Tis’ the season of gifting and we all know what that means…presents! We’ve all been there – amongst the masses, frantically gathering those last minute gifts for our loved ones.

No one wants to be stuck for ideas, so what do you gift to those special women in your life? Here are our top picks that we bet they won’t have:



Bird and Knoll – Printed silks / Santorini:

These guys really know how to produce some beautiful prints – gift them an island getaway without the hefty price tag! A beautiful edit to any outfit.


Holiday– Sunset Stripe Espadrilles Indigo:

Fashion meets practicality with this summers hottest shoe trend.


Karmme– Glacial Mini Clutch:

This handmade 100% cotton clutch is the perfect companion for a phone, lipstick and cash. Best of all? No two glacier minis will ever be alike, so they’ll be happy to know its one of a kind!


Lounge the Label – Denim Wide Leg:

Style and comfort? Finally loungewear you can wear outside the house! The perfect lazy Sunday attire.


Third Drawer Down – Louise Bourgeois Garden Apron and Tools Set:

Perfect for all those outdoorsy. They’ll never leave the veggie patch again with this apron, gloves and aluminium tool set thanks to Third Drawer Down and their celebration of the art Louise Bourgeois.



Freedom – Navy / Pink / Black Summer Dinner Bowl Set:

These bowls give dining a designer edge – a great gift for a splash of Scandinavia at home.


Sagaform – Salt/Pepper/Condiment Glass Bottles (via Outliving)

Organisation in best form. These awesomely giftable bottles are ideal for any cooking nut.


Le Creuset – Blue Round Casserole Pot:

We all know we want one – so why not gift them the rolls royce of all cooking essentials. Behold the classic Le Creuset!



NEXT– Summer 16 Floral Intimates:

Flowers and ultimate femininity – a perfect summer piece.


Adairs – Home Republic Glacier Candle/Diffuser Range:

The gift for the minimalist. These marbled ceramic candles and diffusers will fill their home with Tahitian lime and vanilla to last a lifetime.


Sukin – Organic Rose Hip Oil:

The stocking filler of thought – Certified organic heaven guaranteed.


An Organised Life – Notebook Sets:

The workaholics best friend – Gift them something they’ll bound to use all year round.


Holiday – Ichha Cushion:

Bohemian vibes – Holiday’s range of cushion’s will spice up any home.



Sarah Conners – AISE Bangle & Neckring:

Classic meets contemporary with this beautiful set from Sarah Conners. The ultimate gift.


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MAC– Liptensity Lipstick Dionysus:

What better way to fill out the stocking but with a makeup essential – a bold red lip.




Hills & West – Morgan Organiser:

We think this little number is pretty special and perfect for any woman in your life. Not only is this compact clutch crafted from actual Prada leather, but you can guarantee as big enough place for all the daily essentials.