With the weird and whimsical end of 2016 now behind us, we’re undoubtedly all looking for some piece of mind come 2017. The new year brings forth an opportunity for change with a nostalgic nod to our roots.
It’s all one big earthy undertone this year – from fashion to interiors, we’re seeking something more authentic that expresses our need for undefined beauty. With so many possibilities, here’s our guide to the top trends for 2017, and how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle:
With a continuation of our love of pastel, this year’s colour scheme favours a blend of violet mauves and greys to form one hazy milieu. Perfect for creating streamlined designs within the home or assisting with a colourful yet neutral lift to an outfit.
Texture and tacticity is something to look out for in 2017. With our planet in mind, both designers and consumers are making more sustainable choices reflected in the use of materials such as yarns, paper and twine. Expect to see a mix of khaki and earth shades as an alternative colour scheme in women’s swimwear.
Consumers are fed up with the same old replica prints and designer rip-offs. In retaliation – authentic design is on the rise. Young, yet sophisticated ‘colour pop’ has no rules. A combination of eclectic patterns and waxy brights all the way from kitchenware to activewear will be hot this year.
Think of pale greeny tones like algae and seafoam. With the launch of Pantone’s 2017 Colour of the Year, ‘Greenery’ is sure to have its place anywhere and everywhere. A more complex and subtle mix of green and blue means natural dyes will be all the hype, particularly in bedding and soft furnishings. An excellent way to maintain a minimalist but modern feel within the home.
As our natural theme continues, urban archaeology is becoming popular amongst interiors and fashion. In 2017, a quirky blend of tribal motifs will be on trend. The colour scheme is vast, so expect to see elements ranging from rust and ionised metals to bold colourful ethnic prints. A minimalists appearance is still popular within living spaces, so folks will be happy to know that their stone and marble pieces remain on point.
Ultra femininity takes to the stage in a palette of cherry blossom pinks, bold reds and blurred floral prints. Floral accents are particularly prevalent in statement-making interiors and accessories. Keep an eye out for some of the new takes on traditional floral prints as Japanese inspired design are also set to be popular.
Dust off your lurex because the 80’s are making a comeback! Disco is going to be big for 2017, especially amongst a younger demographic. A desire to escape daily duties, the transcendent nature of space, moon and stars allows for an optimistic (and shiny!) expressionism.
Keep the good karma flowing… In the spirit of our earth loving vibes, synthetics are becoming more popular in place of furs and leathers. During 2016, we saw a resurgence in accessories embellished with faux fur, and you’ll be happy to know it’s only the beginning. 2017 predicts velvety finishes, peacock-style feathers and vegan leather as a popular choice in casual wear.
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Images: Banner by The Pattern People, Trend banners via Unsplash and product images via Flaunter.com