TikTok is a social media beast like no other. It’s changing the way we shop, read – and even how we dance. It’s even got us using lube as primer… So, how do you not only get started on TikTok, but also start trending? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite tips from around the internet to help you crack the TikTok code and go viral.

Do your research!

Don’t be the guy from the ‘hello kids’ meme, muscling in on a platform without understanding it’s nuances. As you would before pitching to a publication, spend some time using TikTok to get a clear understanding of who the key players are, what the language looks like, and what’s appropriate for brands vs creators.

Tap into TikTok trends. 

TikTok has been ground zero for a number of weird and wacky trends, from the baked feta pasta to #booktok. Keep track of what’s trending and see if there’s a way you can make it work for your brand. Don’t force it – having your CEO jumping around to the latest dance moves might not be the best fit – but leveraging topics that influencers and us normal folk are talking about is a smart way to get views. Start by searching hashtags, or sign up for one of the many TikTok trend newsletters that are doing the rounds.

Use #

Speaking of hashtags, make sure you’re using the right ones on your content. The TikTok algorithm uses hashtags to serve up relevant content on the app’s For You Page, and users add them to their videos to make them more easily discoverable. Add the right hashtag to your video and your content is more likely to be found by those looking for videos like yours.

Consistency is key

Your content is more likely to be seen by your audience if you’re posting regularly and consistently over time. As with any social media channel, this is not one you can set and forget. Try to create unique content as repurposed content is flagged by the algorithm and is less likely to be shown to potential users.

Keep it short

The TikTok algorithm prioritises content that is ‘completed’, or viewed to the end of the video. That means you want to create content that is short and snappy, with quick transitions. Keep content between 8-12 seconds, because that’s all the time you’ll have to capture the attention of your target audience. If a lot of people watch until the end of your content, the TikTok algorithm rates it as being high quality, which means it’ll start showing your video to more users.

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Image via Lucy Rose Wood