Meet Claire and Lani from Deane & Co – an integrated Marketing Agency with a difference.
Claire is a digital marketer, working with big and small brands across a range of industries, from fashion to food with digital publishing platforms to yoga studios, education institutions to wedding accessory designers. She’s developed social media strategies for The Locale Group’s stable of brands (Talulah, Stevie May and Isla), created digital marketing strategies for Dissh, helped a handmade brand get picked up by international retailer BHLDN on the strength of their social media content, and grown digital publisher The Urban List to 200K visitors, and  launched across three major cities.
Lani is a generalist with specialist interests (content marketing, curation, telling the stories of small businesses). As a results-driven marketing communications professional, she’s led national publicity campaigns for brands like Paul Newman’s Own, Bing Lee, Tourism & Events Queensland and Coco Republic. She’s led the charge establishing and building the community (online and offline) for Yelp, and can throw a mean event to bring people together and celebrate. When not slinging words for clients or getting their name up in lights you’ll probably find Lani knee-deep in an internet research spiral.
Quite the impressive pair! We caught up with Lani to find out how a Marketing Agency uses Flaunter and why our platform is considered their ‘PR assistant’.
It’s pretty cliched, but no two days are the same. Our clients are really varied, despite all being in the lifestyle category, so you’ll find us checking emails, talking with the team, preparing any parcels for couriers to pick up for media sends, researching and emailing potential stockists for a new brand, creating social content planning events, meetings with clients, monitoring media coverage, writing reports on campaigns and proactively pitching to media.
I came across Flaunter in one of my infamous internet spirals. We use it to showcase product images for our fashion and beauty clients so that they are available to media on demand. We also use it to send trackable links to images or albums to our media contacts. We were previously manually sending media images via dropbox links either as they requested or per collection release for clients – which is obviously time-consuming and the results can’t be tracked like they can with Flaunter!
Flaunter has become my PR assistant in a sense. It’s supporting me while I’m doing larger pitches – because the media can browse all the hi-res images from our client’s ranges and then download in their own time – giving me the freedom concentrate on things like strategy, events and relationship building.
I like that I can reach out to media individually so it allows me to start a relationship with a journo that isn’t so much of a cold call. We’ve also gotten coverage in NZ because of the imagery we had online!
Another plus is that it gives us great data on what media are looking for to help our clients take better images in the future.
The cost and ROI of our business decisions are always a big consideration for us. We will only ever present something to clients that we can truly justify. As Flaunter offered an entry-level membership, it was great to be able to see how it would work for our agency. There’s been no big challenges to overcome to date.
Flaunter is the easiest way for us to share client’s collections with the media that need them the most. 

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Image: YCL Jewels by Tess Leopold