We catch-up with Tabatha Brixton, founder of Allora capes to chat about the new collection, her important relationship with local manufacturers and receiving an Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation.

What makes you passionate about your label?  

I’m very passionate about the quality of my capes and that they made in Melbourne. I’m proud that the label is contributing to the Australian fashion industry and utilising the skills and talents of garment manufacturers here in Australia.

I love having a direct relationship with my maker. I can go to the factory anytime and check on production, see the fabric being cut and discuss products or new design ideas. I’m lucky to have a maker who has been making for some of Australia’s best fashion labels for over 35 years. They are a wealth of knowledge on how to produce high-quality garments to ensure they not only look amazing but stand the test of time which is incredibly important to me. Many of my customers are also passionate about buying Australian made and ethically produced fashion and I receive a lot of emails saying not only how thrilled they are with their cape, but how much they love the fact that it’s made in Melbourne.

What’s on your desk right now?  

A baby monitor! I have recently had my second baby and learning to juggle everything on a whole new level! On the work front, I’m looking at gorgeous silk swatches for Summer 2017. I am currently working on extending the range beyond winter capes so stay tuned.

What has changed for you this year and what are you looking forward to? 

This is the first year Allora capes will be stocked in designer boutiques in Australia and New Zealand.  I’m really excited to see how the capes go in boutiques and the response to the label in store.

Tell us about achieving Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation and what this means to you.  

We received our formal accreditation in February 2017 and are very proud to be a part of this body.  Ethical Clothing Australia work very hard to ensure Australian workers in the textile industry receive fair wages and decent working conditions. There’s no way I could sleep at night not knowing if the people making my capes were getting what they are entitled to. There is great skill involved in making garments to a high standard and it’s only fair everyone is paid appropriately. It’s important the ECA exists to regulate and assist garment makers, to ensure that the whole process is transparent.  I like giving my customers the assurance that we are ethically produced.

If someone could only buy one new accessory next season, what should it be and why?

Every winter I buy myself a new silk scarf. I just love how a scarf can update and make an outfit. I have recently come across the gorgeous oversized scarves of Dog&Boy so I would recommend having a look. I’m having lots of fun layering scarves with my capes at the moment.

What was the first piece of fashion you ever loved?

I can remember being about 6 or 7 and loving all the amazing vintage pieces in my Nanna’s dress up box. I just loved it.   It was a mix of her old clothes, hand-made and scraps of material left over which we made into headscarves. I used to love dressing up and then posing for photos of course!

My perfect pair of ____ is?

My perfect pair of earrings are my beautiful silver mesh hoops given to me by my lovely husband. I always get comments on them.

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