Attitudes towards interior decorating are shifting. Now more than ever, people want need quality, substance and style rather than a mountain of cheap products that infiltrate the home or office for a fleeting trend-driven moment.
While this conscientious approach allows the consumer to buy less and therefore spend more on key ‘forever’ pieces, it in no way means that less expensive items are off the table. It simply comes down to purchasing truly beautiful items that will serve a purpose for years to come.
At Flaunter we keep a keen eye on what brands are producing and what journalists and stylists are searching for. Here we investigate the key interior design trends to look out for in 2018…


Building on the trend set by Pantone with the 2017 Colour of the Year, plants are e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. Which is great because not only do they look incredible, they inject life into a space, reduce stress, filter the air and absorb backgound noise! Seriously what CAN’T Mother Nature do? This year small, minimalist and exotic plants are hot. On Flaunter we’ve seen THE most spectacular vessels that are perfect to show off your developing green thumb.

Clockwise from left: Plant stand – The Staple Collection; Brass stand – Country Road; Bedroom – Linen House; Hanging Planter and Pott – Capra Designs; Plant stand – Melbourne Table Company



Natural and raw materials such as wood, brick and cement will be widely used – a counterbalance to the sleek futuristic feel of the last 4 years. Wood is particularly versatile – easily working in most spaces with its warmth, texture and sculptural capability.

Clockwise from left: Chairs – James Said; Tables – Bastille & Sons; Dining table – Slabs by Design; Bedroom – Project 82; Concrete planter – West Elm



Velvet was huge for fashion in 2017. Obviously, the feel of this fabric is irresistible, which is why interiors are now benefiting from the luxurious velvet treatment. Working in both masculine and feminine settings, velvet works best on cosy sofas, armchairs and cushions, but if you’re feeling particularly fancy, why not throw it across the windows as well 😉

Clockwise from left: Bedhead – Heatherly Design; Cushions – Sheridan; Stool – James Said; Cushion – Kas Australia; Armchair – TK Maxx



Like most trends, colour intensity is a clear reaction to the 2016/2017 love affair with pastels. This feeling was first cemented at the Milan Furniture Fair where we saw brands introducing seriously bold hues, and again with the announcement of Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the Year for 2018, Ultra Violet. This trend is both unexpected and confident and we love seeing more and more colour intense pieces entering the Flaunter library!

Clockwise from left: Table linen – Lovely Linen (Casa e Cucina); Cushion – Lekkel & Co; Glasses – Zafferano (Casa e Cucina); Artwork – Lumas Gallery; Living Room – James Said



The ability to seamlessly incorporate tech into the home and office is a key priority for interior designers in 2018. The demand calls for smart spaces that cleverly disguise all the modern necessities that complement rather than distract. Adjacent to this trend, is the celebration of intellectual decor – think books, bookshelves and art. Again, these pieces are intended to blend comfortably with the rest of the space, plus they give a subtle nod to the sophisticated and learned occupants (ha! okay maybe that’s a stretch)

Clockwise from left: Bookshelves – Handkrafted; New York Map – Outliving; Desk – Freedom; Charger –; Convertible table – West Elm

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Images: Banner by Florence Rolfe, all other images via