flicking through our social feeds or the Flaunter Callouts to drawing content inspiration from what’s going on around us. Don’t forget that not everything you share has to be directly company based. Feel free to dive into trending hashtags or viral movements to get yourself noticed. Personalise your brand and tweet out that killer one-liner, comment on trending issues and subjects or share those gorgeous inspiration shots on your social platforms.

Keep your eyes out for up and coming influencers or celebrities that a perfect match for your brand and use that time in between shoots and launches to send out product and build your profile. A celebrity wearing your clothes or an influencer snapping your products is an instant win to draw attention to your brand. Make use of your moment in the sun and let the press know of the attention your brand is getting.


Inspired yet? Once you do create your news, find out the best ways to ensure your work gets noticed by the media in these amazing articles on nailing a pitch and making sure you have everything a journalist could ever need!


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