Team Flaunter has read a callout or two [thousand] in our collective times in PR, and although we’ll never be able to read a journalist’s mind, we do have a pretty decent handle of what they love to write about.
In between collection launches and wanting some media attention for your brand? Nobody wants to send something pointless and annoying, so here are 7 ideas for conversations you can start with media (that aren’t media releases about your latest collection…) based on things we know they’re always ready to write about.
Has a pop megastar been snapped wearing a piece from your latest line? Has a brilliant actor been known to learn their lines from the comfort of your brand’s signature armchair?  If you can snaffle some photo-proof, media would love to hear about it, because it makes a guaranteed-clickable story for their readers.  Who doesn’t love peeping on the lives of their favourite celebrity?
Think: Elle Magazine covers Beyonce’s love affair with Alice McCall
Just because you haven’t yet gotten your brand into the hands of Kimmy K or TayTay, doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a little celebrity PR. Media love publishing a good celebrity style post, so get on the hunt for some super fresh paparazzi shots of hyper-publishable celebrities in outfits showing pieces similar to those you produce and create your own DIY ‘Get the look’ post to share with your favourite fashion magazines, it’s a pre-built story you know they’ll be working on before too long anyway.
Think: Get the Look: Victoria Beckham in Hello! Magazine
Viral products, Life Hacks, other buzz words! A new favourite amongst lifestyle media is a story about a product that makes their readers feel like they can have a little win in their day-to-day lives.  Perhaps it’s a product of us working longer hours than ever before, or feeling budgetary pressure, but in a world where readers are feeling exhausted, these kinds of stories can shine for media, and they love to share them.
Think: From This $89 Kmart vacuum is better than a $700 Dyson!
Ok, so perhaps this is already fairly common knowledge, but media love to share a good gift guide, no matter the occasion. Think Mothers & Father’s Day, Easter, Birthdays and a Christmas gift guide at every price point for every person you’ve ever met (and their pets…)  Just remember, media are looking for these products at least 3 months in advance of the big day, so prep your content in plenty of time.
Think: Father’s Day Gifts for 2017 in The Australian
Media are always watching & writing about trends, wherever they originate. If you’re noticing a trend emerge amongst your social followers, your customers (which is also taking hold elsewhere) or if the big trends of 2017 won’t seem to die *cough* millennial pink * cough* it’s a great time to pop together a Flaunter moodboard showcasing your relevant products and shooting them a message about it – be sure to check your target journalist hasn’t already written about it though!
Think: How to Maximalist
Every year, the Pantone colour of the year is announced, and media users on Flaunter scurry to download anything remotely similar in tone – so much so that during the Greenery frenzy of late 2016, we fielded a couple of confused emails from our brands wondering why their one pale green product seemed to have been downloaded by 10+ journalists throughout the week.  Make sure you’re ready for the 2018 announcement come September.
Think: Vogue Australia talks about how 2017 is the year of Greenery
Another probably-quite-obvious idea for your next touch point with journalists is to chat in terms of season-based stories, for at least 3 months in the future for those long lead journos, of course.  A few of the media requests we could set our watches by every year include woolly anythings for winter, a lighter colour palette for fashion in Spring, Outdoor entertaining furniture and BBQs come summer, and trans-seasonal coats in Autumn.
Think: Outdoor Entertaining- Expert Advice on Homes to Love

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Images: Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, Beyonce via Just Jarad, Victoria Beckham via Hello, Vogue, Mr Porter, Zara, BricobertaMarylou Sobel stylist