Connecting with media and journalists isn’t just a check-box on your PR to-do list. It’s an important part of your brand-building journey that will turn your stories into impactful conversations echoing across a wider audience.

The PR world can be tricky to navigate if you’re new or haven’t yet established strong relationships with the media. And that’s where Flaunter becomes like your very own digital PR assistant, already armed with the best media contacts and relationships.

So, you might wonder, where do you start? How do you step confidently into the media whirlwind and make sure your story doesn’t get lost in an over-crowded inbox, but actually grabs the attention of those who matter most? This blog is for you; whether you’re just starting out or looking to finesse your skills.

Keep reading to learn our best media outreach strategies that bridge the gap between brands and media.

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Why Media Outreach Matters

You’ve got a story that’s not just good – it’s captivating, inspiring and worth sharing with the world. But without skilful media outreach, that story might get lost in the noise of today’s fast-paced communication. Media outreach isn’t just about typing out emails or making phone calls; it’s an art that demands finesse and careful strategy. It’s about ensuring your story doesn’t just add to the noise but rises above it, capturing attention and resonating with those who matter most. Think of it as curating an experience for your audience – the journalists, the storytellers who have the power to amplify your message.

Building Genuine Connections

So, how do you do it? First, it’s about doing your homework. Each pitch should be tailored to fit the interests of the journalist you’re reaching out to. It’s not about buttering them up; it’s about showing respect and genuine interest in what they cover.

But it doesn’t stop at one pitch. The name of the game is nurturing relationships, not just one-off interactions. Engage with journalists beyond pitching – comment on their posts, attend events where they’re present and be a resource they can count on. You are working towards long-term engagement.

Here are some tips:

  • Make the most of platforms like Flaunter to identify relevant journalists and personalise pitches according to their interests
  • Interact thoughtfully on social media platforms by commenting and sharing content, showcasing genuine interest
  • Attend webinars, workshops and networking gatherings attended by journalists to establish in-person connections
  • Share industry insights, reports and resources to position yourself as a valuable source of information
  • Maintain periodic contact between pitches, updating journalists about brand developments and industry news
  • Express gratitude when journalists cover your stories or use your insights, nurturing positive rapport
  • Provide journalists with exclusive insights, early access or interviews to build trust and showcase your brand’s value
  • Extend invitations to exclusive events or product launches, fostering direct, in-person interactions

Crafting Pitches That Captivate

Think of a pitch as a story in itself. In fact, if your pitch is good enough and provides all the important details, you may not even need a press release. The idea is to captivate media attention immediately. Give them everything they need in that one email or message – key facts, the angle, hook or value proposition (how does your story align with current trends or fill a gap in the media landscape), always link your Flaunter profile, images, any and all product information. If you give them everything they need, they’re more likely to want to share your brand and story….and keep coming back to you because they know you’re a great partner to work with.

Choosing the Right Channels

Email is still a rock-solid choice for outreach, but remember: your subject line is your foot in the door. Make it compelling. The body of the email should flow naturally, leading to your core message.

And don’t forget or neglect social media. Platforms like Instagram, X (Twitter) and LinkedIn offer places for real, authentic interaction. Join discussions, share insights and connect like peers. It’s about more than PR; it’s about building genuine relationships!

Timing and Relevance

Pitch timing is everything. Newsjacking – tying your pitch to ongoing events – takes finesse. If done right, it makes your story a vital part of the conversation. Then there are evergreen pitches – timeless stories that stay relevant despite changing trends. Having a mix of both is golden.

Masting the Follow-Up

Follow-ups aren’t pesky; they’re vital. A gentle nudge keeps your story on their radar. And if you do it thoughtfully, it’s a reminder of your commitment, not a disturbance.

Ready for a follow-up? Here’s a friendly template: “Hi (Journalist’s Name), just checking in on the story idea I recently shared. Your expertise in (related topic) made me think our story could add value. If you find this intriguing, I’d be more than happy to discuss. Thank you for your time and consideration.”

With these strategies up your sleeve, you’re not just navigating media engagement – you’re owning it. Start building relationships and reaching out to media via Flaunter’s media directory today. Interested in a free trial? Contact us at

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