It’s a walk down memory lane this season as ‘retro chic’ comes back onto the scene bigger and better than ever.
Autumn is all about bejewelled trinkets, sophisticated silhouettes, and luxe items for any occasion. With a mix of the old and the new, the ‘Grandma Trend’ is fit for any 21st-century woman. The best part? This dynamic trend lends itself to both the casual dresser and more thoughtful types. It’s all about pride without wasting any time. Curious as to what’s trending? Read on and view our top old school pics:
Magic Carpet Ride
NEXT Autumn 2017 Boots – $89 AUD
Carpet prints are no longer a lounge room exclusive. It’s safe to say accessories have had a shake up this season with colour, print and fabric barriers being broken – eclectic is now replacing plain in the wardrobe so say ‘bye bye’ to basic. Embrace the 60’s feel good nostalgia by accessorising with an abundance of elegantly textured floral prints.
Wham Bam Glam
Pared Eyewear Gatto x POMS Ivory & Grey Frames – $280 AUD
Lights, camera and action – Costume jewellery and accessories are definitely making a comeback, and there’s no exception when it comes to eyewear. Expect bold and quirky frames with signature embellishments.
Left of Centre
Blog - Bag 1
Martine Van Reesema x D POSADOWSKI Bucket Disco Cased Bag – $370 AUD
Party-wear welcomes mod rocker vibes with artful pieces to complete any old school look. Elegance is being favoured over the un-kept, so embrace a polished ensemble and adorn yourself in modern day glitz and glamour.
Silky Silhouettes
Dog&Boy Big Apple Silk Scarf – $179 AUD
The once considered outfit essential is making its way back into our daily wardrobe. With the rise in multi-use items, customers are being offered more value for money by investing in flexible pieces that offer both purpose and self-expression. Not just for the neck, scarves can bring life back to an aging shoulder bag, as a sarong or even headwear, there’s no magic formula. Find your signature piece and make it your identity.
Dot to Dot
By Johnny Circle Stamp Front Dress – $450 AUD
A trend almost too cute for words, we know our inner 5 year old would be beside themselves. It’s one hundred and one dalmatians this Autumn with polka dots set to be big. The resurgence of 1950’s prints has generated a shift back towards certain classic styles such as halter necks and other more flattering cuts in womenswear – it’s all about looking and feeling fabulous!
Fun size
The Daily Edited Mini Pale Pink Handbag – $139.95 AUD
Who would have thought… kids size handbags for grown-ups. While some could question functionality we think it is time to ditch the unnecessary bag filler items. As our society takes a trip back to simpler times, our accessories are also transforming to match. Minimalistic, chic and versatile. Mini’s are massive at the moment.
Make a Statement
Sportsgirl Wine Knot Tassel Dangle Earrings – $16.95 AUD
Dangling & daring.  Statement earrings are your go-to this season, taking any outfit to the next level. The beauty of it all? There are no limits. Tassels, metallic geometrics and fine elongated simplistic threads are everywhere. Go for bold!
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