Finding great looking content on the web that is specific to your needs is much like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s no secret that gaining traction on social media means you’ll need to post some pretty stand out #content, but this alone will not guarantee exposure. Competing for attention can be tough and you may need a little assistance in standing out from the pack. Lucky for you, we created our best hashtag tips that you can apply to any fashion, interiors and beauty content.


#1 Increase your viewing time

Instagram and other platforms are a moving domain, meaning activity is a constant no matter the time or place. Hashtagging pictures places them onto a moving feed where you can gain exposure from practically anywhere in the world.

So what does this mean for me? First off, specifying every single detail in what you’ve posted isn’t always a great move. Let’s breakdown the different scenarios of how you may appear in a search:

Choosing popular hashtags: Tagging generic words (e.g. #fashion) will place you amongst the millions of users applying the same tag. If you think about this in real time, your post will barely last a few seconds! In this total mayhem, your end result is less exposure.

Choosing barely existent hashtags: The polar opposite of the above. Don’t be a time waster! Tagging words that are irrelevant or with lackluster viewing potential will result in… you guessed it- limited exposure.

The happy medium: Mid-range hashtags are almost online ‘groups’. They are often used and viewed by bloggers, brands or media and tonnes of general users. Their fluid structure also means there’s a balance in the flow of content, so you’re more likely to hold longer view times. These tags are best used alongside others of the same nature in the form of ‘combinations’.


#2 The best tagging combinations

There are many mid-range combinations you can mix up and apply to any type of content. Tags will depend mainly on what you’re posting.

Fashion: Some popular combinations best utilised for ’outfits’ ~ #outfitinspiraton, #outfitoftheday, #outfitpost, #lookbook, #lookoftheday etc.

Interiors: Popular reach points on social platforms for interiors are ~#interiorswarrior, #housedecor, #interiorsinspiration, #homeideas #bedroomgoals

Beauty: Cut through the crowd with these combinations ~ #runwaybeauty #newinbeauty #crueltyfree #beautyblog #beautyblogger #beautypr #beautyinspo


#3 How to tag efficiently

Due to the popularity of tagging, many businesses have been edging away from use to maintain an authentic image. Unfortunately, doing so can really limit your potential reach, especially if your sales are primarily web based.

The best way is to perform ‘discrete tagging’. This can be done on Instagram by posting a few combinations under the comments section and deleting them within 24-48 hours. The result is that by the time you’ve deleted the tags, you will have gained some views (and hopefully some followers or likes) and disappeared within the hashtag feed.

Remember: Some of the activity you may receive will be in the form of ‘bots’ which are automated or fake accounts serving to increase following. This isn’t a big deal at the beginning and may actually increase potential discovery. Overall, you can have more control over your content whilst maintaining an elegant ‘social media image’.


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Image: Tyler Hendy via Unsplash