Top 5 Faces to Watch as selected by Amanda Shadforth, Oracle Fox

Our final panellist for Flaunter Emerging 2015 – Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox.

Of course this fabulous and multi-talented lady needs little introduction…

Known for her impeccable style and unique creative skill set, Amanda began her career as an Australian contemporary artist. She enjoyed success domestically and abroad with her vast body of highly acclaimed work. Transitioning to the digital space just five years ago with the creation of Oracle Fox, Amanda has become one of Australia’s leading fashion influencers.

She is also one of the most down-to-earth ladies we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. With a cracker smile.

Here are Amanda’s Top 5 Emerging Faces to Watch. Congratulations!

Jacqui Hayes

There is a level of maturity and sophistication in Jacqueline’s work. I love the contemporary feeling of her work, her understanding of colour and her appreciation for combining all of these elements into a cohesive collection. My favourite look is the striped palazzo pants with textured yellow and white fringe top. There is something very ‘ready to wear’ about this that I can see resonating with a broad audience.

jacqui hayes - flaunter emerging

Zoe Efstathis

The playfulness in Zoe Efstathis’ collection is exciting and vibrant. I love her experimentation with textiles and the energy portrayed in her work. I see much potential from this young designer, and would be intrigued to see more from her future collections. My favourite look is the layered three-piece outfit. I love the oversized proportions and the youthful play with colour.

zoe - flaunter emerging

Evelyn Li

Evelyn Li portrays an exciting sense of urban youth to her cohesively tough collection. I love the modern, almost New York vibe of her pieces, and the attitude and creativity that she emulates. An interesting approach to layering and use of fabrics in unusual ways cohesively bands together to create an almost sports luxe feeling. My favourite look is the all white coat and trouser. This outfit may be quite artistic however I love the experimentation in layers, the folding of fabric and the overall way that it all comes together. It has excellent editorial appeal.

evelyn li - flaunter emerging

Jessica Park

I am intrigued by Jessica Park’s work, there is a sense of couture in the way that Jessica interprets the fabrics that she is working with. Her respect and appreciation for the textiles that she chooses are evident in the way that she designs her pieces. My favourite look is Jessica’s ribbon dress, the fluidity of the strapping is interesting and dynamically appealing.

jessica park - flaunter emerging

Tanu Vasu

Tanu Vasu shows an intriguing level of technical ability. Her hand woven couture-like detailing is fascinating. Tanu’s appreciation and respect for art and technology are evident in her futuristic looks. It will be interesting to see where Tanu heads in the future. I love the intricate detailing in this look.

tanu vasu - flaunter emerging