This week we shine the spotlight on Natalie Thorogood, founder of Soak Society. Natalie has created a range of luxe wellness bath soaks and accessories, all made on the sparkling shores of the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

What is your background and how did you get started in the industry? 

I have a varied background, I’ve never really stuck around in one job for too long. I have a PR degree but have never worked in the industry. My job before Soak Society was as a personal concierge for high-end clients in Brisbane. I’ve also worked in hospitality management in Perth and Sydney, been a labourer for a mining company, and a photographer in Canada. I feel like everything I have done has lead me to where I am right now!

What does your typical day look like? Has it changed since starting Soak Society?

Yes, it’s definitely changed, I have more freedom in my days, and have learnt to practice what I preach which is ‘me-time’. I moved home to the Sunshine Coast around 2 years ago, and that has done wonders for my stress levels. No day is really regular, as I sometimes work from our warehouse in Coolum Beach, or from home or a cafe! Some days I’ll be delivering local orders, or meeting with collaborators, and some days I might take a yoga class at 9am, and then work a bit later to make up for taking the morning for me.

What advice would you give someone trying to do what you do? 

Don’t let a lack of money or time stop you. Just go for it, and figure things out along the way. If you have the passion and drive, it will always be possible!

What would you say is the most challenging part of running your business? 

Trying to do everything all at once, switching roles quickly – for example, production manager one minute to marketing manager the next. I do love it, but sometimes it can be very exhausting. I have just one part-time staff member to assist me (plus a few contractors) right now, so I’m always conscious of reminding myself of the amazing benefits of business owner life!

Soak Society
What is your favourite product from your range? 

Our newest wellness soak Yinyang. It has activated charcoal for ultimate detoxification, and the scent is a subtle pink grapefruit, neroli and vanilla.

What 3 beauty products would you take to a desert island?

Face mist (I love Clemence Organics Tone and Hydrate Rose Spritz), Edible Beauty Tinted Vanilla Silk Lotion (it has natural sun protection), and sunscreen of course! (Ecostore’s zinc).

Who is your favourite beauty blogger or website? 

Tomboy Beauty and Zoe Foster Blake (her book is hilarious)

What has been your biggest ‘win’ since launching? 

I don’t think I can choose just one! Our first trade fair in February in Sydney was a highlight, as was our feature in Vogue Australia online, and in Harper’s Bazaar late last year.

And one for us.. Why did you need Flaunter and what did you use before? 

For an online image library mainly as Flaunter makes it easy to send out links to our galleries. But I like the idea of controlling our own PR (who accesses our images etc). Before this, we had a PR agency for 4 months.


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