For our most recent industry profile, we caught up with marketing executive Diem Lam to find out more about her role at BoConcept, and why working with stylists is an integral part of their brand strategy.


Can you tell us a little about BoConcept?  

BoConcept was born in Denmark in 1952, and is today a premium retail lifestyle brand, with over 300 stores in 65 countries. We design, produce and sell contemporary Scandinavian furniture and accessories for the home from living, dining, bedroom, home office and outdoor. 

Danish design is embedded in our legacy, with decades of functional and stylish pieces that focus on timeless craftsmanship. Our professional team of interior designers also provide a comprehensive in-home or in-store interior design service that helps customers co-create their dream homes using our extensive catalogue of products. We have two stores in Sydney, Crows Nest and the other in the Supa Centa at Moore Park. Between the two stores, we have 10 awesome and knowledgeable interior designers that are ready to help.  

Can you tell us about your role and how you got there?

I joined the company mid-2019. My role at BoConcept oversees all the marketing – SEO, strategy and execution across a variety of ATL and BTL marketing campaigns.

Originally a photographer by trade, I started my career at a multi-franchise automotive company doing stock photography for cars and learnt marketing there on-the-go. It was an exciting industry to be working in, I gained a ton of knowledge and skills! However, after four years I left and took a six-month break for some quality ‘me time’. By default, I transitioned into the Architecture and Design market, doing marketing at a tiling company for two years, which then led me to my current position at BoConcept.

BoConcept Diem
Diem Lam – SEO and Digital Marketing Executive at BoConcept

What would you say is the most challenging (and rewarding) part of your job?

The most challenging part of marketing is, of course, the most rewarding aspect. It’s all about the conversions and results. There’s no point having a website if nobody can see it, or having loads of traffic if it leads to no sales. Every website serves a different purpose, but when it comes to sales, I think optimisation is key and there’s always room for improvement. You want your customer to have the best online experience when it comes to your product, as much as they do offline or when they visit the store.

The digital platform is constantly reinventing itself and forever changing. As users, we experience that on a day-to-day basis. For marketers, it’s all about research, analysing the trends, and identifying where your target market is in their purchasing journey.

What sets BoConcept apart in the lifestyle/homewares market?  

BoConcept has more than three times the customisation options than any other designer furniture store. We’re a high-end retailer that specialises in Danish design. You could say it’s a niche market and we cater to the top 5-10% of income earners, selling a lifestyle as opposed to individual products.  Our customers are very design-conscious and looking for quality products that meet the needs of their lifestyle. 

Our customer service is second to none, with 4.75 Google rating between both stores, sporting over 600 reviews – which I think speaks volumes. Everything is handled in-house from sales to delivery and installation- we’re a one-stop solution. 

BoConcept PR

What are your core in-house PR activities that drive coverage? 

For us, it’s easier to work backwards by asking “what haven’t we done?” We work with a lot of magazines and online platforms that drive coverage for BoConcept. In terms of brand awareness, we’ll cover anything. From sponsorships, products placements, activations and press release distribution where we can generate more exposure.

How do you connect with media and stylists? Is this an important part of your brand strategy?  

It’s been a combination of us reaching out to them and vice versa. It varies from online mediums, to word-of-mouth and social networking events. Over the years, we’ve built some great relationships with interior designers, stylists, publishing houses, and influencers that approach us for upcoming projects and events they feel are aligned with our band. Cross-marketing with non-competing brands has also been a great tool for us to reach clients outside our everyday audience.  

What are some of the major events or milestones on the BoConcept calendar this year?

Launching our annual catalogue in September is always a highlight to look forward to. Due to the recent COVID events, a few styling events with industry gurus have been postponed until we get a better understanding of the market. 

BoConcept Styling

Favourite inspo Instagram accounts that we should be following?

I’ve had to cull lots of inspo accounts, because my feed was just getting too flooded. However, if there’s one I consistently follow it’s interior stylist Steve Cordony @stevecordony. I loved seeing the process of his farmhouse renovations unfold overtime and its completion! I’m also a huge lover of food and well-designed institutions and the guys at Alexander & Co @alexander_andco really have that down pat.

Favourite item in store right now?

The Chelsea armchair by Karim Rashid looks like a fluffy cloud! It’s super comfy too. (Featured in the cover image) 

Your brand in 3 words 

Danish, customisable, furniture.