No matter your industry, putting a top-notch Flaunter profile out into the world is an incredibly powerful way to promote your brand, look and feel ‘right’, reach new audiences, and drive engagement.

You make it your business to always present your brand in the best light. Because you know that brand perception is built through every interaction, whether it’s online, offline, consumer or industry. Each touchpoint matters.

Your Flaunter profile – the gateway to your digital media center and often the first-stop for your media contacts – is an incredibly important extension of your brand. BUT it should also be an incredibly seamless experience for some of your most important influencers. It should be beautiful AND easy to navigate.

So while most of your Flaunter profile is customisable to suit your brand guidelines – logo, profile image, brand bio, cover images and social handles – there are also a few basic guidelines we recommend you follow to make sure you’re getting the most out of the Flaunter platform.

Below are the key elements on how to create a show-stopping [and media-friendly] Flaunter profile


Your cover image 

Your cover image is the first thing media and other visitors will see when they land on your profile. It is also the picture that will appear in the Brand Directory so it needs to be sharp and eye-catching.

The best cover images are; 

  • 2MB, .JPG or .PNG 
  • 1600px x 500px 
  • Landscape orientated
  • Campaign or lifestyle image
  • Contain no words or logos 
brand directory

How to add or change your cover image: Click the brand name from your dashboard, then click the pink “Update Cover Image” button that sits in the banner above your brand profile.


Your ‘About’ page 

The About page is an important introduction to your brand. The page will already display information that you entered during the brand set up however we also recommend that you add a paragraph to the description section. Most brand managers simply will copy and paste the details from their About page on their website. 

brand profile

How to add or update your About page: click the brand name from your dashboard then click the ‘About’ tab from the sub-navigation. click the pink “edit profile” button that sits on the bottom left of your about page. now you can edit the description, website, social links and other preferences. Remember to click save after you have finished!


Your albums

The perfect Flaunter profile is one that allows the users to quickly jump in and find what they need.

The easiest way to make sure your albums are simple to navigate [visually] is to create albums organised by collection, product type and/or image type. Our data also tells us that the best performing albums – in terms of navigation and engagement –  generally have no more than ~100 images. For example: 

AW ‘20 Golden Collection Product 

AW ‘20: Golden Collection Campaign 

AW ‘20: Golden Collection Lookbook 


Summer ‘21 Men’s Campaign 

Summer ‘21 Men’s Shoes – Product

Summer ‘21 Men’s Pants – Product

brand content

Hot tips!

  • Maintain your profile by hiding old albums. This ensures that profile visitors will only access those products that are currently in store or yet to be released.
  • Make sure you select an album cover image that looks beautiful and best represents the products within. Choose your album cover by hovering your mouse over the image then click the three dots in the top right corner then choose “Set as album cover” from the options.


Your images

To maximise the usability of your Flaunter profile, you should upload a range of different image types. Different types of media, as well as other users, are seeking different types of images. For example, whilst some publications only look for deep-etched product shots, others look mostly for campaign imagery.  

The perfect image uploads include the following;

  • Image type: JPEG  *Important note – PDFs and TIFF files can not be uploaded to your albums and will appear as blank or broken files. If you have PDFs, please upload them to ‘Documents’. See more on Documents below. 
  • Image resolution: 300dpi high-resolution print quality. For more on resolution click here.
  • File size: between 2-5MB.
  • Photo dimensions: at least 1500 pixels at the longest edge.
  • Image type: deep etch or flat lay images (single product on a white background) are the most commonly used image type and are an essential element of your media kit. You can also upload campaign/lifestyle, runway, look book, behind the scenes, swatches, media clippings and logos. For more on the different types of images click here.
  • Product details: Add RRP, stockists and instore dates as a minimum.
  • Maintain: Remove/hide sold out or old season product images to reduce confusion/noise. 

It is SUPER important to make sure that the correct product details are readily available. This means that when users are browsing the photo library or visiting your albums directly, they’ll be able to quickly access all the information they need. Media often report that they will skip downloading one image in favour of another if information such as RRP and stockists are missing.  

By keeping your profile details accurate and up to date, you’re not only encouraging more downloads now, but you’re also building a reputation in the minds of the media that your brand is a reliable, easy source of content.  Besides, completing this task just once in Flaunter is way more efficient than answering emails asking for further details on your images over and over again.

press center

Hot tips!

  • An image’s file name will automatically become the ‘product title’ on Flaunter so it is a good idea to rename images with the correct product title before you upload them.
  • You can rearrange the order of images within an album by dragging and dropping.


Your documents and video 

Additional brand information such as a press release, articles or in-depth product files, can be uploaded to the Documents tab within your brand profile. 

You can also add brand videos to your brand profile by embedding them from Youtube or Vimeo. 

share brand documents


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