The fashion industry has weathered a storm or two since 2020, and with Afterpay Australian Fashion Week kicking off, it looks like there might be more than a few of us who are having to pivot yet again.

If you can’t make it to Fashion Week this year (government enforced lockdown or no), there are still plenty of ways you can make the most of the biggest event on the Australian Fashion calendar – even if it’s from the comfort of your own home. 

AAFW Special Content Series - PR Strategies for fashion week

Work smarter, not harder

Now is the perfect opportunity to make sure all of your digital assets are in tip-top shape. Journalists might not be able to make it to the runways in person, and while AAFW are live streaming a number of shows at, you can help round out that experience by setting up digital showrooms and ensuring your press centre is looking its best.

This year, Shona Joy will be presenting their runway completely virtually. Founder, Shona Joy Thatcher had this to say about the decision:

Considering how quickly things can change in our current climate, choosing to present our AAFW runway in a digital pre-recorded format was always the right choice for us. We wanted to create a digitally immersive experience, allowing us to showcase our collection in a location that’s synonymous with the Shona Joy brand. Not only is it more impactful, it gives our customers the best see-now, buy-now experience.”

Our smartest PR customers are setting up racks for each category they are showing, then combining these racks into an AAFW ‘21 showroom that can be shared easily with editors and stylists. No expiring WeTransfer links, plus you’ll be able to see exactly who downloaded your assets from your press centre and pull reports of who has requested samples, allowing you to create a killer follow up list. Take that, COVID!

Get on the front foot

Already have your imagery assets ready to go? Why not get them uploaded to your showroom and press centre before the shows and send them out to journalists in advance. Since many of them may not be able to attend, they’ll be looking for stories that don’t rely on them being  in-person to get the scoop. Showing sensitivity to their situation might just win you a contact for life. 

Leverage your existing media database

Since the traditional checking off of names at the door might mean you’re missing some big players (who are stuck at home in their uggs), don’t rely on the guest list to tell you who’s interested in what you’re showing. Make sure your media list is up to date by adding your most active downloaders and sample requesters straight from Flaunter. Head to your reporting tabs, download a CSV of your most active engagers and make sure they are among the first to be followed up after the show.

Getty the shot

Keep an eye on Getty Images – that’s usually the place street style and show shots make it online the fastest. Share images on social media to give an on-the-ground vibe, even if you’re stuck at home.

Weren’t showing at AAFW anyway? Now’s your chance

So you weren’t on the set list – now could be the perfect opportunity to leverage the media’s appetite for great, newsworthy fashion content. Are you bucking the trends despite the constant lockdowns? Just sold your 10,000th party dress for when we all emerge, vaccinated and victorious? Get that pitch out to journos now, who might be looking for content to fill the void.

Take care of yourself

It’s no doubt super disappointing that you’re not able to enjoy the fruits of your labour in the flesh, so even though you’ll probably be scrambling around to come up with contingency plans, don’t forget to look after you. Use up that special face mask you were saving for pre-show, Uber Eats some fancy champagne and live vicariously through the epic street style shots that will be covering Instagram – while never having to get out of your trackie pants. 

In lockdown for Fashion Week? Check in on the Flaunter blog daily for our on-the-spot insights into what the biggest names in PR are doing to make the event a success.

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