Have you ever questioned, or been asked the question, does PR work? Our fellow brand managers and PR pros will know, that success is defined by captivating press coverage and a pulsating brand presence. And, fortunately for us, the days of simply guesstimating reach and impact are behind us. Now, there are a variety of insightful data-rich metrics that we can pull, decipher, report on and strategise for improved results.

So, the next time you find yourself doubting the value of your job – or someone else dares to question it – refer back to the essential PR metrics below 🙂


Circulation and Reach

Measure the potential eyes on your brand by tracking circulation and reach. Circulation refers to the total number of copies distributed by publications, while reach quantifies the estimated number of individuals who may come across your brand through various media channels. These metrics help you assess potential exposure and guide your strategic focus.


Mentions are the currency of the PR world. They represent instances when your brand name, products or campaigns are featured or discussed in media outlets. Each mention is an opportunity to generate buzz, capture your target audience’s attention and establish your brand as a thought leader. By monitoring and analysing mentions, you can gauge the impact of your PR efforts and refine your strategies for maximum exposure.


Go beyond brand presence and delve into sentiment analysis. Understand how your brand is perceived by audiences – whether it’s positive, negative or neutral. Sentiment measurement allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your PR campaigns, refine messaging and address any potential reputation issues swiftly and strategically.

Ad Value Equivalency (AVE)

While traditional advertising incurs costs, PR often generates earned media organically. AVE provides a way to estimate the value of earned media by comparing it to the cost of equivalent advertising space. This metric enables you to showcase the economic impact of PR efforts and validate the ROI to stakeholders, amplifying the importance of securing press coverage.

Share of Voice

In a bustling industry, it’s vital to assess your brand’s share of voice to understand its prominence compared to competitors. Share of voice measures the percentage of media coverage your brand receives relative to others in your industry. By monitoring this metric, you can identify opportunities for growth, pinpoint areas for improvement and ensure your brand remains at the forefront of industry conversations.

Social Amplification

In today’s media landscape, social media amplification is vital. Measure the reach and engagement generated by your brand’s content across social platforms. Identify the most effective social channels for spreading your brand’s message, enhance engagement strategies and cultivate a community of loyal followers who advocate for your brand.

Message Pull-Through

Consistency is key when it comes to PR campaigns. Measure message pull-through to assess how effectively your brand’s key messages are communicated and retained by the target audience. Optimise your messaging strategies, reinforce brand values and ensure your brand’s story resonates.

There you have it – an array of metrics and key performance indicators to incorporate into your PR job or strategy. Embrace these metrics, harness their power and watch as your brand’s performance reaches the stars.