NEW FEATURE…Direct Messages & Rich Media Profiles

Introducing Direct Messages & Rich Media Profiles: a new way to power media & PR conversations.

Helping brands and media create and maintain strong connections is part of our DNA.

As you probably already know,  Flaunter’s mission is to make it easier for brands to reach new audiences by connecting their content with the best storytellers around the world.

We make it easy for media to talk about your brand more often by making your images and products available on-demand to the best journalists, bloggers, influencers & stylists.

What we love to do:


  • Help PR and sales teams to communicate and sell better;
  • Help increase their reach by simplifying image distribution;
  • Help create stronger connections with media;
  • Give teams access to data so they can learn and grow; and
  • Help even the smallest business look and act like a big business.


  • Simplify the way all publishers and storytellers access brand imagery;
  • Help create stronger connections with brands;
  • Enable journalists to have full editorial control;
  • Help surface new brands & their content; and
  • Make it easy to access free content on demand so deadlines and budgets don’t restrict how many stories can be told.

You can always read more about why we exist here.

And so with all of that, and after spending many months talking with the wider network, it became clear that you wanted more. How unsurprising (given that we live in the world of PR, communications and marketing) that what was missing was a way for our community to communicate.




Brands emailed us daily asking for direct access to relevant media in our network.

Did you know that one of the questions we get asked most frequently by brands of all types is: HOW do I know what media want – how can I make my emails useful versus irritating?!

Media feedback was consistently telling us that Flaunter wasn’t just their go-to for imagery. It was a place to source inspiration, discover new brands and new designers, to get the next story idea or trend data. Self-serve imagery + the story behind it = awesome when you’re publishing content all day, every day.


All these potential love matches and we have been standing in the way!




So today we are very warmly welcoming Direct Messages between brands and media & Rich Media Profiles.

  • Direct Messages can be sent from the Media and Publications List.
  • We’ve added additional filters to the Media List to make it easier to search by person, publication and areas of interest.
  • Richer media profiles. Media will be able to list exactly what they DO and DON’T like to receive, what exclusives they’re on the hunt for, and what assets they most like working with.



This tool is not an email blaster or a news alert function. It’s even better. It’s a relationship builder. You can send a single, personal message at a time.

As media have repeatedly told us, personalised messages will encourage more relevant and highly targeted communications, and therefore stronger relationships.

Are you looking to start managing your own PR? Do you want access to a highly targeted and engaged media audience? Do you have a great product, drool-worthy images and a story to share? Get started now or you can contact us.


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