Meet Flaunter’s Emerging Designers of 2016: Emily Stone (UTS)

Emily Stone of UTS created a standout collection of men’s knitwear, and an effortlessly cool photo shoot to match. This talented machine knitter brought one of her pieces (and her infectious giggle) to Flaunter HQ last week for a chat.

1. What sparked your desire to design knitwear for men?

I just wanted to design garments that are really comfortable, snuggly and sort of protective that people feel good in and that are really nice to wear.

2. Tell us about the 24 hours before your graduate parade?

I lost one of my jumpers 24 hours before- I just misplaced it and was running around frantically panicking about that, but I found it so it was OK!

The day before I was trying to knit myself a pair of pants and it was taking so long, I was also making socks…and yeah, it was a long 24 hours!

3. If you could bring back one trend from the past what would it be?

I think I’d bring back the whole wearing of one colour head to toe, blue, red, green…you know- whatever!

4. What is the first piece of fashion you ever loved?

I always remember when I was 5 years old I had this red velvet matching One Hundred and One Dalmatians outfit. It had a dalmatian trim, was red velvet and had a little matching mini skirt. I used to wear it constantly- it was all I ever wore as a child.

5. Any advice for others looking to study fashion?

Just be really good friends with the people in your degree.  You spend so much time with them and they are the most amazing support network you can have I think throughout uni, so just be really good friends – and be really lovely to everyone.