Time to strike your pose and get excited about campaign season. You have your products and releases ready to go, now all you need is a carefully selected group of long limbed candidates to show it all off.
We’ve done the undercover work and put together the only guide you’ll need when collaborating with models.
Before you get excited and begin searching for that fresh faced beauty, you need to be fully aware of your brand’s identity and what you are selling. Planning takes time and what you think may work is not always what sells. Be sure to cover these areas:

  1. Know your purpose – Are you producing a print or online editorial? Or are you after e-com/lookbook models for your online shop / social media platform? Are you casting for any particular runway events or looking even further to find brand ambassadors? Be aware that your choice of model will most likely differ across all media formats. Look at campaigns you love for inspiration.
  2. Select your model/s appropriately – When working with agencies, it’s important to note that much of the time they decide who attends your casting call. If you’re after a certain look or would like to request certain individuals you’ve seen fluttering around, speak up and let them know! After all it’s your choice of representation, not theirs! If you decide to source internally, there are some great platforms such as The Right Fit ( that get you in touch with freelance instagram models and influencers without the hefty agency fees.
  3. Be picky – Hello 2018 and goodbye 1990. The modelling world in Australia has really changed over the past few decades. There’s still WAY more room for positive role models in the industry, however as the brand you have the power to choose who represents you. Pick a model who you think will both represent your product and relate to your customers. Embrace individuality! There are so many interesting faces that don’t fall under that ‘ideal mould’.

Lights, camera & action..
You have your weapons of choice, now let the fun begin! It’s important to note: shooting with amazing models does not always guarantee the perfect campaign. It takes a team to tango. No matter how big or small the shoot, get together an amazing group of individuals who are equally passionate about what they do. Choose stylists, production assistants and of course photographers who share the same creative ground. A happy and focused environment fosters amazing results.. That we can guarantee!
Making sure the entire team is on the same page is essential. Creating mood boards to show your model the kind of shots you are after can really lend them a hand. After all, they are hired to fill a brief, just like your photographer and stylist. The more information you give, the more chance you’ll have at capturing those stand out shots.
Also be sure to keep checking in with your model to see if everything’s a-ok. Long shoots can run over hours without much of a break, potentially leading to undesirable situations. Just like a flower, make sure your model is well hydrated/fed and allow them rest if needed.
(a.k.a avoiding the nightmare stuff)
Keep it all flowing smoothly right from the start! Terms of release/ copyright can be a grey area nowadays with many models taking to social media posting BTS shots. If your brand requires privacy and you want your content to remain exclusive before release, make sure you let the whole team know. Creating a document for everyone to sign is a smart move.
All too often we hear about the model who didn’t turn up to the shoot. Getting in touch with your model beforehand can be an opportunity for the first introduction. Depending on your chosen sourcing methods, all the nitty gritty including pay & release are usually done through the agency you’re working with.
However, that’s not to say introducing yourself is off the cards, it’s a very effective way of making sure your model has received all the correct details of times and shoot locations. Don’t be afraid..asking the agency for the models best point of contact and shooting through a simple message is widely accepted in this business.

Image: Miranda Kerr on set for Vogue Australia