Flaunter’s Christmas Gift Guide: Summer essentials for the girl who has it all

Tis’ the season of gifting and we all know what that means…presents! We’ve all been there – amongst the masses, frantically gathering those last minute gifts for our loved ones.

No one wants to be stuck for ideas, so what do you gift to the girl who has it all? Here are our summer essentials we bet she won’t have:


The Daily Edited– Personalised pale pink smooth pouch:

I have too many purses, said no one ever! This personalised 100% calf leather with fabric lining is the perfect accompaniment for any occasion.


Pared Eyewear– Clear/Gold Sunglasses:

Jump on board the latest optical trend with these clear framed shades. The perfect unique gift for days spent outdoors.


The Soak life– Original Salty Bath Soak:

The ultimate soak and scrub all in one containing Australian sea salt, epsom salt, himalayan pink salt & coconut oil. What’s even better? It’s completely natural, vegan and cruelty free, making it the perfect gift for our conscious friends.


Freedom– ‘All you need is love’ water bottle:

Suited to all the gym nuts and workaholics. This stylish bottle isn’t just practical but you can count your good doings with donations going straight to CCI Build for cure!

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MAC Liptensity Lipstick- Driftwood:

Matte is the new black! Get them the look in this seasons newest pastel pink shade.



Kate Spade- Initial Diary (via Outliving)

Cute, personal and essential for the new year. Beat them to it and get her the best new years diary she’s ever had.


The Body Shop– Coconut oil hair shine:

The perfect summer hair care for the natural girl. No nasty chemicals here!


Cloud Nine – Waving wand:

Save them a trip to the salon or swim at the beach with the ultimate waving wand. Perfect curls can now be easily achieved.


Ziporah – Acer towel pack:

Whether brightening up the home or lounging round the beach in style, this luxury towel set will surely be appreciated.


Holiday– ‘Free as the sea’ bag:

Australian based design brand Holiday knows just what it takes to create a chic tote that will last for the summers ahead.


Jonathan Adler- Tick Tack Toe (via Outliving)

The boxing day BBQ fun and games are sorted with this designer tick tack toe set from Jonathan Adler.


Happy Gifting!