Top 5 Faces to Watch as selected by the Australian Fashion Chamber

Flaunter Emerging‘s judging panel continues to deliver it’s Faces to Watch and it’s another exciting week!

Courtney Miller is the General Manager of the Australian Fashion Chamber – Australia’s peak industry body for fashion. Originally from Byron Bay Coco (yep just like Chanel) grew up surfing and running wild before living, traveling and working across in the world in London, Paris and Kenya. She has an undergraduate degree in international relations, a Masters in Communications and is a French speaker who attended France’s premier political university.

And let’s not forget her role as Head of Communications at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art and her work on Free Trade Agreements at the Australian Federal Department of Finance.

More than qualified to lead the AFC, Coco’s mum cites that this role was in fact preordained as she tells the story of Courtney as a 5 year old choosing Vogue Bride magazine as essential reading on a family camping trip.

Courtney has chosen her Top 5 Faces to Watch.

And what better than the AFC’s tick of approval? Their offer of a one-on-one mentoring session with an AFC designer member of choice for each of the students Courtney has selected.

So a huge round of applause to the students included below. Your first step to world domination…


QUT was the unexpected surprise this year with a really strong cohort. Must be something in the sun up there… so we’ve been a lil’ unbalanced and nominated two of their students.

Jonathan Rae had structured elements while being fun. The spot was an interesting and consistent component of the collection and shows a potential starting point for a signature piece.

Jonathan Rae - flaunter emerging

Kat Walsh demonstrated beautiful tailoring with wearable pieces. Her collection was commercial with interesting details like wide lapels and paint stripes.



Zoe Efstathis is obviously a talented designer with both the commercial and editorial in mind to ensure she communicates the overall concept. I want to order the extraordinary weaved textile coat, which seems to have a modern Native American inspiration.

zoe - flaunter emerging

Sydney TAFE FDS:

Frederick Jenkyn. I like his playfulness, his use of multiple textures – wool, leather and fringe. The day to night pieces are versatile – I love the concept of pleats at night.

frederick jenkyn - flaunter emerging


Amber Reece. There’s a feeling of heritage and luxury, but with an edge. Rich detail which could somehow be draped both on the shoulders of Alexander the Great or the modern man. So rare in a men’s designer – we think she will go far.

Amber-Reese,-Photographed-by-Stuart-Chen-(Image-Ten) - flaunter emerging