Spotlight on: Josephine Perkins from Homage

What makes you passionate about the label?

Producing collections that are a little left off centre for women who are a little left of centre, and knowing that we are manufacturing by ethical and sustainable means.

What’s on your desk right now?

A French curve, rulers, dot and cross paper, white lilies, a strong latte and a book Hormones and Behaviour: A Psychological Approach for next season research!

If you could bring back one fashion trend from any decade, what would it be?

70’s velvet suits.

If someone could only buy one new accessory next season, what should it be and why?

Absolutely any of the footwear from Gucci because they are goddamn amazing!

Are you more of a piece hunter or a gatherer?

Definitely a gatherer. I love that joy of discovering something that excites me that I never knew I needed.

My perfect pair of ____is..?

Lingerie is romantic, feminine and something I wear more for myself than for anyone else.

Image: Homage via Flaunter