Traditional methods of product PR are rapidly shifting. As the industry evolves, consumers are becoming more connected with the help of online publications and social media, which means content is being published at a faster rate than ever before.

The demand for rapid accessibility means that storing and sharing products and brand imagery with the right people at the right time is the key to gaining coverage and expanding audience reach. But how can brands keep up with the constant flow of content? How can you compete in a global market, and reduce missed opportunities for building brand exposure?

The answer lies in digital showrooms. Here we explain why building a digital showroom is a crucial element of your PR game and how it can help save you time and money.




Help your team, stockists and media find your digital assets easily.

We live in a digital age, where instant gratification is everything. People want to be able to find what they need as quickly and as accurately as possible.

A digital showroom gives your internal team (PR’s, marketers, e-commerce managers etc) a centralised and visual place to store, sort and search for product samples and images. This gives everyone a reliable ‘source of truth’ across all teams and prevents confusion when tracking down current assets. 

A digital showroom gives your external contacts (media, stockists, content creators) a place to access, search, download and request product samples and images with the click of a button. This saves time for them and you – reducing back and forth emails and the frustrations that can come from operating across different time zones. 

Flaunter provides you with a fully functioning digital showroom that requires very little setup and offers detailed image meta-data and filters. This ensures maximum “searchability” for style, SKU, UPS, colour, material, season, brand, category or collection. 

Give the media something to talk about.

Picture a journalist who is up against a deadline to produce 8 stories in one day. At the last minute, their editor demands a story based on the trends seen on the Paris runways that morning. They need content and they need it fast. Luckily, this journo has access to hundreds of branded images on Flaunter and can search for specific items that match trend specific keywords. 

The same goes for viewing and pulling samples. For many journalists, visiting a showroom in person is becoming more difficult. As a result, having on-demand access to a digital showroom makes it easy to find products for their next story – right from their desk.  
Brand managers are gaining valuable editorial coverage by simply giving media access to digital assets. Generating brand awareness has never been easier! 


Turn your metrics into valuable mentions.

A digital showroom also has the power to collect data that reflects the interest and awareness a brand is generating with its assets. 

– Track & analyse how your brand is performing.

– Track what’s being viewed, downloaded and requested – and by whom.

– Access data on trending search terms & image download patterns.

– Get real-time insights on how the industry is engaging with your brand, & other brands like you.

This data can help you identify what’s “hot” and what type of images attract your target audience. This makes it easier to figure out things like what assets to produce next season, which products may need a little extra PR push, and which media to focus on with your pitches. 

See your brand through a global lens.

Gone are the days when consumers were limited to shopping local brands. The international marketplace brings new opportunities for brand managers to share their products with media and retailers around the world. Using a digital showroom can help establish brand awareness in new markets, especially if you don’t have the budget to set up a full physical showroom.  

Showcase your products with a customised brand experience.

Like all lifestyle brands, you make a point to always present your brand in the best light. After investing so much into experiential events, high-quality samples, and professional flat lay imagery, why would you use a generic file sharing tool like Dropbox when it comes to sharing your collection for press opportunities? 

A digital showroom like Flaunter gives you a way to share your collection in a more creative and beautiful way. Create customised “racks” of samples or exclusive albums of downloadable images, complete with product information and logos, and send to specific journalists or stylists for instant access. 

Brand perception is built through every interaction, whether it’s online, offline, big or small. Each touchpoint matters, so go the extra mile to create that memorable experience.