The inner workings of the magazine business can be quite mysterious for those who simply have the pleasure of reading them. At Flaunter, we love getting to know the many different people (and various jobs) involved in the creation of your favourite glossy pages – which is why we asked Photo Editor, Robyn Fay-Perkins, to shed some light on her role at Marie Claire and Instyle, and explain how Flaunter helps her meet those infamous magazine deadlines.

A quick who, what, where

I am the photo editor at Marie Claire and InStyle magazines (I job share with my colleague and “work-wife” Jemma Waud) and my role is to source the images for each issue – from fashion to features and everything else in between!  Marie Claire is under the Pacific Magazines umbrella which publishes other magazines like InStyle, Who, Better Homes & Gardens etc.

On the best part of being a photo editor at Marie Claire and Instyle

I love that it’s quite a creative role, as we get to throw out ideas for shoots or concept stories. I also love the feeling of finally finding an image which I’ve searched high and low for – I high five myself a lot…
I also love that these magazines are striving to change women’s lives for the better, whether it’s because at Marie Claire we’re informing women about politically charged events which affect other women around the world, or if it’s InStyle showcasing successful, talented women – both magazines help to inspire and build confidence in other women. Even if it’s just so a woman (or man!) can sit quietly for half an hour and read a magazine for some quiet time, these are all good/positive things!


On the day-in-the-life of a photo editor

Starting with a coffee or strong tea (of course), I get to my desk at 9am and check emails to see if any pitches have come in overnight from overseas and responding to anything urgent straight away. We often have a list of stories coming up and I start searching for images with different agencies and work closely with the features and art teams to determine the feel of a story.
There are many meetings to discuss any sensitive stories or photo shoots we have coming up. Of course, if it’s deadline, then things can be a little manic with some features changing last minute if they’re more timely whether it’s political or fashion related – we’re definitely on our toes then!
(Lunch – so important! Never miss a meal…a pho at our local Vietnamese or poke bowl)
Back to work, it’s answering emails or requesting more images from photographers or agencies. Setting up photo shoots can be very time-consuming and it’s a little bit like rounding cats – making sure everyone is free at the same time – it’s like putting a puzzle together and all the pieces have to fit. The right team is essential and can make or break a shoot.
3pm – cup of tea time… and essential part of my day 😉 Then there’s ordering high-resolution images to go to print, making sure the image captions and photographer credits get put in the magazine and end-of-day admin, like invoices etc.

On overcoming a common industry challenge

Sometimes it can be a challenge to find still life accessories or products for a story – and we appreciate how busy PR agents are – so having a site like Flaunter to go to for immediate download access is such a relief… especially on those deadline days!

On speeding up processes

The most attractive thing about the platform is the speed at which I can come by the shot I need. Having all the information there, the ease at which I can search for an image – all of these things help to get those pages out to print quickly and with little fuss.

On saving time & money

Using Flaunter saves our time both time AND money! It is an essential platform for us for both of those reasons!

On Flaunter in 3 words

Simple (or Easy), Efficient and Convenient. I would definitely recommend Flaunter to my peers for exactly those reasons.

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