Top 5 Faces to Watch as selected by Alyx Gorman

Two weeks, five schools and 62 designers later… Flaunter Emerging 2015 is drawing to an end and our industry panelists have made their Top 5 selections…

Alyx Gorman is a writer, editor and social strategist. She’s one of the country’s most respected fashion writers and is currently both the Fashion Editor of The Saturday Paper and the Sydney Editor of Time Out.

In true Alyx style, she has done more than just pick her top five faces to watch. She’s also shared a message to all students graduating this year. This is essential reading!

A note to all students:

It’s more than likely in 2015 that the first encounter someone has with your designs will be online. This means that how you package and present your brand – the way you choose to shoot it, the models you display it on, and how much of your collection you opt to show – is becoming almost as important as the quality of your designs. This thought was first in my mind as I made my selection.

Congratulations to Flaunter Emerging’s Top 5 Faces to Watch as selected by Alyx Gorman.


Lauren Elise Trend – By blending deconstruction with a prim palette of sorbet tones, Lauren Elise Trend has demonstrated a capacity for original thinking and humour in her work. It’s not an accessible collection, but there’s a glean of commercial savvy. She’s also skilfully presented her collection, playing knowingly with several luxury campaign tropes.


Photographer: Sebastian Petrovski


Arkie Barton – Arkie Barton’s textile design is vibrant and playful, but also has great commercial potential. She’s supported this talent with pattern cutting that gives her large-scale print room to breath, but does not overly complicate her works. Her ‘Dreamtime’ bomber jacket and black and white flares are stand out pieces.

arkie barton - flaunter emerging

Photographer: Michael Greves


Yousef Akbar – Yousef Akbar’s clothes are made with an awareness of how women want to feel when they dress for an occasion – powerful, feminine and elegant. It’s impossible to really tell from photos, but Akbar is also seems to be one of the most skilful makers I’ve been presented with in this competition.

yousef akbar - flaunter emerging

Wesley McDonough – Wesley McDonough’s collection has an interesting blend of craftmanship and cool. It feels incredibly relevant to what’s happening in fashion at the moment, in that it reminded my of what the ‘anti-fashion’ designers like Alex Mullins and Vejas are creating.

wesley - flaunter emerging


ODOWD – The tailoring ODOWD presented could easily fit into and sell at a major department store. The pieces were clean, accessible and desirable.

ODOWD - flaunter emerging



Audrey Ahmer – Audrey Ahmer’s dresses were extremely pretty, and very commercial. I could see these selling well in boutiques and online, especially around this time of year.

Amber Reese – While somewhat prone to excess, Amber Reese demonstrated strong technical ability, and a good eye for blending textures. Her high-collared cape dress, paired with panelled culottes, was one of the strongest overall looks of the competition.


Hannah Dalglish – The coat Hannah Dalglish made, where Comme Des Garcons ‘Flat’ collection is reinterpreted as a chaotic ultra-close up on an impressionist oil painting, is impossible to get past.


Jessica Van – I was really impressed by Jessica Van’s creativity with textiles. Her garments had an organic, animate quality I would like to see more of. Photographer: Natasha Killeen