How do I tell my brand’s story?

Building on human connection is an important part in establishing your brand identity, handing you some brownie points within the competitive market. So how can you share your identity without losing face to what matters most?

Spotlight on: George Wu

Queensland-based couturier George Wu chats to Team Flaunter about why he loves creating bespoke pieces...

Spotlight on: Josephine Perkins from Homage

Find out what accessory designer Josephine Perkins has top of her list for next season.

What types of photos/content do media want?

Looking to produce some eye-candy to score a little media attention? Here's our guide to what the media are looking for...

Spotlight on: Alcie Litzow from AlcieMay

Alice Litzow from AlcieMay gives us the low down on all things athleisure.

Where to find free images for your blog

When you're running a blog, it can often be difficult to find free images or photos to use in those instances where you don't have the time or resources to run your own shoot. Here at Flaunter, we know a thing or two about image sourcing...

How to: PR for emerging brands with zero time

Never underestimate the power of being undiscovered. The media always want to be the ones to discover the next big thing, so put aside your nerves and to show them why you're the one they should be talking about.

Three ways to forecast the next fashion trend

Trend forecasting is a little like predicting the weather. Following the current patterns and comparing them to past can give you a good idea of what’s to come...

Spotlight on: Greg Banks from A Rock on a Lens

Whether it's showstopping sunglasses or ornately bottled fragrances, Greg Banks' designs are more like experiences than fashion accessories. We loved our chat with this passionate emerging WA creative.

How the media can find your images on Flaunter

Nobody wants their images to be invisible, so it's lucky that Flaunter's media users can discover your brand in three different ways.

3 ways to visually curate your brand to stand out

Bored with that same old image? Visual curation can breathe new life into your brand and set you apart from the crowd.

If you’re looking for somewhere to begin, have a read of our ultimate guide to creating your own unique brand personality through visual communication.

3 ways to make your brand more ethical & sustainable

From fashion to interiors, many brands are looking to jump on board the sustainability train, but where to begin? There’s so many directions (and misdirections) in this tricky field, so we've come to the rescue sharing some innovative ways to make your brand more green.

How to have a great relationship with your models

We’ve done the undercover work and put together the only guide you’ll need when collaborating with models. Behold some of the unspoken tips you won’t be told...

3 ideas to spring clean your brand

When it feels as though those lightbulb moments have all but disappeared, it may be time to freshen up your brand.

How to maintain the perfect Flaunter profile

Are your photo downloads looking swell? Want to keep that sweet, sweet momentum going? In that case, this blog is a must read.

How to build a media list from scratch

Everyone knows that media attention is important for the growth of your brand and that writing great media releases are a must - but do you know how to build your very own media list to send those expertly crafted releases to?

Who are influencers and how should you work with them?

It feels like just yesterday the cult classic Mean Girls aired our screens, where we laughed irrepressibly at how Regina George’s army pants and flip flop’s set record sales as leader of the influential “Plastics”. How one girl can change a dress code is not such a far out view than we may think...

How to make sure your internship isn’t the one everybody complains about

Internships are about helping someone learn about their future industry, not scoring yourself a free coffee runner or envelope-stuffer...

The key to dealing with difficult clients

Although there’s always going to be the odd unreasonable person who’s unhappy no matter what you do, we’ve put together a couple of strategies to help you deal with those clients who make you tense up as soon as you hear they're on the other end of the phone.

How to create the perfect Flaunter profile

Many of you have asked,  so we decided it was time to sit down, put on our thinking caps and typing fingers (which is totally a thing) and tell our beloved brands how to build the perfect Flaunter profile.

It’s a lot more simple than you think.