Let’s manifest something. Your brand right on the cusp of “Oh, I know them!” Just a heartbeat away from becoming a household name.

You’re not merely waiting in the wings for your moment in the media spotlight – you’re out there, ready to seize it.

But how do you pivot from ‘up-and-coming’ to ‘front-and-centre’? How do you capture the attention of media outlets and turn your brand story into the talk of the town?

Turning media dreams into headlines isn’t just about luck; it’s about strategy. And while Flaunter can significantly amplify your efforts, there’s a foundation of digital PR savvy that every brand needs to master first. Here’s the lowdown.

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Understand the media landscape

Media outlets are inundated with pitches. To stand out, understand their beat, their audience and what kinds of stories resonate with them. Tailor your pitch to fit their niche and current interests. Show them that you know their content and you have something that will add value to it.

Be newsworthy

Why should the media cover your brand? “Newsworthy” means different things to different outlets, but it often includes elements of novelty, human interest, timeliness and relevance. Position your brand within current trends or events to increase its appeal to media professionals.

Before you reach out, look in. What’s your brand’s narrative? If you can’t spell it out in a sentence or two, it’s back to the storyboard. Think of your brand story as your pitch – it needs to be compelling, concise and complete with a hook that leaves them wanting more.

Create a digital media kit

Every brand should have an easily accessible digital media kit, complete with high-res images, detailed product descriptions and compelling brand stories. The easier you make it for journalists to find and use your information, the more likely they are to cover you. Flaunter’s platform is built for this, giving you a natural edge.

Nail the follow-up

Sending your press release into the void isn’t enough. Follow up with a personal touch, but be respectful of journalists’ time. A well-timed follow-up can make the difference between a missed opportunity and a feature story.

Storytelling is key

The art of storytelling can’t be understated. Your brand doesn’t just sell a product or service – it tells a story. What’s your mission? What’s the transformation that your product brings about? This narrative is what will captivate the media and, in turn, their audience.

Think about storytelling with more than just letters on a page. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the digital PR world, it’s worth so much more. Flaunter’s image library enables your high-resolution, ready-to-publish content to be discovered by media 24/7, making it easier for them to download and promote your brand.

Timing matters

Aligning your pitches with seasonal stories, events or even current news can increase your chances of getting covered. Monitor the media cycle and choose your moments wisely. If you have an event, launch or major announcement, give journalists a heads-up well in advance.

Build authentic relationships

Media relationships are just like any other – they thrive on authenticity and mutual benefit. Take the time to build real connections with journalists, bloggers and influencers. When you have a story to tell, these relationships will be invaluable.

Flaunter doesn’t just connect you with media; we help you build relationships. Reach out, engage and pitch your heart out. Remember, media professionals are always on the hunt for the next big thing – be confident that it’s you.

Work smarter not harder

Utilise your digital showroom to showcase your latest collections and products. Make it easy for stylists, journalists and content creators from anywhere in the world to discover and fall in love with what you offer. Flaunter’s sample tracking feature ensures that your products find their way to the right hands for the right opportunities.

Analytics are your [best] friend

Data should inform your strategy. Track which types of content, which pitches and which angles get the most media attention. Flaunter’s metrics give you these insights, but it’s up to you to analyse and act on them. Understanding what works will refine your approach, making every pitch more effective than the last.

Educate your audience

Beyond just selling a product, educate your audience. Provide value through your content by sharing insights, statistics and stories that resonate even beyond your product line. This positions your brand as an authority and a thought leader in your space.

Offer exclusive content

Media outlets love exclusives. If you can offer a first look, a unique angle, or a compelling interview, you’ll go to the top of the pile. Consider what ‘only’ your brand can offer, and make it enticing.

Leveraging these strategies can transform your digital PR efforts from static to sensational. Flaunter can amplify these efforts, acting as your digital PR assistant without the salary, giving you the all-in-one tools needed to be personable, professional and intuitively ahead of the game.

Ready to snag that media spotlight? It’s time to flaunt it your way.


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Let’s flaunt it, shall we?

Bringing brands into the media spotlight is what we’re passionate about at Flaunter. We understand the inestimable value that media features offer to brands, especially in industries like fashion, beauty, home, wellness and more. Connecting brands with the right media outlets is an art, and when done right, it’s a win-win for everyone.

So, to all the brands out there looking to make a mark: Get out there, share your story and watch as the world sits up and takes notice. And remember, at Flaunter, we’re always here to help you shine the brightest!