In between building brands, consulting on strategies and putting on events of our dreams, the NAC Media team needed a better way to track samples, manage their showroom and connect with the media. We caught up with them to talk finding solutions, streamlining services and how Flaunter made all the difference…

On the NAC story NAC Media Group was established in 1999 by Founder & Director Nikki Andrews. We’re Australia’s preeminent communications agency, with divisions in luxury, premium brands and commercial. We offer an integrated mix of strategy consulting, media relations, marketing, advertising placement, digital services and event activations. We have a broad depth of experience, with each of our 12 permanent employees hailing from a diverse range of backgrounds within the fashion and lifestyle industries.
On surviving in the industry the nature of communications is that it’s an inherently fast-paced industry. Having efficient systems in place is vital to achieving maximum impact and enjoying continued success. We were using another system before Flaunter but it was clunky and wasn’t visual at all. On the other hand, Flaunter provides a one-stop-shop. You can manage samples, distribute brand imagery and liaise directly with the media all within the one platform. It has a high level of versatility and usability which not only gives it a leg-up on the competition, but also helps us hit targets and achieve maximum impact for our brands.
On landing product placements A large part of our success has come from achieving product placements for our showroom clients. As the media increasingly shifts towards the digital, it’s imperative to adapt and evolve with it and we needed a service that allowed us to reliably track the hundreds of samples we have at any one time and report on the publicity that comes with them. Accordingly, it made sense to partner with Flaunter as they’re leading the way in digital sample management and innovating the way showrooms can be managed digitally.
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On building the right relationships Building the right relationships with the right people is a big part of managing a successful agency. Creating authentic and genuine connections can sometimes take time and energy that (as a busy agency) we simply don’t have. Flaunter allows us to have more time to build face to face connections with the media, which is increasingly important in our ever-evolving digital world. This also gives us more time to devote to achieving amazing outcomes for our clients.
On being results-driven Since joining with Flaunter, we’ve seen a very specific increase in media placements through the native Albums and Mood Boards functions. We know this for sure because Flaunter’s reporting capabilities are very in-depth and tell us who has downloaded images, when, and what for and we can directly cross-reference this with the publicity we receive as it appears. We can then use this data to provide accurate and comprehensive feedback to our clients on how their samples and imagery are performing and being used by media.
On revolutionising the showroom One of our favourite Flaunter features is the way showroom samples are able to be managed. We can quickly reference the whereabouts of any of our samples at a glance which saves us an incredible amount of time. We also love the way imagery is able to be distributed through the platform as it helps to realise opportunities with little to no ongoing effort!
On the importance of support The team behind Flaunter are incredibly pro-active. Not only do they actively engage with you and look for ways to assist with leverage opportunities for your brand(s) but they’re always available to help and provide additional support as needed. Being an Australian-owned company with an Australian-based team means that this support is timely and we can also catch-up in person!
On what’s next We’re working with Flaunter to innovate and develop a sound concept for digital showrooms. This will help to further drive and enhance the digital results for the agency’s portfolio of clients.
On Flaunter in three words Efficient, easy, innovative.
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