A well-placed product is a silent ambassador, creating brand recognition and recall. Picture this, Tom Cruise rocking a pair of Ray Ban aviators, James Bond never without his Omega watch, Carrie Bradshaw sitting at her window with an Apple MacBook. You instantly know what we’re talking about, right. That is the magic of well-placed product placement.

Product placement has long been a coveted strategy to capture the attention of consumers. However, it’s 2023. It’s a new world – The media and brand promotion landscape is changing faster than we can change our nail art! So let’s explore what product placement means today and what you should be doing to put your brand in the spotlight.

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Traditional vs. Innovative Product Placement

In the past, brands sought the limelight in magazines, newspapers and television. While these classic avenues still hold their sway, the true innovation lies in embracing new approaches that captivate and connect with today’s consumers. Welcome to the new era of product placement, where collaborations with influencers and content creators across various new media platforms are revolutionising brand promotion.

70% of brands will reallocate at least 10% of their media budget to product placement in entertainment content. This prediction underlines the growing significance of product placement as a powerful marketing tool in the years to come.


These are some of our favourite types of product placement opportunities for brands:

Influencer collaborations:

Partner with relevant influencers on social media platforms to feature and promote your products seamlessly in their content. This can be achieved through dedicated posts, unboxing videos or lifestyle vlogs.

Magazine features and editorial placements

Collaborate with industry magazines to have your products featured in editorial content or dedicated product showcases. This provides exposure to a targeted readership and lends credibility to your brand through product reviews, gift guides, or trend round-ups.

Streaming services and TV shows

Secure product placements within popular streaming services or TV shows, seamlessly integrating your brand’s products into storylines or showcasing them prominently to reach a wide and engaged audience.

Virtual events and webinars

Take advantage of virtual events and webinars to showcase your products to a targeted audience. Collaborate with event organisers or host your own virtual event to feature and demonstrate your products in real-time, generating interest and engagement.

E-commerce platforms

Collaborate with e-commerce platforms to have your products featured as recommended or sponsored items, reaching customers who actively seek related products in their online shopping journeys.

Virtual reality: Explore opportunities for product placements within popular video games or virtual reality experiences. This can include in-app integrations, virtual branded environments or even creating custom virtual experiences to showcase your products in immersive and interactive ways.

Celebrity endorsements: Partner with celebrities or notable public figures who align with your brand’s values and target audience. Their endorsement, whether through red carpet appearances, social media posts or press interviews, can generate buzz and increase brand visibility.

Remember, each product placement opportunity should align with your brand’s target audience and marketing goals.

Tips for brands to optimise product placement opportunities:

Identify relevant opportunities

Research media outlets, influencers and digital platforms that align with your brand’s values and target audience. Seek opportunities where your product can naturally integrate into the storyline or content.

Strategic lead times

Plan ahead! Understand the lead times required for various media outlets and adjust your outreach accordingly. Being proactive and well-prepared will maximise your chances of success.

Engage with authenticity

Stand out by building genuine relationships with journalists, influencers, and content creators. Personalise your outreach and convey how your product aligns with their audience and editorial style.

The power of visual assets

Ensure you have professionally shot, high-resolution images that capture the essence of your brand and product. This allows media outlets to seamlessly incorporate your visuals into their content. Flaunter provides a comprehensive solution for brands to showcase their visual assets, ensuring they are readily available to media outlets hungry for captivating content.

Offer samples or trials

Provide media outlets, influencers and journalists with product samples or trials to facilitate their genuine experience and generate authentic reviews. Tailor your samples to align with their interests and provide clear instructions on how to experience the full potential of your product. Keep track of your sample loans and gifted products with a sample tracking tool like Flaunter…which already saves brands 100s of hours every month!

Follow up gracefully

After the initial outreach, follow up in a timely and courteous manner. Express your gratitude for their consideration and provide any additional information or support they may require.

As brands continue to embrace the new age of product placement, the possibilities for creative storytelling and impactful brand experiences are limitless!


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