When it comes to capturing the attention of journalists and securing valuable media coverage for your brand, the strategic distribution of PR samples can work wonders. But let’s make one thing clear, it’s not as simple as just shipping out a package. Sending PR samples and carefully curated press gifts is an art in itself. And we’re here to reveal our top tips.

To ensure your samples make a lasting impression on the journalist or publisher, we’ve put together some helpful guidelines to help you navigate the process and maximise your chances of success.

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Personalise your approach

Before you even think about sending out any PR samples, invest time in researching the journalists or media outlets you’re targeting. Familiarise yourself with their work, areas of interest and preferred communication channels. This is where personalisation comes into play. Tailor your approach accordingly to increase the chances of them engaging with your samples. Show them that you’ve done your homework and that you value their unique perspective.

Select PR samples with purpose, and only send what they’ve asked for

Now, let’s talk about selecting the perfect PR samples. Remember, quality reigns supreme over quantity. Instead of bombarding journalists with a plethora of random products, focus on sending a few carefully chosen items that are relevant to their beat or niche. Curate a selection that aligns with their interests and preferences. By doing so, you’re showing that you respect their time and expertise.

Be mindful of timing

Timing is everything when it comes to sending PR samples. Avoid peak news cycles or busy periods when journalists may be overwhelmed with pitches. Aim for strategic moments when your product aligns with upcoming trends, seasons or industry events. Also, consider long-lead magazines or platforms with longer production cycles, as they often require lead time for planning. By being mindful of timing, you can increase your chances of getting noticed.

Use sample tracking tools, like Flaunter

To streamline your sample management process, consider using sample tracking tools like Flaunter. Flaunter revolutionises the way brands and journalists handle samples. It simplifies tracking, enhances efficiency and reduces losses. With a central hub, brands can effortlessly log and categorise sample collections and gifting suites. Targeted invitations and streamlined communication ensure efficient collaboration. Flaunter also offers campaign management tools, providing journalists with access to high-quality press assets. Plus, you’ll get access to valuable analytics and insights, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and effectively track your brand’s performance.

Now, let’s talk exclusivity

There’s an undeniable allure in offering an exclusive experience to journalists. Consider providing limited edition items, exclusive previews or first-to-try opportunities. By creating a sense of exclusivity, you heighten the desirability of your PR samples, generating excitement and buzz.

Craft a compelling pitch

Of course, accompanying your PR samples with a well-crafted pitch is vital. Your pitch should highlight the unique selling points of your product, explain why it would be relevant to the journalist’s audience, and suggest potential angles or story ideas. Keep it concise, engaging and persuasive. A compelling pitch can significantly increase the chances of journalists showing interest in your samples.

Packaging and presentation matters

Never underestimate the impact of appealing packaging. A beautifully presented PR sample can create a positive first impression and pique the curiosity of journalists. Invest in professional packaging that reflects your brand identity and conveys the quality of your product. Consider adding a personalised note or a creative element that showcases your attention to detail. Remember, aesthetics matter.

Last but not least, follow up gracefully

Journalists receive numerous pitches and samples daily, so don’t assume they’ll respond immediately. After sending your samples, give them a reasonable amount of time to evaluate and potentially test your product. Then, follow up with a polite and concise email, expressing your continued interest and willingness to provide additional information. Remember, persistence is key, but avoid being pushy or intrusive.

Sending PR samples to journalists can be a powerful tool to generate buzz and secure media coverage for your brand. And remember to focus on building genuine relationships with journalists… as this can open doors to further opportunities down the line.


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