In part two of our series on fashion influencers, we’re bringing you our go-to names and accounts that fit into the “macro” category. Hitting the sweet spot between audience and engagement, macro-influencers are those that sit between the mega and micro ends of the spectrum. With a follower count between 100, 000 and 300, 000, the macro-influencer has less followers than their mega fellows (see our hit list of mega influencers here), but a higher level of engagement because of it. While micro-influencers offer the highest levels of audience engagement, the macro set remain a popular choice for brands looking for creative direction and artistic collaborations, where sponsored posts fit seamlessly into the influencer’s aesthetic. Our featured list of fashion macro-influencers all have extensive portfolios and unique style, with each charging an average of $1, 000 – $5, 000* for paid postings. What are you waiting for? Get scrolling!

JIAWA LIU Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Jaiwa-Liu
Find her at @beigerenegade, posting from Australia, Paris and around the world to 209, 000 followers.
A self-described patron of form over motif and functionality over appearance, Jiawa Liu brings androgynous cool to the fashion macro-influencer scene. A purveyor of minimalism and holistic living, expect tomboy chic styling that is less about trends and more about the way an outfit makes you feel.

BROOKE TESTONI Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Brooke-Testoni
Find her at @brooketestoni, posting from the Australia to 138, 000 followers.
A front-row regular of fashion weeks around the globe, Brooke Testoni’s eponymous blog and Instagram are a perpetual source of style inspiration. With those eyebrows, that wardrobe and this dog, Brooke is gaining cult status, lending her name to beauty, fashion and interior trends.

CHRISTIE TYLER Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Christie-Tyler
Find her at @christietyler, posting from NYC to 192, 000 followers.
With a vintage-inspired aesthetic that lends it perfectly to the old-world drama of New York City, we love Christie Tyler for effortlessly wearable looks with touches of understated glamour. Look for linen twin sets and sling back heels, outfits finished with rose gold jewels and one of Christie’s signature wicker purses.

LISA SMITH Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Lisa-Smith
Find her at @lisadanielle__, posting from the Australia and around the world to 145, 000 followers.
Hailing from Byron Bay, Lisa Smith epitomises modern-bohemian style. Her feed features an enviable collection of gypsy inspired ensembles that have us dreaming of far-flung locations and spontaneous travels.

JOSEFINE HAANING JENSEN Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Josefine-Haaning-Jensen
Find her at @josefinehj, posting from Denmark and around the world to 280, 000 followers.
Forever giving us serious travel envy, this Denmark-based blogger is everything you want in a fashion macro-influencer: Super engaged audience, cult style status, and an array of glamourous locations that serve as the perfect backdrop for her need-it-now styling choices.

CHARLOTTE BRIDGEMAN Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Charlotte-Bridgeman
Find her at @winstonandwillow, posting from Australia and NYC to 164, 000 followers.
Splitting her time between Melbourne and NYC, Charlotte brings us the perfect balance of New York classicism and the nonchalant street-style that has come to define the Australian aesthetic. Expect distressed denim paired with preppy blouses, sneakers and slogan tees dressed up with blazers and ruffled details.

BEATRICE GUTU Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Beatrice-Gutu1
Find her at @thefashioncuisine, posting from Germany and the Netherlands to 122, 000 followers.
The Fashion Cuisine is an exploration into the mind of Beatrice Gutu, bringing us a 90’s inspired take on fashion, photography, beauty and travel. Offering a fusion of high fashion and high street, vintage and modern and masculine and feminine, Beatrice has been featured in the pages of Vogue and Elle and has lent her creative direction to collaborations with brands such as Net-a-Porter, Tom Ford Beauty and Calvin Klein.

ROOS-ANNE VAN DORSTEN Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Roos-Anne-Von-Dorsten
Find her at @moderosa, posting from the Netherlands and around the world to 202, 000 followers.
Forever inspiring us to think outside the box, Roos-Anne van Dorsten is our go-to for bold outfits and inimitable styling. With that thrift-shop aesthetic of thrown together looks that just work, only Roos-Anne could have us clamoring for Gucci fanny-packs and yellow-framed aviators!

EMILY LUCIANO Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Emily-Luciano
Find her at @emily_luciano, posting from NYC and around the world to 298, 000 followers.
Combining resort-ready styling with city living, Emily’s feed has us dreaming of long days and summer nights. Monochromatic city streets play the perfect backdrop to a wardrobe of pastel colours and bare shoulders with light-washed denim and ruffled sleeves rounding out Emily’s go-to wardrobe favourites.

YAN YAN CHAN Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Yan-Yan-Chan
Find her at @_yanyanchan, posting from Australia to 114, 000 followers.
A cult figure of the Australian macro-influencer scene, Yan Yan Chan brings an artistic feel to every project she touches. A documenter and content curator, Yan Yan has collaborated with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co and has featured in campaigns for Country Road and Glue Store alongside fellow influencer and partner in crime Nathan Jolliffe.

NADIA FAIRFAX Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Nadia-Fairfax
Find her at @nadiafairfax, posting from Australia and around the world to 177, 000 followers.
A gymnast turned fashion icon, Nadia Fairfax has cultivated a following on the back of inimitable styling and gorgeous photography. With an authentic voice that resonates through her feed, we love Nadia for unexpected pairings and pops of colour, where twin sets, tassels and oversized glasses keep us (and the rest of her followers!) coming back for more!

VYDIA RISHIE  Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Vydia-Rishie
Find her at @vydia, posting from Australia to 113, 000 followers.
A stylist and art director hailing from Melbourne, Vydia has long been one of our faves for accessible fashion styled to perfection. Nailing everything from MBFWA to Coachella, we love Vydia for on-trend outfits elevated with unexpected details and bold accessories.  

KAITLYN HAM Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Kaitlyn-Ham
Find her at @kaity_modern, posting from Australia to 307, 000 followers.
Slowly edging her way into the “mega” category, Kaity is on the higher end of the macro-influencers spectrum. Her polished aesthetic of high-end tailoring and statement pieces resonates with an audience that looks to Kaity’s feed for Parisian inspired styling that balances French girl cool with Australian street-style.

TALISA SUTTON Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Talisa-Sutton
Find her at @talisa_sutton, posting from the Australia to 113, 000 followers.
The face behind the popular Badlands blog, Talisa’s feed comprises of effortless styling, dreamy interior inspiration and lust-worthy travel stories. With a background in Editorial Design and Fine Arts, expect beautiful flat-lays and editorial-inspired shoots with a constant stream of behind-the-scenes previews of runway shows and influencer-ready events.

JESSIE BUSH Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Jessie-Bush
Find her at @wethepeoplestyle, posting from New Zealand and around the world to 279, 000 followers.
The mastermind behind the iconic We The People blog, Jessie Bush has grown from street style blogger to iconic influencer. Filling our feeds with relaxed styling and covetable pieces, Jessie has worked alongside Vogue, Net-a-Porter, Levi’s and Calvin Klein (to name but a few!) to create sponsored collaborations that emulate her gorgeous aesthetic.  

TESSA BARTON Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Tessa-Barton1 
Find her at @tezzamb, posting from NYC and around the world to 209, 000 followers.
With an addictive feed of perfectly-filtered snaps from around the globe, NYC-based Tessa Barton is a mainstay of any fashion macro-influencer collective. Mastering the art of seamless sponsorship, Tessa has collaborated with leading names from every industry, working their products into her magazine-inspired feed so that even a Big Mac seems infinitely stylish.

HOLLY TITHERIDGE  Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Holly-Titheridge
Find her at @_hollyt, posting from Australia to 148, 000 followers.
One side of the duo behind the Base Colour blog, Holly Titheridge effortlessly blends creative styling with eye catching digital content. With a wardrobe spilling with investment pieces to lust over, expect high fashion favorites from the likes of Gucci and Loewe paired with high street finds and cult Australian labels.

KRISTY WU Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Kristy-Wu
Find her at @kristywho, posting from Australia to 120, 000 followers.
Our go-to macro-influencer for everything monochrome and minimalist, Kristy Wu nails simplicity every time. Think satin slips over white t-shirts, boyfriend blouses with statement sleeves and backless tops paired with frayed denim. A style ambassador and creative collaborator, Kristy balances luxury labels with high-street trends, offering her readers accessible inspiration that we just can’t get enough of.

MONJA WORMSER  Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Monja-Wormser
Find her at @mowoblog, posting from Denmark and around the world to 269, 000 followers.
With a dreamy feed filled with images from where we’d rather be, Monja Wormser is a macro-influencer who lives a gypset lifestyle. From the streets of Venice to the hills of Mykonos, we love her tropical inspired wardrobe of billowing dresses and ruffled sleeves, where even her winter wardrobe has that shrug-on effortlessness of beachside styling.

CLAIRE ROSE CLITEUR Top-Fashion-Macro-Influencers-Claire-Rose-Cliteur
Find her at @claartjerose, posting from the Netherlands and around the world to 282, 000 followers.
This Dutch based globe-trotter won us over with her colourful wardrobe full of international finds. With a penchant for unexpected styling, we love Claire Rose for her bold prints and clashing colours, where gingham slips and striped pants are finished with statement sunnies from her never-ending collection.  


Looking for engagement over awareness? Keep an eye out next week for our final installment in the ultimate influencer series, micro-influencers. In the meantime, why not revisit our top Mega-Influencers to discover the cult names in the influencing scene? Loving our lists but not quite sure if influencers are the right fit for your brand’s strategy? Figure out exactly what you want to go and create a killer media plan for your business here.

* Prices are in AUD and are derived via Scrunch.
Banner: Base Colour // @_hollyt