If you’ve worked in PR before, you know that the spotlight isn’t just handed over; it’s earned.

Let’s say you’re on the brink of launching a new brand…This month…In a world where everything moves at the speed of a scroll, where new trends are born overnight and where everyone – and we do mean everyone – has something to say. Do you know where to begin, what strategies to implement, what channels to focus on?

For brands today, digital isn’t just a part of the strategy; it’s the playbook. With eyeballs glued to screens and fingers ready to share, like or swipe, having a digital PR strategy is as essential as, say, having a website. Remember when just having a website was a big deal? Well, now, it’s all about making that website (and your brand) stands out.

So let’s break down the modern PR strategies that can propel your brand into the spotlight.

The building blocks of digital PR

Content creation: It’s not just about creating content; it’s about creating a movement. Whether that’s a thought-provoking blog, a video that’s all the buzz, or a meme that’s relatable AF, the aim remains: Grip, engage, repeat.

Media relations: Every brand seeks the spotlight. So, fostering strong relationships with journalists, editors, bloggers and freelancers becomes paramount. Platforms like Flaunter bridge this gap, ensuring your brand, product and press assets are discoverable by the right amplifiers.

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SEO: Behind every top search result lies the magic of SEO. It might sound techy and tedious, but it’s what makes your content discoverable.

Social media: More than just viral videos and memes. Channels like Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn amplify your brand’s voice, giving it the stage it deserves.

Influencers: Like it or hate it, but people listen when they speak. Collaborate with them, but choose wisely. It’s not just about their follower count but the authenticity and relevance they bring.

Online reputation management (ORM): It’s the digital world’s word-of-mouth. And let’s face it, whether it’s an unexpected Facebook post or not-so-great review on Google, ORM is about being the brand’s online guardian angel. Always on the lookout, always having your brand’s back.

Digital advertising: The espresso shot to your PR campaign – – a little boost to make sure your message stands out in a crowded digital feed. Whether it’s Google Ads making sure you pop up at the right searches, or that perfectly placed sponsored content, it’s all about being seen (by the right people, of course).

Affiliate marketing: Remember those days when your bestie would vouch for your style? Affiliate marketing is collaborating with partners to boost PR messages through referral systems – It’s all about leveraging shared cred to boost your brand’s message.

Web analytics: Tools like Google Analytics don’t just count clicks; they tell a story of how, when and why someone dropped by your digital space. And yes, they also spill the beans on user behaviour and measure metrics like site visits, bounce rates and conversions linked to PR activities too.

Link building: Ah, those pesky email requests! Strategically acquiring backlinks from top tier websites will boost your SEO by proving that your content’s worth the click. Ultimately this helps amplify the reach of PR efforts.

Strategies to nail your digital exposure

Engagement analysis: Don’t just cast your net; understand where the fish are. Use tools to gauge which topics or types of content your audience is most responsive to, and then give them more of that. It’s data-driven empathy.

Audience targeting: It’s not about reaching everyone; it’s about reaching the right one. Understand your target demographics deeply, right down to their browsing habits and favourite digital hangouts. Precision trumps volume.

Email outreach: Think email’s old school? Think again. Personalised email campaigns can be gold, opening direct channels of communication with stakeholders. It’s intimate, immediate and influential.

Digital press centres and PR tools: Elevate your PR game with platforms designed to streamline and enhance your efforts. Flaunter, for instance, acts as a digital press centre, making it effortless for brands to showcase their narrative, visual assets and press releases to an expansive media network. It’s not just about having the content but making it easily accessible and discoverable.

Webinars and virtual events: The digital version of a conference hall, these virtual events can pack quite a punch. Whether it’s an insightful panel discussion or a product launch, the live engagement drives unparalleled interaction.

Interactive content: Quizzes, polls, interactive videos. Engage your audience not just as passive consumers but as active participants. It’s PR that’s not just seen or heard but also clicked, dragged and played.

Partnerships and collaborations: Align with brands or individuals that resonate with your ethos. This mutual amplification not only broadens your reach but also fortifies your brand’s credibility in the industry.

Ad retargeting: Those ads that follow you around? That’s retargeting. A potent tool in digital PR, it keeps your brand at the top of the audience’s mind, ensuring the engagement cycle continues post initial contact.

Community building: It’s not just about followers; it’s about fostering a tribe. Platforms like Facebook Groups offer a space where brands can interact, engage and nurture a dedicated community.

Storytelling through visuals: Infographics, animated clips or just compelling visuals. Remember, a scroll is swift, so make your audience stop and stare with a visual narrative that captivates.

Responsive PR: The digital world is dynamic, and so should be your PR. Adapt and respond to live events, trending topics or viral moments. It’s about being present, relevant and timely in your communication.

Despite PR swapping glitzy premiers for viral tweets, and front-page news for trending hashtags, virality and making sure the algorithms favour you – the core of PR hasn’t wavered, it’s still about forging connections and telling stories that captivate.


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Let’s flaunt it, shall we?

Bringing brands into the media spotlight is what we’re passionate about at Flaunter. We understand the inestimable value that media features offer to brands, especially in industries like fashion, beauty, home, wellness and more. Connecting brands with the right media outlets is an art, and when done right, it’s a win-win for everyone.

So, to all the brands out there looking to make a mark: Get out there, share your story and watch as the world sits up and takes notice. And remember, at Flaunter, we’re always here to help you shine the brightest!