We’ve been spending a lot of time lately having some in-depth chats with our Brand, Agency & Media clients about the successes they’ve had on Flaunter in the past 6 months….and we were so impressed with how so many companies have had Flaunter easily fit in with their current systems and strategies that we’ve decided to share some of their stories with you.  

First up, the director of one of our independent brands:

“This time last year, I was completely neglecting the PR aspect of my business. I wasn’t yet at the stage yet where I could afford a full-service PR agency (still not there!) and I had a tiny team – I’m the CEO/designer/maker and also Personal Assistant to myself!  So while I was painfully aware that getting media attention was vital to the growth of my brand, I didn’t even have time to write press releases much less figure out who I should be sending them to. In the rare instances when I did manage to scrape something together, I’d send it to half a dozen generic magazine email addresses and never get a reply.

Flaunter was recommended to me by a friend, another independent designer who understood the challenges of trying to do it all. What drew me in was the fact that by simply spending ten minutes each season to upload my latest collection and campaign imagery to my Flaunter profile, it would become visible to their database of thousands of active media users. This simple ten-minute investment instantly made me more effective than anything I’d been doing previously!

I also discovered that by curating a selection of my images and sending links to media, stylists or bloggers I meet, they can download directly from the site without logging in.  It’s been a dream being able to run everything through Flaunter instead of fighting with big file-sharing websites or giant attachment-laden emails that never seem to arrive.  The site also keeps track of which images are getting the most love (and from whom) which has been unexpectedly helpful when I’m thinking about what I should be designing more of next season.

The Flaunter team has been super helpful in providing me advice about what to share on the site, I even find myself calling on them for questions about other marketing activities (I think that’s an added bonus, though!)
Finally, this might sound strange, but my favourite part of Flaunter is that media are allowed to sign up and download content for free.  I think that this unique accessibility is a large part of why I’ve seen the views and downloads of my images grow.
Flaunter offers an easy-to-use platform to get my content into the hands of those who want it most – and it’s so easy that it quickly frees me up to tackle the rest of my to-do list.”

Image: Soda Studio